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Bludgeon (2013)

Bludgeon (2013)

Shawn BurkettLorin DineenMissy Duncan-StoutBrigid Flanagan
Shawn Burkett


Bludgeon (2013) is a English movie. Shawn Burkett has directed this movie. Shawn Burkett,Lorin Dineen,Missy Duncan-Stout,Brigid Flanagan are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Bludgeon (2013) is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A rash of grisly murders plagued a small southern Ohio town for over a decade, before ending abruptly in 1992. Now, 20 years later, this small town is again terrified as the body count begins to rise. Inspired by true events.

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  • I think I got turned around


    In the community of Brookhaven, Ohio there is an 80's serial killer that stopped in 1987. Jump to 2012 and we have another serial killer. A pizza delivery girl gets abducted and we are made to feel for the psycho. This is a low budget indie. Ask all you friends who can't act if they want to be in a film. Then find people who can't sing or play a musical instrument to do the soundtrack. Considering the budget, the writer had a message and was able to project a feeling that came through at the end. It just wasn't entertaining. Guide: F-word. Nudity (Liz Wazeneggar)

  • My Review Of "Bludgeon" 2013


    "Bludgeon" comes from Indie director Shawn Burkett and tells the story of a rash of murders that end suddenly in 1992. Then twenty years later more deaths rock the small community just as before. The story is inspired by true events. At least the murders that occurred originally are actual events, I am not sure if the second set of murders are actual events or creative licensing of the story. Either way the story is disturbing to say the least. Burkett's story is a somewhat dark, cold view into the nightmarish tale and stars Anne Wysong, Haley Madison, Liz Wazenegger, John Durham, Amanda Back, Missy Stout, Corey Thrush and Shawn Burkett. First I have to say that the movie is truly surprising as I went in expecting one type of story but was quickly given a different tale all together. The story begins with a very classic montage of dark silent scenes of of young women falling meeting a fatal end as eerie folk music plays out. It sets the atmosphere and somber aspects of what is happening on screen perfectly and right away I am eager to see this film. The start is very reminiscent of 70's grindhouse or classic gore flicks that I enjoyed growing up. However this is not your classic gore induced slasher fest happening. The film gracefully transforms into an art-house indie character driven melodrama as the tale picks up twenty years later. The switch almost causes a revolt in my mind about the loss of the gore teasing slasher beginning but soon I found myself focusing once more on the story that unfolds in "Bludgeon". It becomes more of an emotional story that builds on an abstract sense of chilling dark atmosphere. I did enjoy the the contrast of of stories as the original gore inspired tale begins showing the brutal events that are obviously the true events that took place in the small town against the more cinema verite influenced story that unfolds in the larger portion of the movie. Both where shot beautifully and create a very sinister atmosphere of suspense. I did feel the film was lacking somewhat in actual story material which provides the arch between the two very different story lines of past and present. It was enough to make me feel conflicted about the overall movie but not enough to make me not enjoy the film or its off-beat aspects. There is not a whole lot of gore in the film but there is a lot of emotion played out here and I have to say that this is one of the first times I have ever felt more sympathetic to the psychopath than I should have for a homicidal maniac.

  • Bludgeon me to death!


    Director Shawn Burkett continues to wow me within the sub-genre of independent underground horror films. First came the Sleeping Soul which I fell in love with at first watch. Now we have Bludgeon a straight to the throat horror film that not only kept me guessing but had me outright fooled at first. Nitty, gritty serial/mass murderer film that for me anyway had that real life feel only underground films can capture. Not depending on sex and gore to sell his pictures Shawn Burkett stands atop the mountain that is independent horror and I will continue to watch everything he touches. Nice effects and great acting for such a low budget movie. Something sadly that a lot of underground flicks do not have is decent acting. Burkett obviously has a good sense of casting. Highly recommended!


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