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Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Beverly Hills Cop (1984)

Eddie MurphyJudge ReinholdJohn AshtonLisa Eilbacher
Martin Brest


Beverly Hills Cop (1984) is a English movie. Martin Brest has directed this movie. Eddie Murphy,Judge Reinhold,John Ashton,Lisa Eilbacher are the starring of this movie. It was released in 1984. Beverly Hills Cop (1984) is considered one of the best Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After the murder of his childhood friend in front of his eyes, the slick Detroit detective, Axel Foley, heads to sunny Beverly Hills, on a one-man mission to ferret out the killer and bring him to justice. Before long, Axel and his unorthodox methods unearth the lucrative drug operation of the powerful local crime kingpin, Victor Maitland; however, Foley, too, will find himself in deep trouble, as Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil wants him out of town. Now, Axel will have to team up with Detectives, John Taggart, and Billy Rosewood, to shed light on the thick conspiracy, and finish what he has started. Will Foley's total disregard for proper procedure bear fruit?


Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Reviews

  • Axel Foley: Eddie Murphy's best role


    Beverly Hills Cop was a big hit in the 1980's. The film was loved by many action fans, as well as comedy fans and movie buffs at the time. It is still being admired by many people as one of the funniest cop movies ever made. The thing I love about this movie is that Eddie Murphy was perfectly cast as the Axel Foley character. Originally, Sylvester Stallone was considered for the role. Thank God he wasn't! Eddie Murphy was perfect for the role, because he can be a clever cop, and can at the same time be very funny! Another great thing about Beverly Hills Cop is its smashing soundtrack. There are some great hit songs from the 1980's featured in the soundtrack, as well as an excellent musical score which can be heard throughout the movie (to me, the musical score is the Beverly Hills Cop "theme song"). Perhaps the only downside of Beverly Hills Cop is that it can be pretty slow in certain scenes. Hardcore action fans would probably be disappointed by this. But let's face it: Beverly Hills Cop is not an all-out mindless action movie. It is actually a clever comedy with elements of action present within. To conclude, Beverly Hills Cop is arguably Eddie Murphy's best film since he fits the Axel Foley character perfectly. There are many funny scenes featuring Eddie Murphy that will have people laughing (even the action scenes can be cleverly funny)! P.S: Look out for cameos by Paul Reiser, Bronson Pinchot, and Damon Wayans!

