Bornless Ones (2016)

Bornless Ones (2016)

Margaret JudsonDevin GoodsellMichael JohnstonMark Furze
Alexander Babaev


Bornless Ones (2016) is a English movie. Alexander Babaev has directed this movie. Margaret Judson,Devin Goodsell,Michael Johnston,Mark Furze are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Bornless Ones (2016) is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

Emily has just purchased a remote home near an institution to provide better care for her brother Zach who is crippled with a severe form of Cerebral Palsy. During their first evening the group discovers strange symbols etched into the boards on the windows. They begin to clear away the symbols in the effort to clean the house, but soon realize just how serious of a mistake that was. One by one the group of friends become possessed by the evil spirits that haunt the cabin causing chaos that will forever be scarred into the mind of whoever survives.


Bornless Ones (2016) Reviews

  • A Decent Attempt


    Simply put, "The Bornless Ones" is a movie about possession. A couple and two of their friends visit a cabin in order that Emily's brother can have some rest and relaxation. Involved in a horrible auto accident, he appears to be close to death. Miraculously he seems to be getting better and better--but he is also hearing voices. Little does anyone know he (and everyone around him) will pay the piper to the unknown and this "cabin in the woods" is the worst place they could have chosen to go. The movie was alright. It wasn't anything great, but the director kept his characters reeled in, which is a nice change for movies such as these. I think the movie borrowed heavily from the original "Evil Dead"--it just wasn't nearly as good. I do enjoy movies that let you know "NO ONE" is safe, no matter how pure he/she may come across. Rated "R" for brief nudity, explicit language, and violence. I thought this one was a little more fresh than most of its genre.

  • Survival of evil


    Saw 'Bornless Ones' being fond of horror/thriller regardless of budget (even if not my favourite genre), and the cover was cool. Was less taken by the concept though, which sounded ridiculous. Being behind on my film watching and reviewing, with a long to watch and review list that keeps getting longer, it took me a while to get round to watching and reviewing. Unfortunately, do have to agree with the low rating and the poor reviews. 'Bornless Ones' is one of those films that mostly didn't take off, starting off interestingly, but went downhill far too early, never recovered and progressively got worse, particularly in the near-unwatchable later stages. Never judge a film without seeing the whole thing and wanted to not make 'Bornless Ones' an exception, so gave it a fair chance. The location is also suitably spooky. However, so much brings 'Bornless Ones' down. All the acting is either over-histrionic or disinterested, both in a few cases, and the direction is so phoned in and pedestrian, one gets the sense that the director showed no interest in the film at all. Too much of the soundtrack is intrusive and annoying, made worse by the excessive and obvious sound effects that just cheapens the mood. The film looks drab generally and like it was made in haste, the photography especially betrays that with its amateurishness. The effects are far from special, the complete opposite in fact. Where 'Bornless Ones' most underwhelms is the writing and story. The writing is incredibly lazy, it's awkward in dialogue, is gratuitously crude, confused because of not tying things up or going into full detail and doesn't feel complete. The story suffers from a very erratic pace, apparent early on and gets muddled and ridiculous in the second half. It further suffers from feeling too much like a short film stretched out with a lot of useless padding. The stereotypical characters are as unlikeable as they come, the inconsistent and illogical motivations bring them down further. For a film billed as a horror, there is very little interesting and nothing remotely scary which makes a waste of such a spooky-looking location. The scares and thrills are too few, barely any even, and are far too predictable, anaemic and weakly timed to make impact, with the chaotic pacing and obvious sound editing cheapening them significantly. 'Bornless Ones' doesn't engage let alone thrill, the more it progressed the more chaotic but everything just feels chaotic and hasty), predictable and more nonsensical it became for a premise that was already far too derivative with far too many easily foreseeable moments. The ending leaves very little impact, very contrived and not much of one at all. Overall, very poor. 2/10 Bethany Cox

  • Worthless Ones


    10 Cent version of The Evil Dead is a laughable no budget horror possession film. Now I love good possession films. They're actually very hard to pull off. A group of young adults go to an old house in the country(Big Surprise!) that turns out to be haunted by demon types. This movie gets worse as it goes. The acting is marginal and the special effects really weak. However, Bobby T is really freakin' hot as one of the guys girlfriends and make s a pretty good demon. The ending is quick and unsatisfying. This film has multiple titles, which usually means they had a hard time distributing it. All in all, I wouldn't recommend it but Bobby T is worth checking out. Good luck!

  • Evil Dead Rip Off!


    This movie took idea after idea from the Evil Dead! I watched it with a group of people and we all kept yelling out "another Evil Dead rip off"! It wasn't even close to as good though. It's a time killer if you're bored but wouldn't seek it out. I'd also wait til it's free. Not really worth the rental fee. The makers of Evil Dead should get a cut of the profits for this one!

  • Just another generic horror movie...


    It was without any prior knowledge about the movie when I sat down to watch this 2016 horror movie that was written and directed by Alexander Babaev. It was solely my love for the horror genre that made me pick up this movie and give it a go. I will say that the movie wasn't the best of horror movies that I have seen, nor was it among the worst. This was, in my opinion, a very generic horror movie, in terms of scares, storyline and such. So you shouldn't get your hopes up for something out of the ordinary here. The storyline was rather predictable, as the writer/director was obviously following the blueprint of how to make a horror movie step by step. No surprises, and you essentially know what will happen well before it happens and even before the storyline leads up to that thing that lurks around the corner. There weren't really any scares or anything to make you jump out of the chair and make your heart race. As such, it was just a bland and very mediocre horror experience. Especially so since the story also was awfully predictable. As for the acting, then I must say that the performances in the movie were wooden and rigid, and there just wasn't a natural flow to the performances put on by the majority of those in the movie. And as such, the movie was suffering. Some of the concept ideas were adequate, and it was actually a nice thing that the writer had come up with for the one suffering from cerebral palsy. But the overall picture just wasn't that outstanding. And the special effects in "Bornless Ones" wasn't overly flashy or impressive, to be honest. So don't expect to be bedazzled by a myriad of special effects. "Bornless Ones" turned out to be a less than mediocre horror movie. I have seen far worse horror movies, trust me. I will actually say that the movie is still watchable, if you have nothing better on the to-view-list. I am rating it 4 out of 10 stars.


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