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Dans la brume (2018)

Dans la brume (2018)

Romain DurisOlga KurylenkoFantine HarduinMichel Robin
Daniel Roby


Dans la brume (2018) is a French,English movie. Daniel Roby has directed this movie. Romain Duris,Olga Kurylenko,Fantine Harduin,Michel Robin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Dans la brume (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A couple lives in Paris with their daughter, who suffers from an incurable disease forcing her to live in an hermetic glass bubble. One day, a mysterious fog begins to spread in the Parisian streets, killing everyone that gets caught in it. The parents find shelter on the roof above the mist, but the daughter is still in her bubble in the now fog-filled flat. Her parents must now cope with the lack of food, power and information, but also find a way to get her out, since the bubble won't hold eternally.


Dans la brume (2018) Reviews

  • A very good film


    This is a very good film that avoids all the trite elements of a sci-fi or survivalist story. The characters are sensible and likeable and the story is really good. Check this gem out folks. You won´t regret it. John

  • Weird ending


    The ending kinda shot the movie in the foot. Nothing was really explained. We just got to see how a few people coped with a natural catastrophe. But the lack of actual wrap-up left me quite dissatisfied. (How much of the world was affected? Preteens will run the country/planet now? Iirc they said third of Paris's adult population has died, but it seemed more like 99%. Why didn't the wind disperse the fog for days?) Another weird thing was the dog that chased them through the city. Ok, let's say it's young enough that it's not affected by the gas. But still... family dogs don't behave like that, practically hunting down people over long distances. It wasn't protecting its territory, it wasn't starved, it had no reason to behave in such an unnatural way other than plot convenience. Also it was weird that they didn't just get in a car and get the f--k out of there. Even if the roads were blocked by other cars there must have been smaller streets and such that they could have used to get around. Aside of the above plot malfunctions, the atmosphere (haha) and emotional tension worked really well, and the visuals were pretty good. The child actress was mostly terrible, but sadly child actors usually are.

  • A disappointing reboot of the mist


    The initial idea is not bad: to place a family of three in a disaster situation when a mysterious toxic mist spreads in Paris. It also quickly appears that not everyone is affected by it. Unfortunately, the movie doesn't really go beyond that. It focuses only on a handful of character, placed in expected situations, and makes no progress in understanding the phenomenon. In the end the unexplained selectivity of the mist only serves as an easy excuse for the plot to bring in some new situations. Even though, two adults are scared by an average dog just like people were scared by alien monsters in The Mist of 2007. Like many things in this movie it simply doesn't add up. The actors' performance is good and scenes with the elder couple are touching. Still the movie doesn't have much to offer overall.

  • Great


    Just saw the movie in Paris. Super efficient movie. Romain Duris is a great French actor (way better than Dujardin or Depardieu) and Olga Kurylenko is stunning and plays very well too. Lots of suspense and surprising develompments as we follow the hero in his quest to save his daughter's life. Great pics of Paris in the fog and some good FX as well. Great cast, good story, great movie.

  • Good atmosphere, and that's it


    The idea was good, the atmosphere is fantastic, and that's it. Some of the dumbest characters I've ever seen in the movies and a weak ending. Come on!

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