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Awakened (2013)

Awakened (2013)

Julianne MichelleSteven BauerJohn SavageEdward Furlong
Joycelyn Engle,Arno Malarone


Awakened (2013) is a English movie. Joycelyn Engle,Arno Malarone has directed this movie. Julianne Michelle,Steven Bauer,John Savage,Edward Furlong are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Awakened (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Awakened is a psychological drama/mystery thriller about a young woman who returns home to unravel the mysteries behind her mother's untimely death 14 years before.

Awakened (2013) Reviews

  • Very, very bad movie


    This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. The actors are SO bad. The plot is rubbish and the script is so awful and predictable. I caught myself laughing several times during the movie, and i'm pretty sure, that that wasn't the intension from the people who made this so called thriller. It's not thrilling at all. It's very, very slow and boring. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. Save yourself from 2 hours in hell with this boring and very bad movie. It's beyond me, how so many people have rated this movie so high. It must clearly be the director and the actors themselves who rated this piece of crap 9 or 10 stars. Terrible, terrible, terrible movie...

  • No way is this a high rated film.... SOOOOOO BAD!!


    I have never written a review but felt compelled to join IMDb after wasting two hours on this piece of rubbish. Firstly I have to comment on the DVD cover... A decomposing woman (like that of the girl on The Ring) with her hands on a young girl. There was no horror like this at all throughout the movie. Very misleading. Then the reviews. Lots of 10's (which is up there with the likes of Shawshank Redemption). What!?? All I can think of is that friends and relatives of the film maker and cast have pooled together to give a fake review. The acting was awful, the script was terrible. The plot crap. There was nothing redeeming about this time waster. By the end of the movie my wife and I were laughing at how bad this was... Watch at your own peril.

  • Awkward movie


    This move was just so awkward to watch. The actors were terrible, you really noticed the actors read a script and the emotions were not realistic. The movie itself didn't really make much sense, you felt no connection to the characters and in the end you're sitting there thinking: "Okaaay, was this really a horror? Felt more like a bad comedy" I don't believe at all that most people that have given this movie good scores are for real. If you look at the most people that scored this high, you will see most of them are members since the same month they reviewed this movie and many of them have only given 1 movie reviews and scored 1 movie - guess what? Yeah exactly, this crappy movie. Don't waste your time on this "movie", I'm serious! You're gonna regret you gave this movie 2 hours of your life, when you could have watch paint dry instead - a lot more fun!

  • One of the dullest, worst movies I have ever seen.


    I feel duty bound to add my review to those of others who have reviewed this film. For the life of me I cannot understand why those others have given this film such high ratings. My hope is that someone else will read this review and save themselves nearly two wasted hours of their lives watching this movie. I just watched it, and felt by the first five minutes that it was going to be a bomb, so I came here to read reviews while the movie was paused to see what they said. How in the world did this movie get such a high rating? It is dull, boring, predictable with a bunch of (sorry) washed up older actors and a musical score that sounds like, well, it's terrible. The movie just drags on and on and on and on. It is very slow paced. In addition to that, there are gaps in the movie plot that make no sense at all, for instance, 3/4 of the way through the movie they are having a funeral for the town's mayor. They didn't say how she died, or why, her death was entirely unrelated to the plodding story, and she didn't have any kind of role in the movie while she was alive - none at all! The ending was uninspired, the characters were uninteresting, the whole thing was just horrible; it didn't even have the campy spirit of movies like "Plan Nine From Outer Space". Do not waste your time with this bomb.

  • Watch at your own peril


    This film is so bad that about 20 minutes into it I wanted to scratch my own eyeballs out. Utter utter drivel. I can't possibly convey enough just how bad this film is, it's almost like the actors improvised the whole thing. Well I say actors, I use that term very loosely. I actually can't believe the makers of this film persevered till its completion, they must have known what complete & utter shite they were about to serve up unto the poor unsuspecting public. I can't understand why no one had the sense of compassion to tell the director to cut their losses and abandon this wretched wreck of a... I don't know what. It's so awful you will cry yourself to sleep at night wondering why you just didn't press that stop button and save yourself from having this fowl stench of a movie burned into your mind forever more. Save yourself the tears, avoid this film at all costs!


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