Close Calls

Close Calls

GENRES Horror Thriller
TIME 2017


Close Calls is a movie. has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2017. Close Calls is considered one of the best Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

Morgan, a troubled, drug-addled teen, must deal with her crazy grandma and a psycho caller when her father leaves her home alone. As the calls keep coming in, a paranoid Morgan is forced to face some of her worst fears and inner demons when she believes everyone she knows is either plotting against her - or trying to kill her.


Close Calls Reviews

  • Entertaining (if a little long) horror flick!

    stsinger 2019-01-13

    "Close Calls" is an entertaining, if a bit long, little horror flick. The film stars Jordan Phipps as Morgan, a teenaged girl who has been grounded after her father caught her in an, ahem, "compromising position" with her boyfriend. Turns out that a year earlier, her mother died and her father is going out on another date with a woman named Brynn that Morgan hates. As he leaves, he reminds her that she needs to give Gramma her pills. Morgan whines and moans and curses and basically acts like a spoiled brat, and her father leaves for his evening. And then Morgan ends up having quite the night, to say the least. While there is a lot of creepy goodness going on, "Close Calls" almost seems like they intended to make one movie and then changed their minds halfway through and made another one instead, but left all the footage from the first one in there. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but it gives the movie a surrealistic feel about it. In the first half of the film there are hints of the supernatural -- Gramma lives in some weird almost otherworldly part of the house, locked away with all sorts of supernatural hints about her, and Morgan's interactions with her are really unsettling. Also deeply unsettling is what happens during a visit from her boyfriend. Asi f that weren't enough, Morgan also gets some very weird and creepy phone calls. But most of that is seemingly dropped in the second half when the film moves to other events (which I won't spoil) that are not grounded in the supernatural but are, in many ways, even more disturbing. At two hours and eight minutes, the film could definitely use some trimming. But it never really drags. Jordan Phipps is getting raves in many reviews for her performance in this film, and those raves are well deserved. It is a brave and complex performance. She spends a lot of time in skimpy outfits and is able to balance vulnerability, fear, and determination throughout. The rest of the cast also does well, and the directing and lighting is clean and professional. As is the case with many indie flicks, the sound could use some work (sometimes too soft and dialogue is spoken very quickly so hard to understand), but still pretty decent. Overall, the film packs a nice whallop and its virtues make it easy to overlook its flaws. Overall, easy to recommend "Close Calls" as an solid way for horror movie fans to spend a couple of hours.

  • Doesn't deserve the 9 & 10's it has

    torroutedipz 2019-03-26

    The movie is fairly entertaining, although I doubt I could watch it if the hot girl wasn't in her underwear for the entire movie. Maybe you need to be trippin or smokin salvia for it to make sense. It had potential to be better, but was just way too confusing as to what was fantasy and what was reality. If you watch it just don't expect it to make sense, but know that your reward for making it (or fast forwarding) to the end, is the bra finally gets lost in the last few minutes.

  • Perfectly fun little thriller

    taraLanes95 2019-03-02

    This low budget entry screamed horror film cliche at first and then as I continued watching I found myself pleasantly surprised. It becomes a smart and rather effective mind game sure some of the scenes could benefit from a larger budget but given what they had this is actually quite good not to mention lead actress Jordan Phipps is a fantastic actress who keeps the whole film moving forward.

  • Killer film

    razethestrayn 2019-02-20

    The cast in this film are amazing. Jordan Phipps slays as Morgan and I'm loving Carmen Patterson as Brynn.

  • Fun 80s style horror!

    lancedholmen 2019-02-13

    If you are a fan of old school 80s horror, do not pass this one up!


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