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Coherence (2013)

Coherence (2013)

Emily BaldoniMaury SterlingNicholas BrendonElizabeth Gracen
James Ward Byrkit


Coherence (2013) is a English movie. James Ward Byrkit has directed this movie. Emily Baldoni,Maury Sterling,Nicholas Brendon,Elizabeth Gracen are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Coherence (2013) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

On the night of an astronomical anomaly, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events.

Coherence (2013) Reviews

  • Low-budget science-fiction deserves attention for its wit and energy


    A mind-bending and very entertaining independent science-fiction film, Coherence takes place over a single night in which a group of old friends (an ex-lovers) gather for a party on a night when a comet is expected to pass unusually close to the Earth. One of which is played by Nicholas Brendon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a scene-stealing role. I missed him. At first, glasses start breaking and cellphones shatter. Then the power goes off, except at one house down the street. Then there are strange bangs on the door and bizarre notes left at the house. Things get stranger when two of them decide to go to the lit-up house to make a phone call. It's a good film to me because the science-fiction concept ends up reflecting the real-life conflicts between the characters in a very clever way. I'm still not sure how I feel about the ending, but the film is a wild and entertaining ride before it gets there. Scenes propel themselves to other scenes with fast and snappy dialogue. Though it will be compared to films like Primer and Timecrimes, it's a pretty original film overall.

  • Surprisingly good


    Although the trailer peeked my interest, I didn't go into this movie with high expectations, being that it is a low budget film with actors you don't see to much. But I couldn't have been more wrong. The movie has good writing, dialog, all around great acting, and keeps you interested with nice twists throughout the movie. Another thing I liked about it, was the fact that they don't spend unnecessary amounts of time getting into the actual story. Maybe 5 or 10 minutes tops. It also has a storyline that is pretty original in my opinion. Yea, certain little things could be associated with other movies, but overall its an original idea. Sci-Fi movies these days tend to have so many similarities, that when a movie like this comes along, its refreshing to see something new.

  • Inventive, Suspenseful Film spoiled by Baffling Character Behavior


    There's a lot to like about Coherence. It has an original premise. It's well acted and the dialogue has a nice naturalistic feel. Unfortunately, the conflict and paranoid atmosphere felt forced to me. It's all well and good to have one character, Mike, who has a drinking problem and such hostility toward himself that he assumes that his Doppelganger will try to kill him. But why are all the other characters in this film so paranoid and on edge from the beginning? They're a bunch of self-absorbed yuppies, not escaped murderers from a maximum-security prison. You're at a dinner party, there's a power outage so the lights go out, and then there's a knock at the door so. . . you startle as if they threw a rock through your window? And then grab a baseball bat before answering? This seems odd, especially when two members of your party have just left to go investigate the house up the street with the intention of asking to use the phone. If it were me, I'd just assume that someone was probably coming to my door to ask the very same thing. And once these characters figure out that reality has fractured and that there are duplicates of themselves from another reality running around--I still don't understand what they're so afraid of. I mean, obviously that would be a freaky and unsettling situation. But once your doppelganger has demonstrated, by leaving exactly the same note that you wrote on your front door, that he behaves exactly as you do, wouldn't you at least be somewhat curious to meet him or her? Most of these characters seemed reasonably intelligent and rational. Why should they be so automatically fearful of these alternative selves--even after they've accidentally spent time with them and found them to be benign. I think the writer needed a stronger trigger for all the fear and hostility. And as several commenters here have mentioned, the camera work is bad. I understand that hand-held is used to add energy and tension to a scene, but there's no excuse for things like that interminable opening shot in which no part of the frame is in focus. It's just annoying.

  • A seriously fun and unexpected ride!!


    I was fortunate enough to catch this at a local screening in Los Angeles recently and I have to admit that this film took me completely by surprise! I knew some details before going into see this film: Low Budget, quick shooting schedule, etc. so I was preparing myself for a bit of a tough ride. I was sooooo happy to see that this was not the case AT ALL! Smart dialogue, fluid and intimate use of the camera, great characters and a storyline... it all comes together to really surprise you! Being a bit of a science nut, I also loved the fact that this storyline was ahead of the curve on a newly introduced theory making the rounds in Physics. I won't say anymore for fear of spoiling the ride, but trust me... this is a very well done film! If you still hold onto your sense of imagination... if you still believe that anything is possible... if you still love going to movies for a sense a magic and love a good story... this film will not disappoint!

  • Brilliant Movie, could be a play, if you like that sort of thing like me.


    I haven't written a review in ages but I feel this deserves one. I like to take gambles on movies with promise and it usually pays off - this one certainly did! I'm no nerd but I like a bit of sci-fi. I also like movies with a small cast and a small set - maybe I am a nerd. ..or I just have good taste. If you have a bit of intelligence and 20 minutes patience - you will be rewarded. It takes that time to be introduced to the characters and the scenario - alright? Alright. The acting is pretty spot-on, considering I didn't recognize anyone. (Upon inspection this isn't a bunch of new actors, it has the dude from Homeland and a dude from Buffy.) Without spoiling much it ends up tapping in to the 'alternate reality' or 'multiple reality' game - which is cool. It starts off being quite amusing for the viewer but escalates nicely in to a dramatic conclusion. All I can say is watch it. I am looking forward to watching it again - it's gone straight in my 'watch again pile' which isn't very large. I wish more movies were like this. Well done everyone. (My honest review would be a 9, but it deserves a 10 here for the sake of it.)


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