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Cal (2013)

Cal (2013)

Wayne VirgoTom PayneEmily CorcoranLucy Russell
Christian Martin


Cal (2013) is a English movie. Christian Martin has directed this movie. Wayne Virgo,Tom Payne,Emily Corcoran,Lucy Russell are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Cal (2013) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

Cal returns to Britain after receiving news that his mother is ill in hospital. His finds that his home city is like many across Europe and the world, it's facing hard economic times and fallout from the global economic crisis, rioting and looting almost a nightly occurrence as youth unemployment inexorably rises. His Auntie Jane, who has taken up residence in their run down council house, dulls her stagnation with welfare funded booze and disturbing attempts to sexually gratify herself by trying to seduce him. Navigating his way across this new landscape he meets a young student who needs his helps. However his act of kindness brings him into contact with a lawless drug dealing pimp and a race against time to make peace with his mother and get out of town as quickly as possible.


Cal (2013) Reviews

  • Tough times


    There will be many wondering what could happen next for the eponymous hero CAL. after his pretty roller coaster debut as lead character in SHANK - well he comes back.....and it's not all plain sailing. This film could so easily be seen without any reference to the SHANK - it feels like a totally different style and approach by the creatives behind it and it works. The mind behind this story must have sleepless nights as the plot unfolds with one shock after another. With a mature eye the director draws you in by opening with wide views of a port in England (with fishermen on the shore in the foreground -( it is a gorgeous shot) and this sets the tone as our lead then is captured taking the train into town and walking before eventually arriving at a house. He then takes you into the world of the grit of downtrodden Brits stuck in a rut of economic pain that is shocking and palpable but beautifully portrayed by all the characters. There is wonderful ellipsis in the narrative that leaves the audience to fill the gaps because we know what the gaps are from having seen other films and from our own personal experiences of life. This is not a patronising film but an observed nightmare punctuated with some great humour from auntie Jane. There are so many subtle devices - from the capturing of the occupy movement and demonstrations (and using it as a backdrop to the main characters struggle) to the repeated shots of money being counted culminating in the rabid riot footage inter cut with a very nasty ultimatum for the lead characters. I should point out the film isn't all dark there is a love story that emerges and blossoms. I thought this film (seen in the cinema in London - it's a big screen movie that's for sure) looked stunning in all it's blue hue.....delicately shot in places and a wonderfully captured atmosphere.A well crafted and scripted narrative - performed with skill and not a wrong note from all the cast. The songs in the film which I am guessing were written for it are powerful and elegiac and wonderfully underpinned by a sparing score that brings out the harshness of the reality in scenes as well as the emotion. I cannot recommend this film more highly - it is tough and thought provoking but entertaining at the same time. Shane Meadows meets Ken Loach..... I've avoided spoiler alerts cos you've gotta see it.

  • Gritty, Sensitive & Gripping


    This film is the sequel to the hit film "Shank", and continues the story of the main character, and his return to Bristol from France. Wayne Virgo, reprise's his role as Cal, and meets, a handsome guy, called Jason played by Tom Payne. This film was really gritty, yet sensitive to the themes dealt with in this film. The blue look and toned down colours add a great atmosphere to the film. It was truly gripping and left me wondering what's going to happen next? This is Christain Martin's best film to date. I look forward to seeing his next film.

  • A dark and disturbing story


    Dark and disturbing .. yes ... but wonderfully told and acted. A simple enough story of lower class people trying to survive in todays world only to find that their skills aren't needed. And without the 'right connections' you are constantly struggling just to keep up with daily needs. Cal wants to change his path but he's stuck in an economic system that ignores throw away people. Bad thing are sure to happen! Everyone in this flick gives an excellent performance and the dialog is spot on with the characters. It's a shame this sort of film is so often overlooked. If you can find it watch it ...

  • Did I really watch this farrago of tosh until the end?


    Poorly, woodenly acted, melodramatic, stupid fake accents and nonsense. I honestly thought that this might improve or acquire some meaning as the film went on, but it's a disconnected mix of drunken Aunty, dying Mum, impossibly stereotyped pimp, insouciant JobCentre adviser, ridiculous clients and stupid coincidences including when they miss the train. Oh, and did I mention the acting? It's so bad I have to say it twice. This was so dire. I was really hoping for more as "Shank" had been half decent. Honestly, don't bother. If I had paid money to watch this, I would have been hopping mad. Fortunately, it was a friend's copy!

  • Cal returns for more ups and downs...


    So we left Cal going to France at the end of Shank, and now he returns after receiving the news his mother is unwell. As usual Cal gets himself into hot water with love and sex... a new love interest soon appears but Cal is no easy-lay! He keeps Jason at arms length... until pushed to make a stand against his homophobic mother in hospital... The first throws of passion between Cal and Jason is eagerly awaited throughout the film... even if Jason keeps trying it on with Cal and Cal pulls away each time... Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen eh Call?! :) Awesome film... well filmed and the great backdrop of Bristol. Superb cast that works so well with the story lines of family despair, love, relationships, drugs, sex and survival of the fittest. Realistic story lines with homophobic violence, rent boy trials and tribulations and how to overcome and get out of a rut... Cal and Jason work well together. Emily Corcoran plays Cals "Aunty Jane" superbly... the alcoholic drug taking skank that begs, borrows and steals to feed her habit at every opportunity even from Cal who struggles with what little he has, trying to get benefits or a job in the current economic climate, Cal gets knocked back by everyone, the Job Centre's attitude filled "advisor" and the chef's in the city who won't give him a chance without references. Cal hits rock bottom... And so enters the pimped world of being sold to vile men for sexual gratification. But Cal doesn't take this lying down, a great twist after a horrendous fight scene. Cal gets the upper hand... or does he?! Superb ending leaving Christian Martin the opportunity to bring Cal out for another chapter in his young and troubled life... British filming at its best, a gay love story, without it being rubbed in your face. Be warned though, this film isn't a fluffy pink gay love story... Its dark, gritty, rough, downtrodden and realistic portrayal of having nothing to your name... It could be any town or city in the UK, but Bristol is such a provocative backdrop... and you just have to love Cal's accent and his stunning body... which is pure art... Christian Martin has written another seductively beautiful piece of cinematography, lets hope he can be persuaded to write a third chapter in Cal's life... with or without Jason...!!


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