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Bad Tutor (2018)

Bad Tutor (2018)

Vanessa MarcilAlex FrnkaCharles HittingerIan Ward
Jeff Hare


Bad Tutor (2018) is a English movie. Jeff Hare has directed this movie. Vanessa Marcil,Alex Frnka,Charles Hittinger,Ian Ward are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Bad Tutor (2018) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Single mom Karen is focused on getting daughter Emily graduated and off to college. But when she hires Devin to boost Emily's grades, the tutor becomes obsessed: Emily is the spitting image of the girl he left behind -- at the bottom of a cliff.

Bad Tutor (2018) Reviews

  • Failing Grade!


    Trust me, I love a good Lifetime movie. This is not one of them. Bad acting. Worse storyline. Totally implausible, even for Lifetime. This is a fail.Big time!

  • Laughable


    Worst acting. How is the Lifetime channel still on with these pathetic shows. Who is funding this garbage? Couple breaks into home and he heads staright for a kitchen cabinet first. LOL. Then, the husband opens a wooden box and says Kelly or whatever her name is, he's stockpiling for something. In the box is a Dremel tool and prescription bottle. Oh man, I am tearing up laughing.

  • Nothing we haven't seen before, but likely way better


    This movie is one of the many Lifetime thriller movies we have seen a lot of times with some love violent weirdo who is calm and sweet from the outside and totally disturbed on the inside. This is the basic content of "Bad Tutor". I think the casting of Alex Frnka is the biggest let down and mistake of this movie. Her lips and teeth are creepy to look at and the way she is acting is like in a kindegarden / high school play. With her the movie falls to a cheap unprofessional production which isn't worth watching this one more than once and should just disappear in an archive. Vanessa Marcil isn't her best too in "Bad Tutor" but it's something you can overlook because the distraction is more by Alex Frnka. The story is acceptable but has its illogical moments and holes. I wouldn't really recommend it

  • Not a bad movie....but


    It was actually a pretty good movie but the actress who played Emily just creeped me out with the inflated duck lips. It was very noticeable the first time she appeared on screen and everyone in the room goes, oh my God, look at those lips! She's a pretty girl but just went way overboard with those lips!

  • Pretty pathetic even for Lifetime.


    The title character's lips are distracting and gross. It's also extremely hard to believe that her mom is actually her mom and not her sister. Also who studies in the kitchen on barstools? That's wicked uncomfortable and not very believable. Lifetime should try to hire more believable actors and leave duck-lips to fend for reality TV.


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