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Cross Bronx (2004)

Cross Bronx (2004)

Remi AquinoErik ArgentiVinnie CurtoJames Badge Dale
Larry Golin


Cross Bronx (2004) is a English movie. Larry Golin has directed this movie. Remi Aquino,Erik Argenti,Vinnie Curto,James Badge Dale are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2004. Cross Bronx (2004) is considered one of the best Drama movie in India and around the world.

4 New York City highschoolers upon moving into the Bronx together, discover it's not easy doing it on your own

Cross Bronx (2004) Reviews

  • Everyone needs to have a dream...not everyone has their dream(s) come true


    Well done writer/director Larry Golin! So what happened to you after Cross Bronx? This was a very well produced film and the entire cast performed great. Yes these four (4) young men have went on to achieve additional work in films over the past decade but the only recognizable actor/actress that has gone on to bigger and brighter feature films or television series is the actress Dania Ramirez who plays Mia, the love interest of the main star of the film Ike Green, played by Max Greenfield. The story evolves around four young men from a local New York City high school who all have great aspirations to do well so they agree to move in to a shabby but cheap basement apartment building in the Bronx. Each young man, one a high school wrestler Ike Green (Max Greenfield), an artist Rob-O (James Badge Dale), a baseball pitcher Schiek (Nashawn Kearse), and the street tough guy/mob muscle Vivo (Jerry Ferrara), are trying hard to live out their dreams. Their pasts seem to haunt them and overcome their future(s). The film shows that not all Cinderella stories come true, the reality is that young men and women struggle for the most part while trying to find their true calling. These four young men live complex lives with financial struggles that extends to their immediate families thus the reason for moving in together. I really thought this dramatic film deserves to be seen and I am actually surprised that it has not achieved very much attention. Interesting though that many of the actors/actresses have personally achieved success and they deserve it based on their performances in Cross Bronx. I give the film a very good 7 out of 10 rating

  • Something for everyone


    This is an excellent movie that showcases 4 new male talents. It'll make you laugh, cry, care, wonder and hope for a sequel. The acting is exceptional, look for all of these guys to be stars! Everyone will be talking about Nashawn Kearse one day very soon. The writing, directing, filming, this movie is the total package, the real deal. Everyone needs to see it. I've seen it at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Urbanworld Film Festival and I'll still go see it again and again. This movie really does have something for everyone. It'll make you remember what your dreams were. What were your dreams? Did you have the courage to make them come true? Do you now? Will you ever? These guys will make you wish you were young again so you could follow your dreams.

  • great movie


    This movie is one of the best that I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of movies. The actors all have shown a variety of different ways to portray themselves, with humor, sadness and anger. This should definitely be shown in the movies for all to see. Great job to all you guys & gals & the director as well.I could watch this movie over and over again. My friends & I think that the acting, the directing are just so good. To view this movie only on DVD is a sin it should be shown in theaters across this nation so every can see for themselves and not just take my word. I must say this was a terrific film that deserves a lot more of what people are seeing theses days.


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