Boa vs. Python (2004)

Boa vs. Python (2004)

David HewlettJaime BergmanKirk B.R. WollerAdamo Palladino
David Flores


Boa vs. Python (2004) is a English movie. David Flores has directed this movie. David Hewlett,Jaime Bergman,Kirk B.R. Woller,Adamo Palladino are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Boa vs. Python (2004) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After an overly ambitious businessman transports an 80-foot python to the United States, the beast escapes and starts to leave behind a trail of human victims. An FBI agent and a snake specialist come up with a plot to combat the creature by pitting it against a bioengineered, 70-foot boa constrictor. It's two great snakes that snake great together!


Boa vs. Python (2004) Reviews

  • best b-grade ever (next to "frankenfish")


    The credits say it all...3 secs in and you know it's gonna be B-Grade-Orama! There are a few things that must be in a film for it to be B-Grade and Boa VS Python has em all!!!! 1 ) Unnessesary nudity (cause low paid actors will do anything to get a gig). Not only do we get to see the naked chick bathe but she also rubs herself down with a sponge really really slowly! 2 ) The group of mis-matched characters that would never be seen together ever but somehow manage to end up stuck in impossible situations. In this movie we have a safari hunting team that more closely resembles the Village Ppl! 3 ) Sex Scene. Boy goes down on girl, snake eats boy, snake goes down on girl.......oh yeah! 4 ) Clichés. i like the dumb ass deputy tripping into the bloody corpse head-first in front of the over-dramatic FBI agent. 5 ) super cool special effects* 6 ) bad plot (wild snake free in city, so lets send a bred-in-captivity snake with a camera on its head to catch it) 7 ) worse script ("should i tag this as body #6?" "i think it's the rest of bodies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5") 8 ) and even worse actors. i loved it! b-grade value of 4/5 PS...get a load of the DVD cover (there is no chopper in the movie at all so don't get your hopes up with the chopper shooting two missiles at a couple of giant snakes in the middle of the city.....which is not where the movie is set) *insert sarcasm

  • This movie informed me of so many things I didn't previously know


    I'm serious, I learnt a lot from Boa Vs Python: - Bulgaria looks a lot like 24 miles outside Philadelphia. Honestly, you should show this movie to aspiring doctors and lawyers. The knowledge they will gain will pay dividends in the future. No other film can teach you the facts about all these things that you didn't previously know were true.

  • I'm still laughing!!! Wait... am I supposed to laugh?


    A few things I learned from Boa vs Python: 1. When you get your women naked right off the top (and what good film maker wouldn't)... make sure that they scrub down with dish soap and a plain orange sponge in as sexy as way as humanly possible. 2. To show tension in a forest scene when a large, unseen predator is disturbing the local animal life: Go to your local pet store and folly in the sound of budgies squawking. This will REALLY pull off the effect that something ain't right in them woods!!! Besides, most woods outside Philly are CRAWLING with budgies. Or was it Pittsburg? Okay... if it was Pittsburg... my mistake. Those woods are rampant with pets. 2a. Garter Snakes squeak when you chuck 'em around. Bet you didn't know that, all you Animal Planet loving people, did you! Don't let small things like facts get in the way of the action. 2c. People who work with dolphins, spend time with dolphins, all that jazz... you know... animal people... the first thing they'll do when they encounter a snake in a glass tank is, pretty obviously, start rapping on the glass. That stuff you hear about "never knock on the glass" when you're a pet stores and zoos... well, they're making that up. It NEVER startles or deafens the animals. That's why people in movies who are supposed to be in the field of zoology do it. They know that it's a made-up rule of thumb. And it's a good set-up to a damn funny joke. 3. Even multi-millionaires who hunt ridiculously large animals for sport have their problems. For example: When transporting said large animals, rent a truck to do it in. Because when you have your own jet (with a BATHTUB!!!) you probably don't own trucks. Make sure that you get the truck with the modified ridiculously large animal transport container. 3a. When the ridiculously large animal escapes (and how could it not???) show the human side of your millionaire by having a customer service rep from the trucking company CALL your millionaire to inform him of the problem. When your millionaire demands answers, have the CSR tell him that she'll have to get her supervisor. Hey... when you're globe-trotting on your own jet, you DO make all these arrangements yourself with your local truck rental dealer. 4. Get in touch with those emotional back-stories with lines to the effect of: "Gee, to try and find a cure for snake poison... you must have some incredible psychological reason for doing that!" Really, the audience will thank you for getting straight to the exposition. 5. It doesn't matter that the two "teens" who are making out in a car look like a mother and son making out in a car. No one will notice! Besides, they're just snake fodder anyway! Gee... there must be some deep seated Freudian reason for this... Cue exposition. 6. SAVE MONEY ON CGI. All you have to do is "suggest" that a large snake is roaming around peoples feet by showing them "reacting" to it. So what if sometimes you show a scene where a snake SHOULD be and isn't. As long as you have actors to act like one is there, the audience will fill in the blank. 7. People don't need to see some actors faces. Especially when they're minor characters... like second in command of an elite group of FBI agents. Minor character... handful of lines... have her deliver them AWAY from the camera. That way we really connect! And it saves time with the ADR. 8. Always... ALWAYS... end your movie in a subway station. Even if you have to jump from a rave DIRECTLY AND WITH SOME SORT OF MAGIC to the subway station... ALWAYS end it there... 9. Be sure to set up for the sequel! Don't be too obvious. Make sure you give them special, fancy, snake fighting clothes! It looks tres cool. 10. On the cover of the DVD... ALWAYS, and I mean always... show a helicopter firing missiles at two large, fighting snakes. It doesn't matter if your movie has nothing like that in there. The cover for Citizen Kane shows a guy making a speech or something... and I'm pretty sure that's not in there... oh wait... it is??? F@CK! So... all in all... I actually recommend seeing this movie. In the right setting, you'll laugh your arse sore. Just keep in mind that if this was SUPPOSED to be a comedy... or if you actually fixed all the stuff I mentioned above... this would be just another gigantic, steamy pile of boring crap.

  • It's scary... that this got made.


    I'd like to think that someone got fired over this movie. The really amazing thing about Boa vs. Python is that it got made at all. Then, after it got made, it aired on the Sci-Fi Channel. Now, we all know that the Sci-Fi Channel is not exactly known for excellence in programming, but this is an all time low. The fact that someone pitched Boa vs. Python as a concept, and someone else said, "Yeah! Great!" is just plain frightening. I almost can't blame the writer, the director, the actors, or the terrible CGFX team. They did what they had to do. The worst thing about Boa vs. Python is that it came into existence at all. 2 out of 10 stars. One for the python, one for the boa.

  • Terrible movie.


    This movie is really, really bad. It features bad acting, bad CG, bad plot and other things you don't want to see in a movie. The plot, as mentioned, is really awful. Some rich guy wants to have a big snake brought out in the woods so he and his rich buddies can kill it for fun. It breaks free and starts killing people. The good guys sends out another big snake to fight the bad snake. OK, they didn't have a big budget so the CGI-snakes look bad, but could'nt they have written a better story? The acting is terrible, the actors are completely worthless. The action scenes are not exiting in any way. Don't waste your time watching this movie, its not worth it. They even used the old trick "make girl show her jugs" to make the movie more interesting, and thats a good sign for a sucky movie. Nice tits though.


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