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Away and Back (2015)

Away and Back (2015)

Jason LeeMinka KellyMaggie Elizabeth JonesJaren Lewison
Jeff Bleckner


Away and Back (2015) is a English movie. Jeff Bleckner has directed this movie. Jason Lee,Minka Kelly,Maggie Elizabeth Jones,Jaren Lewison are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Away and Back (2015) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

When a rare swan lands on his farm, a widower and his 3 children must contend with the large large birds and the ambitious ornithologist who arrives to study them, a willful woman who is more interested in the avian family than the human one.

Away and Back (2015) Reviews

  • Hallmark Channel Romcom Writ Large


    This Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation is about an ornithologist (Minka Kelly), a farmer and his three children, who clash over swan's eggs and then bond over the swans. Ms. Kelly starts out as a variant of the Hallmark romcom heroine; she brittlely concentrates on bird to the the exclusion of dealing with human beings, is a vegetarian who initially refuses a bonding moment over sloppy joes. When, however, she starts to scream at Jason Lee because he is having work done on his farm, work that might disturbs her swans, she is won over because he is having power lines buried so the swans won't kill themselves on high wires. She even relaxes to the extent of eating a corn dog at a county fair. However, when the swans migrate, so does she and it is up to Mr. Lee's swan-crazy daughter, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, to bring them back together. So far it sounds like a typical Hallmark romcom. Looking at it, however, one is struck by the greater production values, the better camera-work and the superior acting of Jason Lee. These serve to make this a very watchable variation on the genre. There's still the intrusive score, insisting on how you should feel about each shot.

  • Lovely story, lovely actors, very lovely SWANS


    In Oregon State, Jack (Jason Lee) is a struggling widower of three kids. The youngest, a girl Frankie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones), misses her mother every day and the bedtime reading of her favorite book, The Trumpet of the Swans. Dad, most times, only has time for a chapter. Also, Papa tries to keep his kids busy, making their own lunches and doing household chores, as he operates his door making carpentry business. Meanwhile, a bird-biologist, Jennie (Minka Kelly) nurses a swan back to health from a gun shot wound. All too soon, the kids favorite pair of Trumpeter swans come back to the pond near their home and lay eggs. Frankie and her middle brother row out to take a look but get too close. The swans, very protective and fierce, break her brother's arm. Then, tragedy happens. A power line kills the mother bird and Frankie takes the eggs to incubate at home. Realizing she is over her head, she eventually gets Jennie on the phone. Seemingly very disturbed, Jennie comes and confiscates the eggs, lecturing the children about the endangered species and her job to protect it. However, after this initially gruff meeting, Jennie does let the children come see the three hatched cygnets. Plus, the children are thrilled when Jennie comes to place them back in "their" pond, as father swan is still there. Its not a simple task and stretches into weeks. As Jennie lives in a trailer close to the family, romance and a new beginning may be in the offing. Then, Frankie comes up missing just as the swans are migrating. Will she be found? This lovely film has it all, lovely cast, scenery, script, direction, and gloriously lovely SWANS. Go away to the store and bring it BACK NOW.

  • A Hallmark Film with Star Power


    Like a lot of fellows, I became a fan of Minka Kelly when she played a high school cheer leader on the TV series Friday Night Lights. The good news is that she is just as convincing and attractive in this film, and the story line is something that the whole family will enjoy. In fact, the quality of the acting, and the great production values combine to make this one of Hallmark's best productions. Jason Lee plays the widowed father of three with just the right blend of manly resolve tempered by personal loss, and the knowledge that his children really need a mother. His youngest child, "Frankie" is played to perfection by ten-year-old Maggie Elizabeth Jones, and his son "Kyle" played by Jaren Lewison is very good in a lesser role. My only quibble with this film is its confusing geography, which traces an established migratory bird flyway south from Cheney, Washington to Wallowa Lake in north-eastern Oregon, but was mostly filmed in Alberta, Canada.

  • functional but not enough


    Animal lover Jennie Newsom (Minka Kelly) runs a wildlife station. Widower farmer Jack Peterson (Jason Lee) has three kids; Frankie, Kyle, and Stretch. Frankie is sadden upon finding a dead swan until the kids find the nest. Jack is not happy and Frankie calls Jennie from the yellow pages. It turns out the dead swan was tagged by Jennie and is part of a research project. She has to reintroduce the three chicks into the wild on the Peterson farm. It's a functional family film for Hallmark but oddly, it's not much as a romance. They try to spice it up by making Jennie initially cold and bitter. Her relationship with the little girl is more compelling. I was expecting a little girl with little chicks following her like Fly Away Home. This is not that which does limit the cuteness factor. There isn't much in terms of drama and the only action is little Maggie Elizabeth Jones driving an ATV. Is that legal? Are there no union rules? I am still uncertain about the acting prowess of cheerleader Minka and Jason in more serious roles. The little girl is cute but it's not enough.


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