  • Beverly Hills Cop is the best classic Action comedy film from the 80's


    Beverly Hills Cop (1984) is my favorite childhood movie. It is one of the best Action Films in the 80's I have seen. I don't care if it is written comedy in the genre. It is humor in this film but I am considering as a classic Action Film. It is definitely Eddie Murphy's best film. Film about Beverly Hills Cop and Cobra will not be today Action films like are this. I am really disappointed with how action films are turning today. Beverly hills Cop is a legendary film. A film that I will always cherish and I will never get tired of it. I love this movie to death. Great job reviewing one of the best classic action films ever. This is my favorite film and one of the best classic action films from the 80's of all time. Yes I grew up with this film, that always fascinated me how this film is fascinated, awesome, brilliant and very funny. Eddie Murphy kick's ass!!! A freewheeling Detroit cop pursuing a murder investigation finds himself dealing with the very different culture of Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills Cop is a movie made successful entirely on the performance of its star. The film is fairly shallow when it comes right down to it -- really, it's a whole lot of talk, a fair bit of comedy, and only a little bit of action -- but Star Eddie Murphy's (48 Hrs.) charisma and complete mastery of his character is what makes Director Martin Brest's (Midnight Run) movie a fan-favorite success. Outside of Murphy, Beverly Hills Cop is as routine as routine gets; a standard cops-and-robbers plot, no mystery, and point-and-shoot and in-the-raw direction make for an otherwise dull picture, but Murphy saves the film from its own shortcomings with so much flair and genuine excitement that this might be the all-time best of any of the "actor-singlehandedly-makes-the-movie" movies. Beverly Hills Cop is the very definition of a "star vehicle," a movie that's nothing without its lead -- this specific lead at that -- but with him? It's a movie that's always masking its mistakes behind Murphy's big smile and quick-to-the-punch comic style and timing that he's got going on no matter the time, place, or circumstances in the story, selling the character and his actions with a startling effortlessness that transforms him into Axel Foley in every scene. Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is a slick, smooth-talking Detroit detective who's disobedience and disregard for procedure has once again landed him in hot water with his Chief, and a promising career is on the brink of disintegration. Axel Foley is Eddie Murphy's best role that made him in to a star today. Beverly Hills Cop is a 1984 American action comedy film directed by Martin Brest and starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a street-smart Detroit cop who heads to Beverly Hills, California to solve the murder of his best friend. Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Ronny Cox, Lisa Eilbacher, Steven Berkoff and Jonathan Banks appear in supporting roles. This first film in the Beverly Hills Cop series shot Murphy to international stardom, won the People's Choice Award for "Favorite Motion Picture", was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical, and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Writing (Original Screenplay) in 1985. It earned $234 million at the North American domestic box office, making it the highest-grossing 1984 film in the U.S. Beverly Hills Cop is always on the precipice of disaster, the picture teetering on the edge but always pulled back from the brink by Murphy's contagious enthusiasm and pure comic timing. About half the film, it seems, is constructed almost exclusively of scenes featuring Murphy's character being chewed out for his actions that take place in the other half of the film. Whether he's defending himself in front of his superiors or defending his life on the streets of Detroit and Beverly Hills, Murphy consistently and perfectly juggles the film's requirements for action (as sparse as the action may be) with what is almost always subtle but extraordinarily effective humor that always flows from the story and feels genuinely off-the-cuff, rather than force-fed into the plot just to try and squeeze out a laugh from its audience. It's the film's sense of real, genuine storytelling, then, that outside of Murphy, is its greatest asset. The film is awfully standard, yes, but it's never mechanical, instead playing as completely organic. The interplay between characters seems perfectly natural, as does the humor, and it's all thanks to Murphy's uncanny ability to carry the movie with so much natural swagger and charm that Beverly Hills Cop is so much fun in spite of what would otherwise be a forgettable loser of a movie. The heat is on in this fast paced action-comedy starring Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a street smart Detroit cop tracking down his best friend's killer in Beverly Hills. Axel quickly learns that his wild style doesn't fit in with the Beverly Hills Police Department, which assigns two officers (Judge Reinhold and John Ashton) to make sure things don't get out of hand. Dragging the stuffy detectives along for the ride, Axel smashes through a huge culture clash in his hilarious, high-speed pursuit of justice. Featuring cameos by Paul Reiser, Bronson Pinchot and Damon Wayans, Beverly Hills Cop is an exhilarating sidesplitting adventure! I love this film, it is one of the funniest movies that I've ever seen. Eddie Murphy rocks the house.

  • Murphy's best role - a unique fish-out-of-water comedy!


