Bongu (2018)

Bongu (2018)

Pooja BishtRajan KrishnaswamyAtul Kulkarni


Bongu (2018) is a Hindi movie. has directed this movie. Pooja Bisht,Rajan Krishnaswamy,Atul Kulkarni are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Bongu (2018) is considered one of the best Crime movie in India and around the world.

Three hi-tech burglars, who lose their jobs because of a business tycoon, set out to take revenge against him. After becoming victims of an unexpected treacherous act, Deva (Natty), Janani (Ruhi Singh) and Bhaskar (Arjunan) lose their hard-earned jobs. Dejected, they approach a local thug, who gives them an assignment – to steal a luxurious car from a big shot in the city.


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