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Betrayed (2014)

Betrayed (2014)

Amanda SchullLynne AdamsTony DevonCharlie Hofheimer
John Stimpson


Betrayed (2014) is a English movie. John Stimpson has directed this movie. Amanda Schull,Lynne Adams,Tony Devon,Charlie Hofheimer are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Betrayed (2014) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

While vacationing in Cape Cod, Julie, six months pregnant, and her boyfriend Trent get caught up in a scandal when Trent is kidnapped by a mysterious man, and Jonathan - Julie's husband - is forced to pay the ransom.

Betrayed (2014) Reviews

  • Extremely awful ....


    Seems like the script was something an amateur would write. The characters where poorly developed. There were too many unexplained scenes. One scene was needlessly repeated. The choice of the actor who played Trent was an obvious mistake from the very beginning. There was absolutely no chemistry between Trent and Julie. Because of the poor choice in casting and lack of chemistry, his character was immediately unlikeable. The premise of the story was indeed interesting however poorly executed. Too bad. It could have been much better as a thriller if more effort had been put into the script, choice of cast, direction and editing. For that reason, I can't bring myself to rate it anything more than 3. I would have been tempted to rate it lower if not for the actress who played Julie; who in fact did a pretty good job considering that her character wasn't likable either and what she had to work with.

  • When nothing much else is on


    There are times when you turn on the TV and you've seen everything a thousand times. Well this is one of those movies you only watch in those situations. The acting is not the best with possible exception of the female lead. The script is also bland and it appears to have been shot on a shoestring budget. But for passing an hour and a half on a rainy afternoon it's OK

  • Half-Baked Script


    Beautiful Martha's Vineyard setting. Good setup disintegrated into confusion. Half-baked script let actors down. Ending didn't provide any answers.

  • In Old Cape Cod


    ***SPOILERS*** Totally ridiculous even by Lifetime Movie Network standers film that has everyone in it screwing each other-financially not sexually-in trying to get the most money out of millionaire sport card and antique furniture dealer Johathan played by Hal Ozsan, who could easily pass for RFK convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan, who's having his adulterous wife Julie, Amanda Schull,being blackmailed and threatened by this hairy looking creep Sully, James MaCaffrey, who as we soon learn has ideas of his own. That in him not only getting the goods on Julie having an affair with her weak link of a boyfriend Trent,Charlie Hofheime,who's trying to get enough cash to open, his dream in life, a seafood restaurant on the cape after marrying her. That after Julie's divorce to Johanton is finalized. There's also the matter of Julie being pregnant with no one not Johnaton or Trent knowing who's the father of her soon to be born baby girl. We also have as comedy relief the nosy and annoying real estate agent Kathy, Lynne Adams, who's actions in always being at the wrong place at the wrong time-As well as saying the wrong thing-ends up with her being murdered by an outraged and I just about had all the BS that I can take from her Sully who ends up bopping her over the head and shooting Lynne twice, to make sure she's dead, before dumping her body into Cape Cod Bay. ****SPOILERS**** You never really know what exactly is going on in the movie with both Sully and Trent who at some times seem to be working together in getting Julie to pay as much as $500,000.00 ransom money to keep Trent from being murdered by Sully. Yet it's Sully who's-Or it seems like-is really in cahoots with him on his own kidnapping. The ending of the film really flips you out in not really knowing who's-Julie Sully & Trent-involved with what in all this double-crossing in the film only to find out, like it's supposed to be a big surprise, that the baby that Julie is carrying is a girl! But not the real question on everyone's mind just who the father is? With almost no one besides the stars seen in the film in an all but deserted Cape Cod I could only deduce that the movie was either filmed in the off-season or that no one in town, in making themselves scarce, wanted not to have anything to do with it!

  • What a predictable, lame movie ! !


    Wow, this is a REALLY lame TV movie. I happened to come across it yesterday at the regular 'weekday afternoon TV movie slot' on Channel 5 here in the UK and thought it might be worth watching. How wrong was I??! Amanda Schull, who plays the stereotypical pretty but annoying female lead, spent 99.9% of the movie with a pained expression on her face and clutching her (very slightly pregnant looking) belly, as if she had a very bad bout of Irritable Bowel Syndrome! Yes, she was supposed to be pregnant, and anxious because of the situation she was supposedly in, but really, we didn't need to see her permanently clutching her stomach as if to spell it out for us. The story line was so pathetic and predictable and how ironic that at the end our 'heroine' was p****ed off at her controlling, devious husband, and lying, devious supposed boyfriend, for lying to her all along when she herself had lied to her husband about having started a relationship with another man, either when she was already pregnant by the husband or quickly became pregnant by the other man. Also, when she was having her hissy fit at them, she stated that she didn't need anything from her husband and would be raising her child herself. How ironic, given that she went running to him for $250,000 when she needed it!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Of course, there's the token Brit (playing the controlling husband) but also apparently the actor who played the main bad guy is Irish, so he's from my side of the pond! He was actually quite good looking and easy on the eye so when he was on screen the movie dragged a lot less! Really the ONLY good thing though to say about this crappy movie is that the location was beautiful and, for once, was actually in the location it was meant to be in - America - and not in Canada, masquerading as being in America. Also, some of the furnishings in the rental property were very nice! Other than that though, this movie is only perhaps suitable for viewing by anyone who's brain dead and has the intelligence of a gnat, although I'm sure gnats have more intelligence than to want to watch a movie that's as bad as this one! If I were ANY of the actors in this movie I wouldn't exactly be in a hurry to add this to my CV - quite the opposite, I'd want to make sure nobody ever found out I'd agreed to take part in something this cringingly bad! I would have given this movie only 1 star, which is all it really deserves (well, actually it deserves 0 stars but there's no option for that on here!) but I added another star ONLY because the location was pretty!


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