Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016)

Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016)

Alan RitchsonDarin BrooksJames CadeRob Ramsay
Lev L. Spiro


Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016) is a English movie. Lev L. Spiro has directed this movie. Alan Ritchson,Darin Brooks,James Cade,Rob Ramsay are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016) is considered one of the best Comedy,Sport movie in India and around the world.

When the Dean of Blue Mountain State threatens to sell the Goat House, Alex throws Thad the party of his dreams in an effort to get him to buy it.

Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland (2016) Reviews

  • OK, but a missed opportunity


    I don't generally write reviews on movies on here. I was a big fan of the TV and donated to the kick-starter though so I was anxiously awaiting seeing this movie. I am definitely torn on it. I don't agree with reviews saying it's completely horrible. It has some very funny parts sprinkled throughout it, and is watchable. But it's just so so so far removed from the spirit of the original show. I am not even a football fan, but because of the way humour and football were mixed in the show, I loved it. I also feel the football side of things was an important part of the characters in the show, and obviously a reason the Goat House existed in the first place. I marked this as containing 'spoilers' because it's hard to not point out that there is literally about 2 minutes of football content in the movie. It's basically a party movie. But it doesn't really do an amazing job at that either. Everything feels rushed and again, the humour is just a different type of humour than the show was. Take one of the better party episodes from the show, but stretch it out with quite a bit of filler for an hour and 30 minutes, and you have the movie. Most of the really funny parts (to me) revolved around Thad and his dialogue. But it would be pretty hard to screw up that character. That's one consistent element from the TV show, and the reason I can still give this a 5 ratings despite my criticisms. He really does carry the movie in my opinion. I guess it could have been much worse. But it's definitely not anything fantastic. I really think they should have stuck to their original formula more. The one that gained the show a rabid fan base the helped them fund this movie.

  • I'm mixed. They did things right and they did things wrong.


    I had high hopes coming in to this movie. The show was incredibly funny, and I was expecting something more like the show in this. I expected to see Thad in the NFL, with possible NFL player cameo's. Instead we see a Thad who has somehow had his contract terminated without anybody noticing. Seriously, if the number 1 pick in the draft is cut, I'm sure Moran would have found out before he did. Also, getting stabbed by a rhino (and not being physically injured) is a lame excuse for Thad getting cut. It's just not realistic. Don't get me wrong, they did things right: 1) Bringing back Radon and Shilo I was upset after season 1 when Shilo left and was smiling when I saw him pick up Alex. By that time in the movie, it was a much needed cameo. I wish it had lasted longer though, as he is only there for a short amount of time. When it comes to Radon, he didn't even have a line until the last scene. Radon was hilarious in season 2, and would've loved him to resurrect DREAMS maybe. 2) The comedy was stepped up in some parts. In the first 20 minutes or so, it is hilarious. Thad's interview was maybe the funniest part in the movie. Thad's character alone was funnier than I had remembered. Him tracing his drawing of Thadland is genius. 3) The roles of Larry, Donnie, and Harmon Harmon did what he did in the show, Larry was coach, and Donnie is gay. All of these story lines were very funny to see pan out and they did a good job. 4) Bringing back Mary Jo. Not really sure why she disappeared in Season 3, but I was glad she was back. 5) Dick-Dawg By far the funniest character for me. Everything he did was hilarious. Things they did wrong: 1) NO FOOTBALL This is the movie's biggest flaw, as there is close to no football in the movie. BMS is not BMS without football. 2) Coach Daniel's role I liked it at first, but his role kept getting smaller. And without his guy Jon Jon, there is no fun in him. 3) No Jon Jon or Debra. Jon Jon is a BMS classic and was sad to not see him there, would've liked to see Debra there as well. 4) Thad's death plan I'm not really sure what actually happened towards the end of the movie. Thad was carrying a loaded gun which first made me think he was gonna shoot himself when he mentioned him in heaven. He then went down with the Goathouse and presumed dead. Don't worry, he is not dead. He is resurrected as Mr. PoonTang somewhere far away (in a ridiculous looking wig and mustache which made me spit out my drink it was so funny). 5) The role of Sammy We saw Sammy nude way too many times in this one. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. He didn't play a big enough role and turned into a bit of an animal when he ate Billy the Goat. Then he tried to beat up Dick-Dawg which was useless. I would have been okay with Dick-Dawg leaving him there for dead. 6) Different Goat House Not sure why it was different. Overall it was enjoyable and funny. I really hope the show comes back though.

  • After a long wait.. Not really worth it.


    As a big fan of the TV series I was looking forward to the continued adventures of Alex, Sammy, Thad and the other members of BMS. Now it's always a difficult task to tack on a stand-alone movie to a series (that ended almost 6 years ago), and whilst I admire the fact they took a crack at it, this movie fell well short of my expectations. The biggest problem I have with this movie is the complete lack of sports.. BMS was centered around the exploits of a college football team, and their relationship on and off the field. In Rise of Thadland (ROT) we're treated to one lackluster practice session and that's all she wrote on football. The rest of the movie centers around one completely implausible party (not enough money to save the Goat House yet a party that would make Mr Hefner blush). Speaking of Hefner, early on in the movie they set the tone that ROT has a different rating than the TV series (topless girls galore) but when they have the chance to really push the envelope they hold back. In fact the only full-frontal nudity is supplied by Sammy's character (I'm going out on limb here and say we were privy to Sammy's private parts WAY TOO MUCH!!!) The movie felt flat and disjointed and the use of returning characters Shilo and Radon was nothing short of criminal. No catch ups, reunion scenes just brief semi-cameos. Mmmm time to revisit the TV series and get back that BMS feeling.

