Chaman Bahar (2020)

Chaman Bahar (2020)

Jitendra KumarRitika BadianiBhuvan AroraDherendra Kumar Tiwari
Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann


Chaman Bahar (2020) is a Hindi movie. Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann has directed this movie. Jitendra Kumar,Ritika Badiani,Bhuvan Arora,Dherendra Kumar Tiwari are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2020. Chaman Bahar (2020) is considered one of the best Comedy,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Chaman Bahaar, revolves around Billu, a young small town paan-shop owner who falls in love with a pretty school girl who lives in a house opposite his shop. His shop becomes a hub of all the young boys of the locality to assemble there just to get a glimpse of the girl. Meanwhile, Billu pines away in silence over his lady love and experiences the full spectrum of romance and heartbreak, without the girl ever being aware of it.


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