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Christmas Twister (2012)

Christmas Twister (2012)

Casper Van DienVictoria PrattRichard BurgiHaley Lu Richardson
Peter Sullivan


Christmas Twister (2012) is a English movie. Peter Sullivan has directed this movie. Casper Van Dien,Victoria Pratt,Richard Burgi,Haley Lu Richardson are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2012. Christmas Twister (2012) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

In a small Texas town during the holiday season, Ethan Walker, a meteorologist and part-time professor working at the local university studying tornadoes, is woken in the middle of the night for a call about a tornado that has just hit. His team is assembling at the lab and he needs to report. His wife Addison, a TV news reporter, is also summoned to work to do a piece on the tornado for the morning news. Ethan realizes the conditions are ripe for more tornadoes. Although he and his wife have been having marriage problems, he calls her and begs her to put the warning out, but the station's slick meteorologist thinks it was an isolated incident. Addison tries to get him to change his mind, but he won't -- because it's Christmas time and he does not want to be a Scrooge with some hypothetical news. When a tornado levels the Walker's house on Christmas Eve, Ethan and his wife must come together to help save others and rescue their missing children.


Christmas Twister (2012) Reviews

  • Amazingly Awful!


    So Awful! I don't understand why movies like this are even made,unless it is for comical relief! HORRIBLE Acting, terrible storyline, and obvious flaws that a toddler could recognize. A News station in Texas,does not want to issue a tornado warning after 3 tornadoes already hit because they don't want to cause an uproar? The tornado hits a mall and there is damage inside from what would look like an explosion but yet all walls/windows are in tact and all cars are perfectly parked outside. Nobody in Texas ever recognizes the weather patterns of a tornado or sees the Twister heading right at them until its about 30 feet in front of them. And why is the basement a total disaster zone but yet not a single building is ever destroyed when the F6 tornado runs right through it? The only reason I gave it two stars is because I laughed my butt off at how bad it was! I would have thought I was watching a Scary Movie Spoof if the actors weren't trying so hard to be serious.

  • So So bad


    I have a really hard time with movies that can't even bother to learn about the areas they are supposedly set in. Palm trees everywhere? Shorts and tanks in December? Using the phrase "on the I35." None of these are things are accurate for Stephenville, TX. The woman that plays Deb needs to never ever try an accent again. WTF was that? Was she aiming for Scarlett O'Hara with cerebral palsy? Jesus lady, you are horrible. I'm still laughing from how horrible the acting was. My favorite part was where the news anchor dies atop the power plant from flying debris. Debris he watched fly towards his head for a good 2 minutes and never even tried to duck. Hey there guy, you would have kept your head if your reaction time was slightly faster than a sloth's.

  • Nothing new here. Please move on.


    Any good? Maybe if I was a teen aged boy due to the teen girls running around in Texas style attire....... But the same ole tornado hits mall, school, train, etc. First one always hits at night. Whacker chasers in a pick-up camper. Conflicts between integral vs. sensationalist news casters. Although it did add a Nuclear Plant to the mix, so this will be a first. The only thing that is missing is a tornado proof tank. It is amazing that the tornadoes in this movie are not causing immediate damage. The damage is only apparent after the tornado has passed and there was a cut to a new scene. Director: "Cut to CGI tornado passing in front of the Mall" *CGI tornado moves back and forth. CGI debris is apparent. Flimsy sign on the mall 20' from CGI tornado is not even rippling.* Director: "Cut to worried father weather scientist concerned about his teen-aged daughter at said mall" Director: "Cut back to mall where we now see the aftermath of the tornado's destructive force." meh

  • Set in Texas, where else could you have Christmas dinner poolside in swim suits?


    It was a wet Sunday here in South Texas and the best way to kill time was channel surfing. I came across this made-for-TV movie on the ION network. Honestly it isn't a very good movie, with pretty people who can't act plus homely people who can. But for some reason I couldn't quit watching, it is one of those. Near the beginning of the movie the brother and sister wonder if mom and dad's arguing will lead to their split, a lot happens between that and the end, where mom and dad are kissing and telling each other "I love you." It is one of those movies, and of course very appropriate to the Holiday season. The drama is created by increasingly faster and more dangerous tornadoes, "twisters", in the Fort Worth area near Christmastime. Family members and friends all get into harm's way, even the family dog, but all ends well. But there is one really outstanding thing about this movie, and its name is Haley Lu Richardson who plays the teenage daughter Kaitlyn . She seems to be really a teenager, but her IMDb profile has essentially no information. However some websites and youtube videos indicate she is from the Phoenix area, is an accomplished dancer with some gymnastics experience, and overall fitness from dance and various sports. But all that wouldn't matter much unless she has acting ability. And she really does. Plus the camera loves her face. So, if she gets a break or two, she could develop into a star. But in that business often it is who you know, not necessarily how good you are. Here's to hoping she gets noticed by the right people, she has that much potential. Disclaimer: I do not know Ms Richardson, I have no connection to anything involving her, I only learned about her after seeing this movie. I just call 'em like I see 'em.

  • Christmas Twister


    Perhaps someone should consider renaming this movie as "Christmas Turkey". It's about as flawed as a movie can get.....which pretty much sums up the "Global Warming" lead man. Anyone who lives in the North Central part of Texas will instantly recognize the errors of such things as mountains in Granbury/Dublin. You wonder at the lead character shouting to people leaving a mall asking "have you seen my son?" How would they know who his son is??? A few times he calls out about his son "wearing a Texas shirt", but when he finds him the kid is wearing a striped green shirt. A monster tornado inflicts more damage on the basement of a TV station than it does on the upper floors and a fire on the upper floors somehow causes heavy smoke in the basement! We can see a funnel cloud coming at a male anchor, but his cameraman doesn't see it! This movie is so bad that I became fascinated watching it to see what other glaring errors would pop up next!


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