Braqueurs (2015)

Braqueurs (2015)

Sami BouajilaGuillaume GouixYoussef HajdiRedouane Behache
Julien Leclercq


Braqueurs (2015) is a French movie. Julien Leclercq has directed this movie. Sami Bouajila,Guillaume Gouix,Youssef Hajdi,Redouane Behache are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Braqueurs (2015) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Work-life balance breaks down for Paris's most gifted armed robbers when a grave mistake forces them to work for a crime boss in a high-stakes heist.

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Braqueurs (2015) Reviews

  • The Crew


    French action movies of the recent past, have one thing in common: they do know their action stunt stuff. So even if you're not that into the stories or characters of the movies, at least you'll have something to enjoy. Be it a car chase, a shootout or just the pure tension in builds in confrontational scenes between the characters. This has a gang of people who know their criminal abilities and do utilize them as good as they can. With a charismatic leader like that, it's not that hard to get that. Of course as you can imagine, some things will go awry. The question is, will they get straight again. Although which side are you on? Can you cheer them on? It's just a movie, but I know some people have issues with rooting for criminals even in a make belief scenario like this ...

  • A very very very shorter French Heat


    This crime flick is exactly what I expected. Taut, sharp, with no extra shot or scene - ON THE CONTRARY, UNFORTUNATELY - action packed, but not only. The story of an armored trucks robbers gang who gets involved against their will with big scale drug dealers. Only because one of the robbers sold to the pushers a pistol already used during the last heist. So, the pusher gets arrested and put under custody because of this and, for retribution, the drug gang asks the robbers to attack a go fast convoy for them. But big scale gangsters are not so easy to be robbed as poor armored trucks guards... Unfortunately, the big flaw in this movie is that it is far too short. Far too short !!! I think of COLT 45, two years ago, another crime French crime flick but without gangsters whilst this one is without cops...COLT 45 was far far far too short too. And for this one, I hate one of the last sequences, SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS, when the two remaining hoods pull the escape heist. How do they proceed, how to they hit and crash the police truck? This scene is really hurried over. And I hate that. But besides this, this is a true gritty action French crime movie. And a true masterpiece compared to last year garbage ANTIGANG.

  • Less "Dumb", More "Fun"


    The Crew is a very tense film, but nothing stellar if you're not in a thinking mood. Although not the most intelligent crime thriller, dropping the in-your-face attitude of the typical action blockbuster benefits the suspense of this movie. More often than not, I found myself contemplating what would happen next, above all else. And, with the best timing--although not too frequently--morbidly quick action cuts in to blow the tension. If you want helicopters dropping nuclear warheads on every world leader while the protagonist has to scale buildings in order to save the planet from extinction--go watch Mission Impossible. But if you want a story capitalizing on tension and brevity in order to recall the double-edged tragic tales of an assortment of real, tangible characters, The Crew is a great choice.

  • Great action art movie


    For some it can be boring, for me is action at another level, more smart than more action movies.

  • Slick French gangster flick


    If you like Hollywood action fodder, this one use not for you. If you like taut, stylishly made French gangster movies, then you will enjoy this. This is a movie about crime and its rewards. The "hero' is a very careful professional. Cool, calm and highly successful. His heists are all that he lives for. Other than his loyalty to his family. When it all falls apart, he stays can and collected but in the end, he knows the ending but accepts the price of his crimes to try keep his family safe. But the bottom line is that no matter how cool and professional you are, crime does not pay. Bottom line, a nice little gritty film with good action, acting and direction. Much better than the usual Netflix fare and certainly better viewing than most out of Hollywood.


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