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Collide (2016)

Collide (2016)

Nicholas HoultFelicity JonesAnthony HopkinsBen Kingsley
Eran Creevy


Collide (2016) is a English,German movie. Eran Creevy has directed this movie. Nicholas Hoult,Felicity Jones,Anthony Hopkins,Ben Kingsley are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Collide (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Crime,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

To pay for his girlfriend's (Felicity Jones) medical emergency while abroad, Casey (Nicholas Hoult) schemes to pull a drug heist for an eccentric gangster (Sir Ben Kingsley). After a failed attempt, he embarks across Europe on an action-packed chase in a race against time to save his girlfriend's life from being taken by an evil druglord (Sir Anthony Hopkins).


Collide (2016) Reviews

  • It has its rewards... if you are patient


    For the first thirty or so minutes of "Collide", the movie was shaping up to be a pretty boring and familiar experience for me. The movie was taking far too much time to set up the situation, and what was unfolding was nothing I hadn't seen before in many other movies. But then after those first thirty minutes, the movie takes a sudden turn and becomes surprisingly enjoyable. All of a sudden the movie starts delivering action and suspense, and this material is pretty well accomplished. It is basically one scene after another of the protagonist fighting off and/or fleeing his pursuers, but I have to admit that the action is choreographed and directed in a way that I was pretty pumped up. The movie also looks quite eye-catching, with its good photography and its German backdrop that adds some freshness. Eventually, however, the movie makes a stumble near the very end, with how Anthony Hopkins' drug lord character is finally dealt with, namely in a manner that happens off-screen, cheating the viewer of seeing him directly getting his just desserts. Despite this disappointing ending, and the first drab thirty minutes, I think the movie does deliver enough entertainment in the end. It's not a classic action movie by any means because of those aforementioned problems, but it keeps your attention if you stick with it.

  • I enjoyed this movie


    I am no real movie reviewer, just a guy who loves watching good movies! My first ever review for any IMDb movie. But I have been here looking up movies for years. I seen some reviewers underrate this. Which is why I decided to let people know what an average everyday person thinks of this movie It deserves more credit than what it has been given. I myself thoroughly enjoyed it! The time went by too fast. I could not keep my eyes off the screen lots of action, fantastic car chases. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I love Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins and to see both in one movie at the same time was very exciting and For Myself personally thought they did very well. Nicholas Hoult did a great job too. I know this is no major movie like silence of the lambs. But it was still a fantastic action movie. If you like action movies don't let this one pass you by! It's very entertaining. I look forward to watching this again one day. 7.5/10

  • What were Hopkins and Kingsley thinking?


    When I saw Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingley's names attached to this movie I thought how bad could it be? Well, it's bad. Really bad. Dumb as a brick. Great chase sequences on the autobahns but a story that is as lame as they come. Girl needs kidney operation so boyfriend hijacks truck full of drugs and gangsters come after him. Endless escapes that happen SOOOO conveniently to keep the story going. Couldn't the producers have sprung for an extra couple of writers to punch up the story and make it less predictable? Were Hopkins and Kingsley so desperate for a paycheck that they were willing to stoop to acting in this trash? Your heart bleeds for them. When I saw the movie cost twenty one million to make I was astounded as I figured well below ten. The distribution company that picked up this movie when the first distributor went bankrupt should pray to God that they don't join the first company in the bankruptcy courts. Don't hold your breath for any solid figures at the box office. And who are the fools likening this to the Fast and the Furious franchise? Not even close!

  • Surprisingly enjoyable


    This is not a movie with deep meaning, a complex plot or redeeming value but was surprisingly enjoyable. The primary characters were not glamorous but rather down to earth which lent a certain innocence and believability. I thought their acting was excellent and sustained the movie through to the end. The bad guys deserve kudos. Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins played quirky drug lords which they pulled off really well in a low key manner. These are often the most difficult characters to pull off in a movie, often being overly done but not here. The secondary bad guys were superbly cast and relentless in the chase which kept the tension level high through the entire movie. Plot wise this was a basic caper gone wrong and chase movie with a surprising twist at the end. Wreakage and carnage on the Autobahn while extensive, was not overdone. In fact, the chase scenes and crash scenes were really well choreographed and not over the top or gratuitous. The only weakness was the ending which was predictable and didn't follow through which left a feeling of abruptness, probably forced through mandatory time constraints. As a result, Anthony Hopkin's character and story did not feel complete. Collide was great entertainment that didn't require deep thought to enjoy.... Comment: the main characters were not "backpackers" but rather ex- pats living and working in Germany. Seems to be growing tendency to refer to anyone between 20-30 as backpackers...

  • Nothing all that original or fresh but it is fun to watch and a good way to spend a few hours


    "I need $200,000. You can have the rest. I just need you yo do something for me." Casey Stein (Hoult) has gotten mixed up in a drug smuggling ring and his girlfriend has been taken. Now he is stuck between kingpins Hagen (Hopkins) and Geran (Kingsley) with only one option. Steal from one and ask for help from the other. Casey is now left to wonder if he chose wisely. This is a pretty intense and exciting movie but at the same time really toes the line between generic and original. There is enough in here to make it seem fresh and new and keeps you interested, while at the same time being just predictable enough for you to stay one step ahead of the movie. Normally that's a bad thing, but when it comes to these B action movies excitement is the goal. This one does have that. Overall, nothing all that original or fresh but it is fun to watch and a good way to spend a few hours. I give this a solid B.


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