Crazy Murder

Crazy Murder

LANG English
Ariela Arnon Mark Hunt Kevin Kenny
Mickey Keating

Crazy Murder is a English movie. Mickey Keating has directed this movie. Ariela Arnon,Mark Hunt,Kevin Kenny are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Crazy Murder is considered one of the best Horror movie in India and around the world.

A mentally ill homeless man begins a killing spree on the streets of New York City.

Crazy Murder Reviews

  • My Review Of "Crazy Murder"

    ASouthernHorrorFan 2015-04-16

    Doug Gerber and Caleb Pennypacker's "Crazy Murder" is a modern portrayal of the disease of the rotting Americana, a downward spiral of dreams and hope, and a disturbing reality check of human monstrosity. Not in the display of the subject matter or context presented here, but in the lack of show of our willingness to face and fix some very dark, emotional cracks in our society. Neglect is the horror that unfolds in such morbid, disgusting, and brutal honesty shown in "Crazy Murder". This isn't your daddy's horror movie, hell-I fought against my gag reflex through almost every minute of this twisted flick. "Crazy Murder" will be a film that is as controversial, disturbing and may even be banned in some places as time goes on. It offers a putrid slice of American life, one hidden in the seedy underbelly of our culture and on our dark, shadowy streets. The story, however loose it is, follows the further degradation of a truly sick individual as he battles his demons along a path of feces and death. The acting and direction of "Crazy Murder" almost feels too real to be comfortable. It unfolds in gritty, experimental forms of expressionism that is reminiscent of German/European avant-garde cinema. Only on the anti side where things get ugly and uncomfortable. There are scenes that I wish I could unsee in this film. I almost stopped watching several times, tried real hard to turn off the screen, but like a horror unfolding across the news or some leaked autopsy footage I could not pull myself away from the horrors that unfolded in "Crazy Murder". The special effects and almost every other aspect of this film carry that same "too real" look and affectation. "Crazy Murder" will not be for everyone. I myself am on the fence about whether this is just gross exploitation or bloody genius! It is that kind of "instant cult classic" film. Watch at your own risk, not just for more sensitive fans but that caution should bold well for all horror and indie film fans. This is a one-of-a-kind experience. There isn't enough cleaner or drugs on this planet to scrub away what I have seen here, and I am not sure that that is a bad thing. It is like most art films, a piece that forces you to explore emotion and taste through experience.

  • Nightmarish Four Seasons of Madness

    ricardoagulha 2015-05-06

    "Crazy Murder" is about a mad homeless man in the streets of New York City. Like other people said , is not a film for everyone. Indeed, it isn't. I didn't believe in everything I heard about this movie. But it really surprised me. It did the impossible.There's a lot of bizarre here. Feces, blood, spit, meaningless monologues and even some funny moments, but not enough to light up the sad movie that it is. The score sounds perfect mixed with all the surreal imagery. I found some 'Lynchian' touch all over the flick. If you have enough stomach to go through it, you must go. It's a strange experience that leads us to the limits of bad taste and to transcendence of trash turning into art. A symphony of destruction. A grotesque poetry about the lost of humanity. I think it's a amazing movie. It belongs to the Pantheon of Extreme and Weird Movies, aside A Serbian Film, Salò , Martyrs and Subconscious Cruelty. In the year of 2015, when it seemed everything was already said and done, this is a actual achievement.

  • Turkey doesn't taste good anymore

    nogodnomasters 2017-09-12

    A mentally ill man covered with blood, vomit, feces, and garbage walks around the city with his pants at his ankles, a load in his draws, eating garbage, and stabbing people in the neck with a knife. That's it. Acting was great, I will give you that, but the entertainment value is what I question. Is this for people who thought "Pink Flamingos" would be good if they left out all the drama and went right to the feces eating part? Kudos Kevin Kenny, unless the just found you in the street. Certainly there is a statement here about caring for the mentally ill and not letting homicidal maniacs loose on the street, but I think the standard boring documentary would work better, because half way through I was hoping for a gang of hooligans to beat the crap out of the homeless guy. In fact I may go out a kick a few around myself. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Just disgusting filth. Note to self: Never use a public phone

  • Don't Ignore The Homeless

    shawnblackman 2016-09-24

    A disturbing horror flick that follows a homeless man and his exploits through the city. This dude is a mental mess. One of the first scenes is him rubbing his own feces all over his face. Other than being prone to pink eye he likes to stab random people to death. Not much of a story to this one in fact hardly any dialogue other than his nonsensical babblings here and there. We see the fact of how homeless people are invisible when in one scene he has a body in a garbage bag thrown in a cart leaking blood as he pushes it along the sidewalk right by everyone with no one caring. The film is very vile though as he always crapping and rubbing it everywhere (on pay phones) and eating it as well. It does get a little much with the bodily fluids in fact I thought Marian Dora was directing this fecal freak. The violence is extreme as this guy kills over 30 people and there was a lot of did that just happen kind of scenes. Near the start of the film there is a message being driven home about homelessness but later on it seems we're just watching a guy crapping, killing and puking.



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