  • "Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland" Review!


    Give me a hell, give me a yeah, hell yeah! Because Blue Mountain State is back...sort of. While it's not season 4, it's something better: a film adaptation of the television show. In the past we have seen shows come back as films with the same talent in front and behind the camera, such as Entourage (and Sex in the City and Veronica Mars, but I haven't seen their shows or their movies). But to put it in simple terms, this is a worthwhile wait to see Moran, Sammie, Thad and the gang back. The story is pretty simple. Alex Moran is entering his senior year at Blue Mountain State and what seems to be the year in which he'll control the legendary Goat House. But the new school dean has another idea: selling the goat house so that the football team will concentrate on the field. So in order to save the Goat House, Moran will have to ask the help of an old friend Thad Castle, former BMS football player and captain as well as the number one draft in the NFL. Thad agrees that he will buy the Goat House but on one condition: they have to throw Thad's dream party, including an amusement park known as Thadland. Pretty easy to see where it's going right? Nope What I liked: This movie does what some TV shows turned movies failed to do, be a good movie. Look, we don't see Blue Mountain State for it's artistic value or it's compelling drama, we see it for the boobs, drugs, and alcohol as well as it's hilarious moments. Unlike most movies based on shows, this movie raises the stakes for the characters and does stuff that you couldn't pull of on Spike. There is something to lose in the film, the Goat House; something that wasn't in a film like Entourage. Also, like I said above, this movie is hilarious. I don't want to give away any specific moments but there are tons of gut-busting scenes in this movie. There is one sex scene in this movie (out of many) that is so hilarious, that's worth the price of admission (though it was released on digital, so worth buying on your computer?). Another great thing about the movie is the cast, everyone is still hilarious and we get to see some of our old favorites such as Craig Shilo and Radon Randell. And how can I talk about the cast without talking about Alan Ritchson as Thad Castle. He's probably the best thing about this movie. He's hilarious and it reminds you why you loved the character in the first place. The character of Thad Castle will go down in history as one of the funniest TV characters, right there with Stewie Griffin, Sheldon Cooper, and Carlton Banks. Also, this movie is so unpredictable. If anything, there is only one thing you might expect but other than that, it is really a wild ride because you are not sure what the hell is gonna happen at the end. What I disliked: Though there's not a lot to dislike, the main focus of this movie is Alex Moran and Thad Castle, which is great and all but I would've liked to see more of the character moments. Most of the cast appearances, such as those of Harmon, Donnie, Larry, and Mary Jo, are satisfying appearances. But those of Craig Shilo and Radon Randell are a little underwhelming, especially Radon because he just seems to show up without set up and it would've been interesting to see what the two have been up to since we last saw them. But the biggest of underwhelming characters is Sammie. Though he has lots of funny moments, he seems to be demoted to an over-the-top party animal, which is something that he has was in the show (but in the show had more character). Also, what prevented Blue Mountain State from being another shitty American Pie direct- to-video movie was the football aspect of the show, the moments like when the NCAA is doing a drug test or Thad going soft on the football field, something that this movie doesn't have and it's absence is duly noted. The film didn't need a football-centered plot, but are we really going to get only one scene of them on the field? Final Verdict: To put it simply, it's hilarious and it's a worthy successor of the television show. To many it would be seen an awesome party movie, but it shows the Blue Mountain State has stuff to offer still. This isn't the ending of the BMS franchise, it's a brand new beginning (at least I hope), where it can be explored through another season or movie.Also this movie isn't for those who dislike party movies, but why would you see it then? Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland reminds me of why I fell in love with the show in the first place and why I wished my college was like this. Old fans will love this film, newbies will enjoy it. For newbies, I'd recommend binge-watching the show on Netflix and then watch this. Overall Score: B+ (or 7.5/10)

  • Not what I was envisioning as a BMS fan...


    I was envisioning Thad in the NFL with appearances being made by NFL players. Seeing him in his uniform or practicing for his new NFL team. Seeing him getting drafted should have been a scene in the movie, considering how much they talked about it during the show. We really got none of that. Very small amounts of the plot had anything to do with football at all. When I heard they were bringing back Radon who is absolutely brilliant in his role on the show, I had high hopes, maybe we would catch up with him in the NFL or see him resurrect DREAMS on television now being a pro player. I was really disappointed to see how little he was used in the movie. Same goes for Shilo. Thought it was very forced to work him back into the story. Thought maybe we would see him playing in NFL or rival college team . But he had a very minor part in the movie. Would have really liked to see more of a story line with the development of the characters going forward rather than just over the top drugs and partying the entire time. Some actors in the movie are on the wrong side of 30 playing college kids. The show went off the air nearly 5 years ago now, there was way too much time in between for the characters to still be playing the same ages as they were in the show. Really wish they were able to make a real theatrical movie with a real budget because based on how great the TV show was, I think they could have made a great movie.


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