Bad Match (2017)

Lili SimmonsNoureen DeWulfBrandon ScottJack Cutmore-Scott
David Chirchirillo


Bad Match (2017) is a movie. David Chirchirillo has directed this movie. Lili Simmons,Noureen DeWulf,Brandon Scott,Jack Cutmore-Scott are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Bad Match (2017) is considered one of the best Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Harris just wants to hook up and have one night stands. All in good fun though, he finds his hook ups on a dating app. He spends his days working, playing video games, and swiping left and right for his next victim. All is well in the world of Harris until he swiped and matched with Riley. Unlike his other conquest riley won't go away so quietly like all the other girls. Slowly everything in Harris's life begins to fall apart.

Bad Match (2017) Reviews

  • What I Learned


    SPOILER: This is a fairly predictable thriller worth a look. The ending was somewhat what I figured it would be, but the villain was not quite the character I predicted. Things one learns after watching...1. Do NOT play online violent video games. 2. Do NOT use online dating services. 3. Do NOT allow strange women to stay at your place while you go to work. 4. Do NOT assume a smokin' hot chick is obsessed with you, even if you are a dweeb. 5. Do NOT ignore phone calls from your lawyer.

  • Swim Fan?


    Tired of the tired old remakes with an updated (tinder) twist. This was literally Swim Fan. The female even looks like the psycho from Swim Fan.

  • Social media hell


    A dark, tawdry tale of a supremely confident and contemptible young advertising agency archetype who dates women for sexual gratification using a gamified dating app. The film is probably most similar to Clint Eastwood's "Play Misty For Me" in the way the story unfolds: one night stand followed by avoidance, obsessional tendency before a second night; female becomes antagonist and won't stop. In the end, the theme is not one of portraying the excesses of masculinity in the digital meat market, nor that there will always be one crazy person out there, but that we are good judges of our own mistakes but a poor judge on the mistakes of others. The film is at least a believable take on the dark side of modern dating, showing the dangers of online engagement and it stays clear of a typical storyline where villians are set up to be knocked down. It's surprisingly effective as a thriller despite its narrow scope. My verdict is not 'sideswipe'.

  • The odd bright spot here and there, but overall it's dull and not particularly memorable


    Harris (Jack Cutmore-Scott) is a bed-hopping lothario who meets women online and uses them for sex before he quickly ditches them and moves on to the next victim. However, when Harris meets Riley (Lili Simmons) and tries to love her and leave her she isn't prepared to move on, but will all of this come at a cost to Harris? Sky Movies proudly boasts Bad Match as being 'Fatal Attraction for the tinder generation' and in fairness that pretty much sums this film up. That being said though, this is no Fatal Attraction - in fact it doesn't even come close. I think part of the problem with this film is how I perceived it; I got the impression that we're supposed to see Harris as the victim and Riley as the villain, but I didn't see the film as being quite as black and white as that. The trouble is that Harris is far too unsympathetic and unlikeable for me to ever see him as a victim and I became a little detached from the film for this reason. It doesn't really help that later in the film Harris seems to lose his mind slightly by kidnapping Riley and forcing her to confess to downloading child porn onto his laptop - even though he has no proof that she has done this. On the other hand, we have Riley who were lead to believe is some kind of certifiable nutcase, but when in reality I think that she was nothing more than a slightly insecure attention-seeker and for that reason I never saw her as a particularly terrifying presence (particularly in comparison to Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction). Some aspects of the narrative were also a bit nonsensical such as the reveal that it was his friend that downloaded the child pornography onto Harris' laptop rather than it being Riley as he initially assumed. Quite apart from how ludicrous it seems that someone would ruin someone's life for mocking them on a video game, I also couldn't understand how this kid managed to download all the images in the first place? I mean wouldn't he have needed to be able to access Harris' laptop as confirmed in the film?. To my knowledge, they only spoke to each other online and never actually met in person.. It's quite clear that it's just a dumb twist thrown in for a Wow moment, but it's pretty stupid if you think about it. Chirchirillo's writing and directing leave a lot to be desired, but he does at least get reasonable performances from Simmons and Cutmore-Scott, but the half-decent performances are really all that's going for this fairly weak variant of Fatal Attraction.

  • Tired & Predictable


    Character development is almost nonexistent, and what is there is unlikable all round leaving it unclear who we are supposed to be rooting for. All characters, including background characters, do the most illogical things the entire movie through leaving the viewer more frustrated than entertained. If you like cliches done straight faced you'll love this, otherwise give it a pass

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