Blood Clots (2018)

Blood Clots (2018)

Brooke SmithEvan ArnoldMadalina Bellariu IonLillian Masie
Luke Guidici,Evan Hughes,4 more credits


Blood Clots (2018) is a English movie. Luke Guidici,Evan Hughes,4 more credits has directed this movie. Brooke Smith,Evan Arnold,Madalina Bellariu Ion,Lillian Masie are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Blood Clots (2018) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Featuring cannibals, zombies and other funny creatures, Blood Clots consists of seven carefully curated, bloody horror stories by seven different filmmakers.

Blood Clots (2018) Reviews

  • Debut director showcase shows some talent


    An anthology of low budget short films by debut directors so don't go into this expecting the quality of Creepshow! With that in mind it's an entertaining but mixed bag that mostly hits the mark with only a few missteps. My only major gripe is the lack of wraparound story as shooting something to tie it together, even a simple Cryptkeeper type thing would have made it more fun - as it stands it feels very much like a DVD compilation. In terms of content though, this is a good selection containing something for everyone: zombies, werewolves, psycho axe murderers, clowns, Cthulhu. Standouts for me were saved till last with STILL, a joyously original zombie piece (how often can anyone say that?!) that does a lot with clearly a meagre budget, HELLYFISH, a B-movie pastiche that only loses points for feeling more like an incomplete FX showreel than an actual movie (but its a LOT of fun), and the final CALL OF CHARLIE, which manages to be both a pastiche on social mores and a loving tribute to all things Lovecraft. This is a good selection, enjoyable and only 70min so would highly recommend to horror fans who can get past the indie feel of all of these.

  • WTF did I just watch?


    This has to be one of the worst anthology horror movies I've ever seen. Some of the make up effects are very well done I'll give it that but seriously, some of the stories are like 2 minutes long, it's pathetic. The first 3 stories last about 15 minutes COMBINED, hell, the whole movie is just over an hour long if you don't include the credits. The Hellyfish segment is interesting and would make a good feature movie if it had a budget to speak of but the rest of the stories range from completely pointless to just weird. It's not as bad as Creepshow 3 but it's not far behind. Oh and the trailer says this film has one of the best kill scenes in a film ever....WHERE? There's generic Zombie kills, a decapitation scene similar to the one in Wrong turn and a few off screen kills with blood splatter effects, absolutely NOTHING you haven't seen before. Avoid this at all costs, rubbish.

  • A Scary Good Time!


    Every short film was engaging in it's own way. I was not bored for one second. From gory to funny to bizarre quote one of the last lines in the movie..."What in the actual ....?" You will get zombies and werewolves and a vampire and sea creatures all in one place! The music and the effects and the cinematography was great. It is not a mainstream film, it is crazily off the wall and I loved it. The segment "Hellyfish", deserves a feature film, but so do a few others in the anthology. I have never seen many of the new ideas in this film! I will leave you with the age old question, "Who let the crabs out? Who? Who?"


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