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Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka (2003)

Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka (2003)

Tatsuya FujiwaraAi MaedaShûgo OshinariAyana Sakai
Kenta Fukasaku,Kinji Fukasaku


Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka (2003) is a Japanese movie. Kenta Fukasaku,Kinji Fukasaku has directed this movie. Tatsuya Fujiwara,Ai Maeda,Shûgo Oshinari,Ayana Sakai are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2003. Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka (2003) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Three years after the events in "Battle Royale," Shuya Nanahara (Tatsuya Fujiwara)is a well-known terrorist bent on bringing down the government. In response, they order the creation of the "Battle Royale 2" program, and send a class of junior-high students to catch and kill him.

Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka (2003) Reviews

  • Politically Dangerous


    BR 2 never finds the errie tone of the first film or novels. I contribute a great deal of this to the "over the top" acting and lack of serious character development. What Battle Rotaye 2 does manage to do is pack much more violence into it's running time, and slowly build a very politically incorrect message. I don't agree with the political philosophy here, but I must give Fukasaku credit for having some seriously big balls to make this. Then again, he was dying from cancer so he never had to personnaly face any responsibility. There are many pro Al Quida/ Anti U.S. things going on here, and he hits you over the head with it. From destroying 2 twin towers to living in the mountains of Afghanistan! There is a speech given twice about all the countries the U.S. has bombed (and I agree that America has opened it's self up to global hatred), and it's suggested that Japan goes along with the U.S. cause so many other countries do. The later being Japan's downfall. There is also some anti Israel jabs in a scene showing the children of what looks exactly like West Bank. There is mention of victims of terrorism, but even these characters are easily won over to the side of the terrorist. This is strong stuff, and I commend Fukasaku for giving me pause to think a little harder about how I stand on global issues. No matter how silly I keep telling myself this film is.....it's one of the most subversive films ever directed toward capitalism.

  • At The End Of battle Royale The Couple Vanish


    Here they appear in the wilds of Afghanistan and they take the lessons they learnt and the injustices perpetrated on them and turn it around to fight for justice. The brutality of inhumanity and violence is offered as entertainment, yes, but it is fabulous to see the protagonists show that all suffering and death was not meaningless and there is a pay-off. Enjoy!

  • It's bigger, bloodier and sillier... and, why not?


    This film is basically guts and gunfire entertainment from Japan. (WARNING!- A BASIC PLOT OVERVIEW NOW FOLLOWS:) Picking up where "Battle Royale" left off, a new class of schoolchildren are forced to enter the BR 2 program in order to eliminate Nanahara Shuya, survivor of "Battle Royale", and now leader of a group of child terrorists comprised of survivors of the "Battle Royale" program, who have decided to wage war on the adult society that has rejected them. Firstly, it should be noted that although this film may lead you to ponder topics such as: The global circumstances that give rise to Terrorism. The traumatic effect of combat on children. The foreign policies of the United States. The breakdown of parent/child relationships within Japanese society. These things are incidental and not what this film is for. This film is about the good old "bang,bang you're dead", "No I'm not! you missed me!" playground antics we used to get up to as children, only here it's adults only entertainment. Put any kids you might have lying around the house to bed, hang up your film critic hat and hold onto your seat, because this film is about teen bloodshed and bodycount and there'll almost certainly be tears before bedtime! Yes there's a plot, but if you are going to try to take this film seriously you will come to a major hurdle in the first act, as soon as the class's teacher enters the arena to lay down the rules! Kids - CHECK, Guns - CHECK, LET BATTLE COMMENCE!....

  • BRII: Requiem


    In 2000, Kinji Fukasaku released a controversial but amazing film called Battle Royale, based on a novel, in which 42 ninth graders are placed on a remote island and forced to kill each other until one remained. Three years on, the sequel Battle Royale II was released. However, it lacked the same quality of the first film. Kinji Fukasaku died during filming of the sequel and his son Kenta took control of the film as director and screenwriter. The end result is what could be called a bit of a mess - little character development, overacting, overbearing political subtexts, too much violence without a just cause behind it, and tons of explosions that would make people think Michael Bay invaded the set. In the sequel, a survivor of the Battle Royale game Shuya Nanahara has declared "war on all adults" and formed a large terrorist group of outcast kids called the Wild Seven. They bomb the Shinjuku District in Tokyo and kill many people. In response, the Japanese government alters the BR Game to BRII - and sends a new class of 42 outcast ninth graders to the Wild Seven's island base to kill Nanahara. The kids are given military suits and weapons, but for an odd reason are given the familiar explosive collars to wear and there are pointless Death Zone elements on the island. While it seems the filmmakers tried to incorporate elements from the past film to keep the kids going, they are generally unnecessary and I thought the prospect of sending these kids to attack a terrorist group daunting enough. Among the kids are the main hero Takuma Aoi who seems to have no real motive; and Shiori Kitano, the daughter of the teacher from the first film who personally wishes to kill Nanahara for her father's death. However, Takuma, Nanahara and Shiori are generally the only characters in this whole film that gain some form of character development. The rest of the kids and members of the Wild Seven are just there to shoot guns and die. There are some characters who had potential, like the comic relief character, a girl who has diabetes, and a kid whose sister is a member of the Wild Seven, but it feels like the filmmakers weren't motivated enough to give them much development or focus. The first film's entire cast had enough character development and screen time to make them likable, even though most had only one scene before dying. Rounding up the film's cast as the resident adult bad guy is Riki Takeuchi as, well, Riki Takeuchi. However, his acting is hilariously overdone and crazy, which I think doesn't really fit into the gloomy atmosphere of the film. Perhaps his acting was supposed to match his character trait like Kitano's was in BR, but I still find him a bit out of place. There are some political messages which are not as subtle as the first film's were. The opening scene of the Shinjuku District collapsing is very similar to 9/11, and there is a large amount of negativity towards America in the film, possibly hinting at the objected choice of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the problem with this film is that it can be tricky to support either side of the war - the kids and the adults are just as bad a each other. The adults kidnapped kids and forced them to kill each other, and the kids are now killing adults and bombing buildings, and what's more, the adults seek revenge and send more kids to kill those who are getting revenge on them! Despite these problems, BRII can be an enjoyable film. The acting, aside from perhaps Takeuchi's madness, is pretty good, the film has an awesome soundtrack, and some of the more positive messages can let the audience leave feeling somewhat satisfied. I recommend this film if you are a BR fan or a Fukasaku fan, although if you are a hardcore BR fan, then the sequel may come out as a disappointment.

  • On par with the first


    I just finished watching BATTLE ROYALE II and was really impressed. A great sequel that lives up to the first, because it adds enough new stuff to keep things fresh. I loved the idea that the students are now forced to become a strike force, and that their collars are now tied together (one dies, so does their partner). The battles are brutal, although I'm a little iffy on the politics. Anyway, it's a fun, beautifully shot movie that shouldn't disappoint fans of Battle Royale. Definitely adding this one to my collection.


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