    Detroit cop Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is in Beverly Hills for a few days to investigate the murder of an old acquaintance. Axel assumes the suspect is a local tycoon, but no one seems to believe him – including the police force, being semi-run by Ronny Cox (in one of his rare good-guy roles). Axel comes into trouble with the law his first day on the job after getting thrown through a glass window by some thugs. He is arrested, and when released finds himself hounded by a pair of inept police officers around the town for a few days. After outsmarting them (in one of cinema's most delightful moments – ever) Axel gets hooked up with an old friend and manages to roam the streets looking for clues – which, of course, he finds very easily. Before this film Eddie Murphy had starred in one film that had launched his name into Hollywood: "48 HRS." But by all reasonable comparisons this is a much, much better film, and it's also much, much funnier, too. What's most refreshing is that it doesn't fall back upon the stereotypes of African-Americans inherent in so many mainstream motion pictures – the role of Axel Foley was originally written for Sylvester Stallone (who was actually attached to star early on in pre-production before dropping out of the project) and it's quite clear that Foley was intended as a white character. Although massive rewrites were employed only two weeks before shooting, script flaws can still be spotted – the heroine of the story is a white businesswoman, for example, and we expect some sort of sexual tension between them but there is none. We begin to question the very presence of the female lead because in essence it leads nowhere. We can imagine how it might have developed into a love story, but Murphy works against the flow, awkwardly treating her as nothing more than a friend. These sorts of things sometimes bring out the occasional odd touches in the film – ironically they unintentionally set the film apart from other such movies of the genre because it's not typical in any sense. Sure, it has the routine shoot-outs but there is no romance subplot, no pointless racial comparisons (more of which would be seen in the two sequels), etc. The movie greatly benefits from this because it seems so fresh, and far more believable – after all, rarely are romances developed in two days. The action genre always seems to end with the hero sending off the crooks to jail, and finally getting a long-awaited kiss from the leading lady. "Beverly Hills Cop," to its credit, manages to avoid this and the result is a far more enjoyable film, even if most of its sequences are far from being 100% realistic. The film's director, Martin Brest, has a clear handle on the buddy genre and would go on to direct the immensely successful Robert De Niro / Charles Grodin road-buddies-comedy "Midnight Run," one of the most popular (and best) of the genre. Beverly Hills Cop works just as well – it's funny when it needs to be, thrilling when it wants to be, and features a stellar lead performance by Murphy in his most unusual role. Murphy is the driving force behind the film, presenting us with a truly likable character – the most likable character he's ever played, as a matter of fact. Axel is unorthodox but a generally good guy – Murphy is sometimes typecast into playing roles similar to that of which he played in "48 HRS." (being the loud, obnoxious racist who's got it all together), but here he plays someone we actually want to root for. At one point in the film he manages to get a couple of police officers in trouble with their superior – but he takes all the blame, and actually fabricates a lie wherein they were heroes doing their job, despite the fact that they were all actually hanging out at a strip club. Axel is tough, cool, quick-witted, nice, sarcastic, and likable – one of cinema's most enduring characters, and proof that African-American cinema heroes don't always have to be loudmouths in order to succeed as characters (pay attention, Chris Rock and Chris Tucker). The now-famous soundtrack (including 'Axel F' by Harold Faltermeyer) is a great blend of techno-pop and electronic rock – the movie's theme is bouncy, rambunctious and fun: a good parallel to Axel himself. Overall "Beverly Hills Cop" exceeds exceptionally well, even if a great deal of the film's success itself derives from pure accident and chance. I don't think anyone can say that those involved in the production knew exactly what they were doing at the time (DVD supplements include anecdotes about hectic filming and the project almost falling through at one point) -- but as luck would have it everything turned out fine. "Beverly Hills Cop" is an immensely enjoyable film, and one of the best examples of the cop-comedy genre executed properly.

  • Ultra-Slick and Ultra-Cool.


    Eddie Murphy became a true bankable superstar with "Beverly Hills Cop". The film is an unconventional detective story that has Murphy, a Detroit police officer, go to Beverly Hills after his close friend is killed. Murphy wants to find out who killed his friend and why. What he discovers is one of the largest illegal drug fronts around in an art museum. Now it is up to Murphy to bring down the bad guys and save the day. "Beverly Hills Cop" is a film that showed the greatness of the 1980s. A pop-culture, box office hit that was funny and full of action and sported a smashing soundtrack. A nice film that is one of the most memorable money-makers of the decade that was the 80s. 4 stars out of 5.

  • The Peak of Murphy's Career


    This film came out, Eddie Murphy's star was still rising and this pretty much was the pinnacle of his career. This film is a funny, fast paced, action filled fun ride and Murphy really made the film an enjoyable experience. Thank God that Sylvester Stallone backed out because I feel the film would have been a very dark intense film. At least Murphy made Axel into a smart aleck who helped to lighten the mood of the film. Also, the one underrated performance has to have been Judge Reinhold. Reinhold makes an art of playing slightly goofy out of it characters and his portrayal of Detective Billy Rosewood was a perfect example of that and John Ashton was the perfect foil as Taggart. This is definitely one of the top films of the 1980's


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