Attack! of the Viper and Cobra

Attack! of the Viper and Cobra

LANG English
TIME 2016
Shawn Doucette Lalesha Railsback Rebecca Ambrosino


Attack! of the Viper and Cobra is a movie starring Shawn Doucette, Lalesha Railsback, Rebecca Ambrosino

Exotic dancers Viper and Cobra reunite to perform a surprise birthday gram for Alex, a closet lesbian so grossed out by their burlesque performance that she has a nightmare of her girlfriends being stalked and killed by Viper's supernatural Thong. As the only survivor, she must confront her fears, find a way to defeat Viper's Thong and admit her attraction to women. In the aftermath, Alex wakes and finds her coffee table covered with Polaroids. As she looks through the outrageous party photos, she realizes it's time for her to come out of the closet.



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