Dag II (2016)

Dag II (2016)

Caglar ErtugrulUfuk BayraktarAhu TürkpençeMurat Serezli
Alper Caglar


Dag II (2016) is a Turkish movie. Alper Caglar has directed this movie. Caglar Ertugrul,Ufuk Bayraktar,Ahu Türkpençe,Murat Serezli are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Dag II (2016) is considered one of the best Action,Drama,War movie in India and around the world.

DAG II; tells the story of a clandestine special forces squad; call sign 'Storm Bringer'. Following the events of the first film, Bekir and Oguz, unlikely best friends, have enrolled in the world famous, perpetually grueling Turkish special forces training. Their first mission begins six years later-- to infiltrate the most barbarous area of modern day Iraq for a rescue mission.


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Dag II (2016) Reviews

  • Best Turkish Movie Has Ever Made !


    I've seen the movie just a bit earlier and although my expectations were very high, this movie satisfied me very well. As we already know Turkish movie sector has lack of visual effects. That is actually the reason behind why we usually don't enjoy Turkish Action kind of films. But in this movie we see lots of great examples of best visual effects. And also it has its own realistic scenes as well. The connection between soldiers were so great, enthusiastic and natural. Also the connection between the first movie with this one was great so this movie actually deserves its rate. Besides from good visual and sound effects the movie has also its own story-line which was perfect. As I mentioned before even though my expectations were really high this movie is even beyond my expectations. Thanks for letting us joy this kind of masterpiece Mr. Alper Caglar.

  • Just amazing!


    The Turkish producers and directors are doing their job well at the moment! Look at this movie! It is just terrific! I liked the first part of this movie, but the second part is much more better than the first one. They used real artillery, helicopters and real machine guns and rifles in this movie! The MPT76 is the first national Turkish assault rifle and they used it in cooperation with the gun factory MKE. The actors got real military training for a few months before shooting this film in order to increase the realness and always used real military gear and equipment during the shootings! Just go and watch it, you won't regret it!

  • It was much better than I expected


    I will be honest, 9.9 points too high. There is the influence of nationalism. If you have big expectations, you will be disappointed. If we vote worldwide, this movie 7,5/10 (Ok, OK... Still a little bit of nationalism ^^), but if we vote for Turkish cinema, this movie 9/10. This is a great, and different job for Turkish cinema. Apart from that, it's a classic war movie with some stereotypes, that's all. Don't expect anything different. Yes, Dag II(Mountain II) a nice war movie. But, don't compare with American war movies that cost 100 million dollar. That would be unfair. Because, Dag II's budget 2.000.000 Turkish Lira, it means ~550.000 dollar. But, Dag II is the best job that can be done with this budget. Explosion effects can be better but passable(budget). Uniforms, weapons, equipment are real, taken from Turkish Armed Forces. The movie is starting perfectly. The action is perfect in the second half. The conflict scenes were pretty good. Dag II isn't like the first movie. The Dag was a struggle for survival. But Dag II a heroic story. Dag II is a different and much bigger movie. These guys are specially trained to kill but they aren't emotionless machines. Dag II shows this very well. They stay in dilemma, do the right thing, or just do your task. It's a tough decision and it can change a lot of things. I can not wait for Dag III. With a much larger budget, as a bigger movie. Also, if you want to watch another military movie from Turkish cinema, you should watch "Nefes: Vatan Sagolsun". There is a different, emotional and very impressive theme.

  • Seriously..


    Could be me, but this must be a new record of fake reviews. It's just not a good movie, it's not horrible, but it's just meh. Boring mostly. Just don't go by the score, it's done by fake reviews.

  • Total Waste of Time


    With rating more than 9, I expected to see a unique movie, an outstanding acting, an out-of-this-earth novel, and a brilliant directing. None of that is there, NONE, nothing, zippo, null. I do not believe I've wasted 2 hrs 15 mins on this absurd, funny military propaganda. I gave it 3/10, and I am being generous here.

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