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Blood Craft (2019)

Blood Craft (2019)

Madeleine WadeAugie DukeMichael WelchDave Sheridan
James Cullen Bressack


Blood Craft (2019) is a English,German movie. James Cullen Bressack has directed this movie. Madeleine Wade,Augie Duke,Michael Welch,Dave Sheridan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Blood Craft (2019) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Two sisters who suffered abuse as children at the hands of their sadistic father decide, after his death, to use witchcraft to bring his spirit back to get revenge.

Blood Craft (2019) Reviews

  • Better than it is rated


    When I got the movie and looked it up on IMDb I swear I saw the rating at 2.1. I took a chance, anyway, I've found movies that are little gems in the very low ratings bin. Even so, it is not often I find one of these gems, but definitely found one now. The production values were quite good for a movie rated 2.1 or 3.7. The acting was reasonably good, surprising, considering the rating. All in all quite a good movie for its rating, give it a try.

  • My Review Of "Blood Craft"


    "Blood Craft" mixes elements of the occult with deeper aspects of human tragedy, and reconciliation. The story plays with this in a chilling character study of scar tissue and a desire for closure. It starts with a dark, gritty, fetish kick and impulsively you are forced to really face the protagonist in a very"unpolished" state. The intention of both the director and the story becomes clearer later in the film. "Where you are in life is relative to your past". "Blood Craft" is far from the typical witchcraft movie. There are these familiar tropes of some really bad guys, black magic, and revenge, Bressack's story goes deeper. There is human suffering, victimization, and pain as a catalyst. And in classic fashion and true to his nature, James Cullen Bressack explores those elements in harsh flourescent light, as blunt and uncomfortable as the truth. The acting is palatable for the most part, the lead seems to draw emotion from a sort of 'shell-shocked' pool of survivor's guilt and doesn't really change gears, but the second lead is a disturbing, uneasy mix of "victim / devil's advocate, very convincing. A plus for "Blood Craft" is the fact that given the weight of the material woven into this supernatural nightmare, all the cast do great at delivering. The special effects mix both practical and CGI. And to its detriment, works nicely, minus a couple of moments. The horror aspects are visceral and full of delicious occult affectations that offer enough eye candy for the fan of witchy horror. The film is low budget in both style and implementation. The cinematography is great and the music score fits perfectly with the heavy nature and dark overture of the picture. Now it works on a low budget scale so don't go in expecting an updated retelling of "The Craft". Overall I say check it out, it's classic Bressack filmmaking.

  • Blood thicker Than Water


    Witchcraft has been a great mystery throughout time, practiced in the old age in a dark forest or the new age within the attic or basement of a suburban home. Conjuring a spell with a book or object of desire to what we believe and have been shown in film is always for personal gain with undesired consequences. Famous stories of true origin and fabled tales of witchcraft have been spun about, we are all aware of the Salem Witch trials, being burned at the stake for even being accused of practicing witchcraft, always been a mystery to most. Thus comes the story from the mind of James Cullen Bressack, with an ever growing indie horror indie resume' with over 34 directed titles such as To Jennifer, 13/13/13, and Bethany just to name a few, a prolific writer, director, and producer he is certainly making a name for himself quickly. Blood Craft takes us through the lives of two sisters and their up bringing in a rural town with their pastor father Minister Hall ( Dave Sheridan) and mother Hilde ( Dominique Swain). Grace ( Madeline Wade ) returns home after she hears of the passing of her father and is greeted at their old childhood home by her sister Serena ( Augie Duke) and soon begins to relive the tragedy that made her leave the home in the first place. After the death of their mother they had suffered emotional and physical abuse by their father, an alcoholic and abuser holding it in secret from the church goers he sermon over. Madeline and Augie were great on screen with decent chemistry, you soon begin to see that there are other things at play with an old friend set out to find money that the sisters don't even know about. This is where the witchcraft begins because the sisters are hell-bent on getting revenge to their father for what he did, they use the witchcraft the we taught from their mother at a young age. Tyler Waters ( Michael Welch) comes to pay his respects to Grace and its soon discovered that he is the one that is after the money. Serena's secret is that their father is buried right in their backyard and this is where they begin to cast a spell to get their revenge and Tyler is juts the body they need to complete the task. The film does take a few unnecessary turns with Graces character having sex with Tyler on the floor for almost a drug induced like seen that was unimportant to the story. The camera work and sound were great and especially when you consider this film from the indie film point of view its a job well done, decent camera work, good sound. And to add that the FX used during witchcraft seen it was surprisingly good. Overall this film will suffice a true horror fan especially if witchcraft is your thing, so its definitely worth the watch for indie horror fans abound.

  • weird and nonsense-like


    One shall be very careful giving a film 1 star worthyness, but the confusing plot and story makes me intimidated to do so, but i give 2 for the try. its a kind of horror movie that relapses, and showing the 2 mains life in retrospect, to tell why they have become such brittle soles. its a crooked pastor, and his supernatural powered wife, and their 2 daughters , in life and death, tears and smiles, angst and emotions, and fear and panic. for short you can tell that their soles are damaged by abuse and religous fear, and the nightmare seems to never end. the acting are at times passable, but some of the cast seems very odd and uncomfortable in front of the camera, and therefore very stiff dialouges and unconvincing acting, makes you more occupied by the goofy acting than the story they are trying to tell. the production have some nice props and settings,, and some of the sections were the past is told, but the fast and numerous and frequent shifts between past and present interupts the float of the plot.i did never connect with the sole of the story and therefore , as the grumpy old man i am,will not recommend this flick, unless you have the ability to interpret and analyse the disorders of psyciatrics, that turmoils the mains. its a try, but i wont rewatch this unless i get a good interpretation to the story that may put the spotlight in another angle.

  • Low budget level acting, lazy script, bad FX.


    Seen a couple of the directors films, great efforts for an amateur filmmaker, usually using controversial subject matter to help sell the film. This is a cliche ridden film that really isn't worth the time. You really find yourself not feeling any sympathy for the sisters at all. Some bad props.......the magic book looks like drawn by a three year old!? One Sister in the many (confusing) flashbacks seems to age quicker than the other by a few years, for some reason a nasty priest has married a witch?, The older sister....who also helped write the screenplay has far too much obvious plastic surgery and just looks freakish with huge cheeks and lips ......she is supposed to be a sexy dancer!? But she looks too old to be in this role (Whitney dressed as Britney) body is nice but what has she done to her face!? Acting is wooden although the vicar really gets into his role as a sadist, and the county clerk's Sheriff father is a great actor, not used enough, the story non sensical and you will find yourself talking at the screen saying wtf!? When they do stupid things........why hold a severed ear to own ear when supposed to be talking to it?? Add to that pointless incest lesbian kiss scene which added nothing to the lazy story. Let's not even mention the supposed SFX ???? if it was gorier it would have added a star but they are dime store level after FX . ..... The coat hanger scene had promise but became unintentionally amusing. Some of the camera work is great, and the director definitely has talent, this just seems like was a case of wrong cast and weak script with a cliche story. Given the right story and better cast he may be one director to watch. Oh and to the other reviewer ...it's spelt "soul" ????


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