Baja (2018)

Baja (2018)

Jake ThomasChris BrochuMichelle DeShonArienne Mandi
Tony Vidal


Baja (2018) is a English movie. Tony Vidal has directed this movie. Jake Thomas,Chris Brochu,Michelle DeShon,Arienne Mandi are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Baja (2018) is considered one of the best Comedy movie in India and around the world.

Straight-laced Bryan agrees to drive his parents' luxury RV to Cabo over Christmas break, so they can fly down and drive back one way. Misadventures ensue when Bryan's wild friend, Todd, talks Bryan into bringing him along with two girls, Jessica and Lisa. Each has their own agenda - Todd wants to make a big score; Jessica wants to make an "extraordinary" film; Lisa wants to look up her father; and Bryan seeks sexual experience. The trouble starts when Todd makes a deal with a Mexican gangster, Jorge, to transport some contraband cell phones, which are then stolen by Jorge's rivals. The group takes refuge in a remote decaying resort, La Perla, which Lisa has inherited. When the RV is taken, the group comes up with a plan for Lisa to impersonate deceased Tex-Mex singing sensation, Lorena De Los Rios, for whom she is a dead ringer. Will the plan raise the money needed to save La Perla, rescue the RV, and fulfill their youthful agendas? The resolution is both surprising and magical.


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Baja (2018) Reviews

  • For lying, just a rate of 1 instead of 2


    The first 9 reviews and a rating of 7,2 is in. All a LIE people, not 1 reviewer wrote a critic about another movie. It is a very low budget movie with bad actors and failed comedy, this is a one man's project. I didn't even make the 20 min. mark where I usually decide to watch a movie further, it was torture. The dialogue and the behaviour of the characters made me nervous. And also there was too much shaking with the camera. This ain't even cheap entertainment, this movie is just all the way cheap and bad. No fun on this road trip, I even didn't make it to the resort.

  • Go back to school, buddy


    The final scene gives this movie's purpose away: the director's way to show his middle finger to the teachers in film school he dropped out from. The movie is something you've seen before dozens of times, only done worse. The special effects are the funnyest thing in this: they reach "so bad it's good" level - it makes "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" look fresh and advanced. To sum it up: acting is mediocre, story is bad, CGI is funny. Waste of time if you ask me.

  • Realismo mágico goes to SOCAL, grabs some gringos & an RV, then heads down to Baja on a spirit quest. What's not to love?


    I really liked Baja. I've spent plenty of time wandering down thru Mexico, without knowing exactly why. It's a magical, mysterious, and beautiful place. If you look up the history of cinema, in fact, proximity to Mexico (and distance from Edison) was one of the key reasons why the film industry settled in Hollywood to begin with. The Cal-Mex connection has been alive and well for at least a century, and that is very clear in Baja. I get it, I appreciate it, I value it. Sure, there were plenty of cheesy moments in the film -- which is why I didn't give it an even higher rating. But that didn't bother me so much. I loved the passion and spontaneity and the magic realism of the trip. Oh yea, and plenty of laughs along the way, too. Well done!

  • See this sweet, light hearted movie


    I loved this film. For me, it was a little nostalgic., it took me back in time before we were obsessed with politics, . It was fun and light hearted as well as beautifully casted with a feel good ending and a great soundtrack. My admiration goes out to Tony Videl for writing, producing and directing, no easy thing to do. Everyone should see this film, for relief from daily stress., it will make you smile.

  • BAJA Lifts One's Spirit


    Right off the top, I want to put out there that I have a very biased opinion. I am one of the producers of BAJA. That said, I got involved with Prankster Entertainment and Tony Vidal because his stories are uplifting and positive... And BAJA is such a film. It is light; and yet there are some great plot twists. Even though I know the story, I can still get lost in it... wondering if everything is going to work out all right. As a friend said to me, BAJA is a fable - with an excellent moral. I think it has several morals, but that's splitting hairs. This is a perfect family movie. Everyone from the 6/8 year-old to Grandma and Grandpa - and every one in between - will be entertained and enjoy the experience. There is a lot I could say about production quality - all very positive - however, I think the main point is the movie stands on its own along with all the other studio productions coming out today. See BAJA - I think you'll like it! P.S. The cast is amazing! :-)


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