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Creed II (2018)

LANGEnglish,Russian,Sign Languages
Michael B. JordanSylvester StalloneTessa ThompsonPhylicia Rashad
Steven Caple Jr.


Creed II (2018) is a English,Russian,Sign Languages movie. Steven Caple Jr. has directed this movie. Michael B. Jordan,Sylvester Stallone,Tessa Thompson,Phylicia Rashad are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Creed II (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Sport movie in India and around the world.

Years after Adonis Creed made a name for himself under Rocky Balboa's mentorship, the young boxer becomes the Heavyweight Champion of the World. While life is good with that victory and his marriage to Bianca, trouble comes to Philadelphia when Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer who killed Adonis' father, Apollo, arrives with his son, Viktor, to challenge Adonis. Against Rocky's advice, Adonis accepts the challenge without his mentor's participation and pays the price in a punishing bout he wins only by a technicality. Now injured and demoralized, Adonis cannot bring himself to back into the game, leaving his spirit and title in jeopardy. Together, Adonis' family and Rocky must find a way to rekindle Adonis' fighting spirit to face the future in whatever choice he makes. Meanwhile, the Drago family have its own troubles trying to regain the respect in their homeland that they lost at Rocky's hands as they wonder whether is it truly worth it.

Creed II (2018) Reviews

  • Protagonist has no arc and an emotional development of 9-year old. I was rooting for Drago in this one.


    Seriously, Adonis has shown nothing but how needy and insecure he is. I didn't buy his change at all and really couldn't feel what was he supposedly fighting for in that last fight. Yeah he had a kid in a meantime, but he remained the same selfish brat. Both Dragos were FAR more interesting. Victor being this kinda confused brute, and Ivan having an actual arc: from using his son and manipulating him for any cost to gain back the approval of the wife and Russia, to accepting that it's the son who is important to him now, and spending time training (running scene) with him back in Ukraine by the end. If this was a setup for Drago spin-off then kudos, I'm interested! Watching the dilemmas of Adonis I caught myself rolling my eyes twice or thrice, and I'm not the rolling-eyes type. I seriously feel the need now to watch a GOOD fighting movie now to see if I haven't lost it and just stopped liking these, because I just don't get all the praises this movie gets.

  • Dissapointment!


    Some poeple really liked it. But i guess i was expecting way too much from the film. The trailer was brilliant. And creed 1 was a much superior film. The film lacked soul. Everything seemed superficial and predicitable. Even the fight in the end was sort of a 10min montage. The Rocky series is known for its background scores, gritty action and is motivating. Creed is just a film without a backbone.

  • Weak all over


    Creed 2 (my personal 3 key points): *A boxing movie with 10 minutes of boxing+training and 2 hours of talking and deciding things. *Nearly a copy paste of Rocky 4 and if you thought that that fight was unrealistic, wait for this one. *When Rocky was fighting in his movies even against a Russian I wholeheartedly wanted him to win because he came from nothing, struggled and had spirit. Adonis acts like boxing is his hobby, I just cant feel for him. I cant say more without spoiling... But very weak overall

  • Disappointing rehash


    I love rocky but this movie was slow and predictable, and it made me feel old...

  • Maybe the protagonists and antagonists should change places.


    Oh man. We kind of expected it to follow a formulaic plot where the hero loses and then wins in the end. But what this movie does to fill out the in-betweens is so crammed full of cliches you couldn't fit in a fart even if you wanted to. I actually rooted for the Drago father-son duo. Accidental? Not so much. We've a protagonist who is very unlikeable. Just because he's the lead doesn't mean we must like him automatically. He comes across as unsympathetic. In this second installment he just comes across as a spoiled brat. And what's up with the wife? They just had a child and she feels the need to "get out of the house" and go to the studio or something. Do new mothers relate to that? Cos that was a huge talking point among the group of friends i went to see the movie with, mostly friends of my wife. I think that happened so that we could have that scene of Adonis alone with his child but there could've been better ways to bring that about. The story writers gave her this hearing-impairement issue which is passed on to their daughter, maybe to make her more sympathetic. But it doesn't elicit that response. And her singing as her husband walks towards the ring was so cringeworthy. It even ended abruptly. She had her music and that could've been written into the story better. As for Ivan and Victor, they were the true underdogs in this movie. A father fallen from grace, left by his wife and abandoned by his country, living vicariously through his son's victories, looking for redemption. The movie tries to portray Victor as a brute with barely a line the entire movie but this relationship had potential for so much more friction between a father driving his son to serve his own needs and a son who's a man in his own right who could've had interesting clashes with his father. But no, the movie needs us to root for the heroes so apart from their training montages we rarely see much of the Drago's relationship. And the Russians. The wife and entourage stand up and walk out before the match is over. And the son and father lose heart. I get that Ivan's point this whole time has been to get his ex-wife's approval/respect and his country's acceptance again but that story is so poorly written it just doesn't hit. With a runtime of over two hours, they should've done better. The fight scenes are also poorly choreographed and edited it looks uninteresting. Maybe an actor more the size of Adonis for a better suited match would've been interesting. To make Victor that much more bigger for the sake of villanous threat was a mismatch. I actually wanted Victor to win. The movie was that bad.

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