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Cash Only (2015)

Cash Only (2015)

Nickola ShreliBrandon TrammerStivi PaskoskiDanijela Stajnfeld
Malik Bader


Cash Only (2015) is a English,Albanian movie. Malik Bader has directed this movie. Nickola Shreli,Brandon Trammer,Stivi Paskoski,Danijela Stajnfeld are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Cash Only (2015) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Elvis Martini is in deep trouble. He's in big debt to bookies and his daughter's school and his building is about to be foreclosed on. He finds cash in an evicted tenant's apartment and it briefly keeps the wolves at bay, but it brings out an even bigger wolf. His daughter is kidnapped and Elvis has 24 hours to come up with $25K. Cash only.


Cash Only (2015) Reviews

  • A gritty and rough crime film in an Albanian community.


    "Well I'm Elvis, the king of lowlife tenants." It might not be so horrible and disgusting as "A Serbian Film" (I refuse to watch that one because of the immoralities appearing in it), but because of the finale it might deserve the title "An Albanian Film". Not that this part was so groundbreaking horrible, but it was intense anyway. This indie crime shows the self-destructive process of an accumulating debt and the eternal struggle to repay it. That's something Elvis Martini is facing in everyday life. His first name is somewhat unfortunate in this case, because I'm sure his legendary namesake didn't have that problem. You can't say "Cash Only" is very original, but the movie is painfully realistic and pure. Elvis Martini (Nickola Shreli) isn't exactly a choirboy either. In the past he was found guilty of insurance fraud after setting his house on fire, with a prison sentence as a result (not to mention an even bigger personal loss). Gambling probably raised the debt as well. The basement area of the building where he rents apartments, is used by some weird guy who's growing lots of marijuana there. And in addition, he also replaces additional rental payments by sleeping with the girlfriend of his best friend. But despite these shortcomings, I felt sorry for this landlord who's fighting against loosing everything. In a desperate way he tries to survive and raise his daughter in a decent manner. The way he's deceived by his tenants, shows that he's not as ruthless. Only kicking out a call-girl and confiscating her possessions, proved to be a gross mistake. "Cash only" is rough and gray. A sketch of an American slum with an Albanian population seeking to pursue the American dream. Afterwards they come to the conclusion that it's just a daily struggle where the law of the strongest rules. Albanians aren't the most peaceful citizens but value the concepts of honor and keeping a promise. Something Elvis also experiences. However it's sometimes the opposite. Nobody really respects him. It's as if everyone tries to take advantage of other people's desperate situation. That this socially critical picture was replaced subsequently by a violent kidnapping scenario, surprised me somewhat. A grim and excessive ending. Nickola Shreli (who also co-wrote this film) was extremely convincing. Both as the pitiful landlord, as the energetic and determined father. All in all a laudable role. The other supporting roles are functional but not particularly impressive. Malik Bader played a guest role as the crazy Kush who dwelt in higher spheres in the basement of Elvis. Obviously, this was the most amusing part. Stivi Paskoski took care of the most psychotic role. Despite the cliché elements from other crime films, the shocking (but not too gory) denouement left a reasonable impression. More reviews here : http://bit.ly/1KIdQMT

  • Solid crime thriller in familiar area


    I thoroughly enjoyed this film on many levels. It was gritty and realistic. The film follows an Albanian American landlord dealing with "real life" problems with dead beat tenants. The acting was way above par and the story and narrative fast paced and believable. Style was simple yet very realistic. I am familiar with the areas this film was shot in and know many Albanians in this community so that brought a cool sense of realism to the film for me as well. I think the writer and lead actor does a great job as does the cousin and daughter. I would like to see more from this guy. A hard hitting thriller/Drama that goes by very fast and does not disappoint! Time well spent!

  • An actor to look out for!


    Cash only is very slow moving at times, but realistic with a gritty punch. The plot itself is fairly straight forward, but it is actor driven and the main character is played so very naturally, that, with a cultural, criminal element keeps you there to the very end

  • Everybody has a weakness


    Elvis Martini (Nickola Shreli) is an Albanian immigrant who is not the brightest bulb in the pack. In the opening scene, he burns down his own home for the insurance money and oops, he actually forgets his wife was taking a nap. As a landlord with a daughter, he is in hock and owes money while nearly all of his tenants owe him money. We get to watch the locks get changed, his daughter ask him about Jesus, Elvis having sex, etc etc. and then trying to collect money. It was rather boring watching a bunch of bad people trying to figure out why we are rooting for the half-wit arson? Dialogue not exciting either. Guide: F-word. sex, brief nudity.

  • Good acting, decent plot


    This is an enjoyable film that is full of interesting, gritty characters that are well cast and acted. The plot is somewhat familiar, lowlife dad puts daughter's safety in jeopardy, but has some added ingredients, mainly the Detroit setting, that elevates the film and holds the suspense. There are some pretty real scenes of violent acts which compliments the gritty atmosphere. Overall this is a hidden gem of a film. I particularly liked the lead actor and will look out for other movies featuring him. His deadpan delivery reflected the lead character's lack of responsibility for his actions until the stakes were raised to the point of no return and he had no choice but to face up to the situation he created for himself.


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