Athadu (2005)

Athadu (2005)

Mahesh BabuTrisha KrishnanPrakash RajSonu Sood
Trivikram Srinivas


Athadu (2005) is a Telugu movie. Trivikram Srinivas has directed this movie. Mahesh Babu,Trisha Krishnan,Prakash Raj,Sonu Sood are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Athadu (2005) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

To receive a sympathy vote, a crooked politician plans his own assassination attempt. Nandu is hired to merely wound the politician, but someone else pulls the trigger first. Framed for murder, Nandu flees and meets Pardhu, a man returning home after a long absence. The young man is killed in the police crossfire meant for Nandu. Nandu assumes Pardhu's identity and his new "cousin" has a romantic interest in him...


Athadu (2005) Reviews

  • Mahesh Babu did it again


    With his innocent looks, everyone thought that he could not play professional killer to good extent. But, Mahesh proved his critics wrong once again in this action drama. Though movie started as a pure action oriented, it slowly goes towards family drama. With few hiccups which are quite natural in mainstream cinema, Athadu is a must watch for Mahesh' performance, good music and lavish production values. Kudos to Mahesh. From the other cast, Sonu Sood did not have much scope. Nasser's getup did not suit him much. Veteran actor would have justified the role well. Trisha has nothing different to offer. Director Trivikram shifted to a different genre of movies. He made sure that his talent is exhibited in every shot.

  • simply the best...mahesh really rocks


    an almost perfect movie .. with some minor flaws (which doesn't matter much to a sensible tollywood cine-goer .. i swear). Mahesh is perfect for the role .. handsome - as usual.. trisha - the lady lead is good, even though she might not be given proper footage. but some light vein comedy track by the lead pair is a must watch for everyone. people who are familiar with trivikram's knack of writing powerful one liners will find them throughout this movie too. some action sequences are commendable.. photography for the title song is simply great .. and boy... what can I say about the theme song??? no words... i listen to this song almost daily ...even to this day (almost 6 months after the songs are released) .. great lyrics by Viswa ... good beats .. also a visual treat ... now waiting for the DVD . i'm gonna grab one as soon as they are out .. ;)

  • awesome movie best direction good music brilliant action sequences


    Athadu is a mass entertainer with class elements. when i first saw the trailer i tought its a action packed movie later when i watched d movie I realized its a family oriented cinema with action sequences. the best part in d movie is mahesh's acting, Trivikrams direction, screen play and Dilogues!.. coming to story part Nandu (mahesh) is a professional killer who would do anything for money is involved in a virtual assassin deal but things go wrong n he is into a family with wrong identity what turns n twists take place forms the crux of d story! will Nandu solve problems r not is d question? by Mani Sharma is good , back ground score is too good!...title song is awesome!...choreography by RajuSundaram is excellent..stunts by Vali worth mentioning!... rest of d actors did well too especially Prakash raj, Nasser and thanikellabarani were amazing!..action sequences r d best in d movie... technically a brilliant movie in Tollywood industry.. finally my verdict good movie a must rating 9/10 for acting 10/10 for direction 9/ 10 for music ...

  • Mahesh gives his breath taking performance and direction is truly masterpiece


    Athadu is a story of a professional assassin. The movie's strong point lies in the acting of the protagonist. The first half an hour of the film is best part of the movie. It becomes little subtle at parts but never loses the basic plot of the story. the direction is simply splendid, i like the direction style. The protagonist, nandu (mahesh babu) shines through and really takes this character and makes him his own . The special effects are well-done and still hold up pretty well. The dialog is very well-written and memorable. There are quite a few quotable lines, as well. The cinematography is good, and even when the plot doesn't move a lot, finally i'm very fond of this movie. i must i have seen this movie about 30 times. Mahesh gives this break through performance which makes this movie more special. This is cult classic and legendary cinema for me, especially mahesh babu how he got into the character so well adapted the body language and every minor detail character required.

  • A film with suspense and sensible dialogues


    The film starts with a note of suspense, with the local party leader getting killed by the hero. The film is about how he finds the actual culprit. In the process, he gets into a lovable family and loves the hospitality shown by the members of the family. The film has an excellent cast with everyone preforming their role with sensibility. The act of Mahesh Babu and Prakash Raj is note-worthy. although, the film starts off with a sequence of criminal acts, it enters into a family drama afterwards. Thrivikram has done an excellent job with his dialogues. He also earned good name with his directional skills. As a whole, its a worth watch film for everyone. Already it has bagged good part of audience and hope it continues


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