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Bad Luck (2015)

Bad Luck (2015)

Valerie PachnerMarkus SchwärzerChristian ZanklJosef Smretschnig
Thomas Woschitz


Bad Luck (2015) is a German movie. Thomas Woschitz has directed this movie. Valerie Pachner,Markus Schwärzer,Christian Zankl,Josef Smretschnig are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Bad Luck (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Dagmar works at a petrol station, owes money, and to make matters worse, is turned out of her flat. Lippo is at a complete loss. After 15 years building up a betting shop with his boss, he suddenly gets fired. Karl is a car mechanic and sells water filters to make ends meet. Rizzo, Karl's strange friend, is unhappy about being different to the others. A desolate petrol station in the middle of nowhere serves as a focal point in the characters' lives. Three car crashes, one stolen gun and a surprise discovery of money appear by irony of fate as means for escaping the tedious daily routine. But nothing is as simple as it first appears. Chance, irresponsible acts, and entanglements: in the end it seems that happiness is far from attainable. BAD LUCK is a lovingly made, tragic-comic film about wrong decisions, chance and the search for happiness.


Bad Luck (2015) Reviews

  • It is not pretty, but it is absorbing.


    I'm a little confused about the ending and where it fits in the narrative as we've just seen it, but putting that aside, this is a charming, not to be confused with lovely, little film. It is not pretty, but it is absorbing. It is nasty and it is also pleasing. The thing that seems least possible becomes plausible. Every character is completely credible. The setting is perfect. Directing excellent, ditto writing except for that one little timing thing I'm not sure about, but that could just be my brain. I loved it.


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