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Cannibal (2010)

Cannibal (2010)

Nicolas GobHelena CoppejansJean CollardEric Godon
Benjamin Viré


Cannibal (2010) is a French movie. Benjamin Viré has directed this movie. Nicolas Gob,Helena Coppejans,Jean Collard,Eric Godon are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2010. Cannibal (2010) is considered one of the best Horror,Romance,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Max is agoraphobic and lives in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. One night, he finds a beautiful unconscious woman (Bianca). Her body is covered with blood.

Cannibal (2010) Reviews

  • Solid and Gritty ... better than the IMDb score suggests


    This is a case of the movie being better than the IMDb score that its given. It is not a perfect film and definitely not up there with the best of the French speaking horror films, but its certainly one worth the effort to check out. The characters are paper thin, but the performances from the leads were strong enough to develop a connection with the viewer. Its not the most gory film, but there are enough scenes to make the viewer uncomfortable and portray the lead actress as someone who is dangerous and gives her a primal kind of feel. The villain gypseys could have had a bit more depth to them, but to me they were just a side story, as the real story was about the connection between both Max and Bianca. The cinematography was the biggest plus for this film. Its a lower budget feel, which helps in portraying a dull, boring atmosphere, that the lead character was living. I especially liked the mixture of black and white towards the end, when things were getting a bit out of hand. There is also a neat little cameo from French legend Phillipe Nahon. All in all, its a decent film worth checking out, especially if you like the French speaking horror films. It doesn't come without its flaws, but its better than IMDb suggests

  • A beautiful, thoughtful horror/thriller/romance?


    This film is really not for the seeker of gore or flat out scare. The film cover is a bad one for what is inside. Max, the main character, is a guy who doesn't like people much. He has a checkered past, and has run away from it all to the forest. One day, when trying to find his lost golf ball, he comes across a bloody naked woman and takes her home. And there his problems began. She's important to a bunch of Bad Guys for various reasons, mostly because she performs something very special for them, and they want her back. Max does not know about any of this, and falls for her, despite trying very hard not to. She obviously cares for him, too. Long story short, the bad guys find and take her back; Max decides to go find her, and ends up in the maelstrom. I don't want to give much away so I'm being rather evasive here, but the end is really good if you like thoughtful films. I don't like romantic films AT ALL but this one gave me a good shaking. I guess I can only get involved in romance when it involves someone getting bitten really hard.

  • total toss


    Hands down the most boring piece or french arty drivel i think I've ever seen. Its supposed to be a love story i think and i was just as bored as if i were watching sleepless in Seattle. i was hoping for a gore fest while the missus was at a zoomba class but i wish id have saved £2.99 and gone with her . When i was in the DVD store it caught my eye with an enticing cover which seemed to promise blood , horror , gore and pure evilness but I've often been more frightened of my fart stench. I wasn't even put of by the fact that it was in french as i hoped that the genre would break down the language and it wouldn't matter if i didn't understand the lingo. but it turns out that i didn't really even have to worry as there is hardly and script at all. anyway , you be the judge. but i wouldn't wast my time. just watch John Rambo.

  • somewhere between a horror and a love story


    Wandering around in Belgium I never came across this Belgian horror flick so I thought that this wasn't that good or it do had some problems being released in it's own country of origin. To be honest, it's more of a weird love story then a horror although some will have difficulties watching this slow moving flick. My only problem was the fact when the girl goes out to eat and is attacking the human flesh the steadiness of the shots went into the typical moving camera shots which annoyed me because the gore didn't work that way. The idea was rather good with a guy who found a girl in the woods laying on the grass, picking her up and falls in love with her until she reveals her secret. But the people who had captured her are out to find her back. Some parts are indeed boring and slow moving but the end wasn't a surprise at all. In fact, it's a mediocre film that really doesn't know what it wants to be, a horror or a twisted love story. But it's worth picking up. Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5


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