Bommarillu (2006)

Bommarillu (2006)

SiddharthGenelia D'SouzaPrakash RajSrinivasa Rao Kota


Bommarillu (2006) is a Telugu movie. Bhaskar has directed this movie. Siddharth,Genelia D'Souza,Prakash Raj,Srinivasa Rao Kota are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2006. Bommarillu (2006) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Siddu is the son of an over-protective business man. Every decision of his is made by his father, which leads him into frustration. He half-heartedly agrees to become engaged to a rich man's daughter, but then falls for a middle-class man's daughter called Hasini. The film focuses on his realization that he has to stand on his own and come out of his father's protective shell- and try to succeed in love.


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  • I adore this movie


    I don't always have much use for "cute," as it often dribbles over into "cutesy," but this movie had almost the perfect amount of cute. Siddharth won my mind and sympathy in _Rang De Basanti_, one of the best movies ever made by anyone, anywhere. Here he made me giggle and relive the giddiness of new affection. It took me a little while to warm up to Genelia D'Souza, but her character was so flawlessly, honestly bubbly that her enthusiasm became contagious. The movie includes a plea for honoring traditions and taking them into account while also allowing for change. It urges balance and moderation on everyone's part. My high school students read _Romeo and Juliet_. This year, I plan to show a brief clip of _Bommarillu_ to show the widespread knowledge of those characters and to make the point that arranged marriages are neither a thing of the past nor a way for parents to punish the young adults in their lives. I'm glad I bought this movie (an original copy---no bootlegs for me!); I will watch it frequently.

  • Individuality, Love and Family!!


    Bommarillu (House of Toys) is the story of a young man (portrayed fantastically by Siddharth) who lives with his parents and faces an identity crisis as his overly protective father takes care of everything for him. When all the little details of his life are taken care of, he has nothing but a sense of emptiness left in him. When he meets this happy go-lucky girl (played to perfection by Genelia D'Souza) who does anything and everything she wishes without constraints, he gets inspired and loves her dearly. He comes to terms with his own life and the things he misses, mostly his individuality. The rest of the story is how he convinces his family, especially his father about his state d'affaire and wins her over. The casting has been excellent. Siddharth, Genelia, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Srinivasarao Kota suit well for their respective roles, especially in the scenes that require strong emotions. These scenes have been presented in a good manner. The music of the movie is a great asset. On the whole, the movie is not just your average romantic comedy, but a pleasing mixture of human emotions, drama and romance. 9/10

  • really.... house of dolls


    Siddu-the hero; Hasini- the heroine.... Never expected -they would have such great chemistry..."dialogs are awesome, scenes are heart touching"....I usually don't watch songs..but this movie has something in it that I just couldn't avoid songs... the best part of the movie is climax...don't you miss it (anyways later you will watch "N" number of times)... great portrayal of characters....each character in this movie is made for that particular if though they are very natural....Once again Prakash raj has proved his might... English has less +ive adjectives to rate this movie..its a must watch can watch at least 2 times....number is just a limit......

  • Much better than what I had expected...


    Bommarillu is the story of Sidhu's(Sidharth) struggle in dealing with a controlling father.Life moves along manageable well till the point where he gets engaged to a girl of his father choice and then goes on to meet the girl of his dreams,Hasini (Genelia).Sidhu who had been rebelling from within until then,finally finds a reason to bring out the rebel who had been hiding within him all along. The movie moves at a steady pace and keep the viewer interested at all junctions.Lead performance by Sidharth and Genelia are commendable though Genelia occasionally stumbles from sweet to sappy.The supporting cast does a decent job but I found Prakash Raj a little tiring as he does the same thing he does in every movie with the tapping-forehead-with-four-fingers-thing. Strong points for the movie include:- 1.Squeaky clean script:-Its thekind of squeaky clean that u can watch this movie sitting next to your maths professor without flinching.The lead pair rarely make bodily contact except for some dance moves.No double meaning jokes,no exposing,no innuendo of any sort.Kudos to the director for his effort to keep it this clean. 2.Story&Direction:-The approach is the same,but at least the story is different.the characters of Sidhu and his father are well fleshed and their portrayal is commendable.It would have been easy to dismiss Sidhu for being a wuss without a spine if it wasn't for the directors effort in showcasing the emotions that lurk withing a man without freedom. 3.Genelia:-The whole script rests on her likability.And she does her job pretty well.Sometimes she does stumble on the line between sweet and sappy, but she finds her balance pretty fast. 4.Music:-Another great job by the talented Devi sri Prasad.Engaging and fun. Weak points:- 1.The comedy track is weak. 2.Kota Srinivas rao and Jayasudha are wasted.They do provide strength to the cast but they are too talented to be offered that little. 3.Occasionally over sweet script but they are minor glitches and overall don't effect the movie to a great extent. Bottomline:-A very good movie to be enjoyed with the entire family.If this movie doesn't break records,it will certainly run in theaters for a long time.

  • Johnny Johnny, yes papa..


    A very beautiful story with a lots of comedy. I went for the movie just to kill some time. But what I got was a nostalgic happiness. The movie is basically a simple story of a over protective rich father and a modern day son who wants to be happy with self-dependence. When son wants a simple T-shirt, the father gives him a Louis Philippe shirt. In the course the son looses his individuality. This is a very emotional movie, but never lost its pace because of the sublime comedy. Siddharth's acting was excellent. Prakash Raj was good in the role of the father. Frankly speaking, I hated the acting of Genelia. The dubbing for her was the worst. I truly enjoyed this movie.


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