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Cyberbully (2015)

Cyberbully (2015)

Maisie WilliamsElla PurnellWilson HaagensAnthony Shuster
Ben Chanan


Cyberbully (2015) is a English movie. Ben Chanan has directed this movie. Maisie Williams,Ella Purnell,Wilson Haagens,Anthony Shuster are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Cyberbully (2015) is considered one of the best Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

How far will you go to protect your life, Casey is facing every teenager's worst nightmare, as an anonymous hacker plans to leak her private photos to the public through the Internet. She races against time in order to end the stalker's plan and save her identity.

Cyberbully (2015) Reviews

  • All Hail Maisie Williams


    This was a brilliant bit of TV, that should be shown in EVERY school around the country!! Plot In A Paragraph: Casey (A brilliant Maisie Williams) is targeted by an online hacker, who begins to torture her, by threatening to post 5 topless photos online that she sent to her ex boyfriend, if she does not do exactly as she says. If I was impressed with Maisie Williams in Games Of Thrones (and she is one of my favourites) then she blew me away here. She carries the weight of this full movie on her tiny shoulders. She is the only one on screen for about over 90% over this movie, and she does a brilliant job!! Which is even more impressive when you consider how old Williams is. I hope she wins some type of award for this, as she certainly deserves it. It is intense, gut wrenching, harrowing and utterly compelling!! I could not stop watching from the minute it started.

  • Not what you expected


    'Cyberbully'is about a teenage girl Casey (played by Maisie Williams) who has her life revolving around social media which later comes back to bite her. The program had a good build up but unfortunately, I was not satisfied at the end as I didn't see the way Maisie's new mindset. This was a really good show which should be watched by many teenagers and young adults who use social media frequently.

  • Thrilling from the very first second!


    A Teenager gets hacked and extorted by a stranger via her own computer. Now she has to cope with his moods and prevent her own calumny. This short film started accidentally after another YouTube-Video I watched about the issue of cyperbullying. Right since the first second I simply could not stop watching this movie. The tension, the setting, the music, and especially Maisie Williams impressing acting skills got my eyes glued to the screen from beginning to end. It was so enthralling!!! I have never experienced something like that before. Just watch it and not only get an original view on cyberbullying but also one hour of pure suspense.

  • Worth watching


    A low budget film but very well executed. I am not of the virtual generation but whether or not this film is accurate ( and the degree of hacking seems unlikely ) it is a well illustrated fable of our modern age dealing with an issue that is becoming more prevalent. It is very difficult for all of us to understand that what we do online is a real and that we should be prepared to take responsibility for what we do. Our online activities maybe pursued in the virtual world but the consequences of those actions will be played out in real time, by real people with real results. Perhaps it is time to stop calling it "cyberspace" or " virtual reality" as it seems to be the place that many people spend a lot of time in. The film has the feel of a stage play, written by some-one who wants to bring an issue to life. And I think they have succeeded, well done to all involved.

  • Important TV that should be part of the school curriculum


    An outstanding performance by Maisie Williams (I don't know her from Game of Thrones but if she's as good on that as she is here it must be worth watching). She singlehandedly carries a one hour drama about cyber bullying drawn from real world examples. It dramatically personifies the impact of trolling in teenage circles and turns Maisie's own trolling on its head through the use of a hacker who communicates directly with her in her bedroom and plays the role of a modern St Peter at the pearly gates holding a mirror up to her misdemeanours. The film has many twists and turns and can never be predicted. It's a tough role for a young actor to carry off but she succeeds with flying colours. The lessons are clear and powerful. That's why it should be shown in social education classes to demonstrate the extremes that trolling can get to.


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