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Backtrace (2018)

Backtrace (2018)

Ryan GuzmanSylvester StalloneMeadow WilliamsChristopher McDonald
Brian A. Miller


Backtrace (2018) is a English movie. Brian A. Miller has directed this movie. Ryan Guzman,Sylvester Stallone,Meadow Williams,Christopher McDonald are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Backtrace (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama movie in India and around the world.

The lone surviving thief of a violent armored car robbery is sprung from a high security facility and administered an experimental drug.

Backtrace (2018) Reviews

  • Bad, real bad, a shame, I can't believe how bad it was...


    A real shame, the worst movie I've seen in 2018....Sly must have needed the money, and he's in the movie at max 50% of it, bad actors, horribly filmed, stupid scenario, what more can I say, he should be ashamed at this stage of his career to participate in junk like that....avoid it and you'd do yourself a favour....

  • I gave it a 1 because they showed up


    I lasted 47 mins, there's only so much a grown man can take ????

  • Who writes and produce this crap!!


    This whole movie was poorly executed A complete waste of money and time. For example you have cops with bullet proof vest getting shot in the vest and dying. You have Sylvester Stalone heading into a gun fight with a pistol against men with machine guns no backup. (Greatest action hero my ass) He comes out without a scratch doesn't even check on his fellow officer at the end and he lets the bank robber walk.

  • Why would A-listers agree to a 5th-grader written script?


    I get that amateur writers need to start somewhere, but writer Mike Maples needed to partner up with a seasoned screenwriter for his 2nd-ever film - especially when casting big names, instead of putting Stallone and Modine thru this garbage. The premise of this story did have a chance, but the writing killed it, and very disappointingly so, to say the least. Some scenes where outrageously ridiculous and riddled with plot issues. Even some of the dialogue seemed to be written by a 5th grader. I feel bad for Stallone and Modine, I hope they got paid well, as this will not show well on their resumes. Then there was that constant overbearing and out of place annoying score... who agreed to that? Had the score been more appropriate (and not so loud and more absent), the film would have showed much better. The directing was also nothing to write home about; the camera work was OK in most of the film, but the shaky migraines and some pan shots and zooms were annoying, but I guess director Brian Miller could only do so much with the screenplay he was handed. I also feel he could've directed his cast better, and edited/cut many of the flaws this film had. A very generous 6/10 from me, mainly for the story's premise, and because Stallone and Modine carried this film from being a total flop.

  • Nothing worse than having shaky cam movie


    Brain staibilze vision. You dont have shaky vision if you are normal. No need to shake camera when someone run . I mean so low budget. Even if u are in car and offroading you dont get those shakes like movie presented. Idiotic

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