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Cherry Pop (2017)

Cherry Pop (2017)

Lars BergeToccara JonesJared CarlsonDennis Meador
Assaad Yacoub


Cherry Pop (2017) is a English movie. Assaad Yacoub has directed this movie. Lars Berge,Toccara Jones,Jared Carlson,Dennis Meador are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Cherry Pop (2017) is considered one of the best Comedy,Musical movie in India and around the world.

Cherry Pop! is a crazy night in the life of a small local bar's drag show. It's about a newcomer struggling with being the outcast on his first night. And a legend coming to terms with life after her last night in drag. And it's about a bunch of other back-stabbing queens with their own problems who just plain can't stand each other. Even the stories of some of the patrons play a part in the chaos. Cherry Pop is a real-time roller coaster ride where you better be strapped up, tucked in, and ready to go!


Cherry Pop (2017) Reviews

  • -5 stars


    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say: if you are going to make a film about drag performance... include some phenomenal drag performances. It's not that hard to do. Yet this film manages to completely ignore showing them while at the same time trying to be an inspirational film about drag. I'd give it -10 if I could. It fails just on it's basic premise.

  • Fun, Frivilous, Campy Film


    I sat back at 4am on a Thursday night to watch this film, not expecting much because, while many of the actors are Rupaul's Drag Race Alumni, I had never heard of the Director before. I was curious about what he did with these incredibly smart and undeniably funny drag queens. He definitely took advantage of the strengths each performer brought to the table, and that was a brilliant move. He let them showcase some really strong acting chops- In particular, Bob The Drag Queen (Here, as Caldwell Tidicu) Allusia Alusia and the spectacular Tempest DuJour who gave a performance so incredibly hilarious and high caliber that she deserve a standing ovation. She definitely stole the entire film, saving it from some pretty bland, unremarkable writing. The writer and director owe these drag queens a huge debt of gratitude. They carried Cherry Pop with true commitment and fantastic performances. They took their character and made them memorable. There are some uncomfortable moments with the film, unintentionally, but in the current climate it certainly made me cringe watching a straight character walk into a gay bar and physically (Not comedically) attack a gay drag queen character. It demonstrated a tremendous amount of ignorance and insensitivity, specifically because the audience is supposed to love the character doing the attacking. The main character stays detached throughout the film. He is visibly uncomfortable in the environment- a gay bar. He has no real drive that we understand except to do something that is completely other than drag. It a big "Whaaaa?" moment that left me confused. He also narrates the entire film, which is the first indication of a problematic storyline. The first thing you learn in any film class is that if you have to tell your story through narration, you're not making a film, you should be writing a book. Narration is lazy and does the work on behalf of the writer. True to form, it is often unnecessary throughout the film and proves nothing more than a distraction. All that aside, while the story itself is problematic, both in terms of execution and cultural sensitivity, the drag queens make it worth watching. You don't have to be a Rupaul's Drag Race fan to enjoy the wit, the banter and the hilarious performances they've turned out. I recommend it, if simply to watch these Drag Queens turn a sour story into a fun, frivolous campy feature.

  • Time I'll Never Get Back


    I've never written a review before on a movie and I've seen a lot (good and bad). I cannot stress how awful this movie really was. After 5 minutes, I couldn't turn off the train wreck. Like my last relationship, I hung around hoping it would get better; it didn't. I need to re-evaluate my life's choices after this second major mistake. The only redemption this movie has are the bloopers in the credits. That's only because the acting wasn't forced but actually genuine.

  • Picking on Women


    I'm a huge fan of Drag Race, and couldn't wait to see this movie. Unfortunately, there were a lot of lines that were really disrespectful to women. The queens spend a scene talking about how disgusting a vagina is, sing a song making light of abortion (I'm pro-choice, but it is usually a seriously difficult situation), and just generally bash women. I'm all for men dressing in drag, especially to express femininity since our culture tells them to suppress that, but don't make fun of women, you still get to walk around the world as a man. Borrowing women's culture of dresses, makeup, shoes, hair, mannerism, etc., is fine, great even, but to be so disrespectful is not a good look.

  • LGBT caper in a nightclub


    Where To Begin....I try to be kind to LGBT films, but this one was originally a 30 minute short script, stretched out to a full length film. Some funny bits... mean drag queens, picking on the straight guys, in a drag queen lip-synch nightclub. Lars Berge is "the cherry", a brand new (straight boy) act trying out at the club, where the established acts are catty, as expected. A fun song... "Thanks for sticking it in me!" Although I must say... Waaaaayy too much time spent on Zaza, who does the "Birdcage" bit where she simply can't go on for a myriad of stupid reasons. That got annoying quickly. Some fourth wall stuff... like speaking to the camera, but then suddenly the others can hear it also. It's entertaining, and a fun caper, but the script needed more meat on it. There's a funny bit during the out-takes, which I won't give away, but stick around to the very end... its pretty funny. Directed by Assaad Yacoub, who has written and directed several films. Written by Nick Landa. Currently showing on netflix.


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