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Dead Ringer (2018)

Dead Ringer (2018)

Tom SizemoreLuke WhiteAmar AdatiaBai Ling
Richard Colton


Dead Ringer (2018) is a English movie. Richard Colton has directed this movie. Tom Sizemore,Luke White,Amar Adatia,Bai Ling are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Dead Ringer (2018) is considered one of the best Action movie in India and around the world.

This movie is a modern day version of The Prince And The Pauper where one man from a poor background ends up taking over another man's life from the entirely opposite end of the spectrum. Jamie Poulton - lead singer of tribute act 'Dive' - gets the opportunity to replace the iconic Donny Martin from the boy band group D5 with ever gripping twists and turns. This British film asks the question: could one man live in another man's shoes and actually get away with it!? Boyband D5's star-studded cast include hunky Luke White, DJ Tom Zanetti (who definitely has a helicopter at multiple times in the film), singers Jordi Whitworth and Shide Boss and TOWIE's Ricky Rayment, along with Eastenders beauty Danielle Harold as the leading lady, sizzling Jessica-Jane Stafford, Amar Adatia and a flurry of gorgeous models and exciting cameos from both the acting world and music industry.


Dead Ringer (2018) Reviews

  • Not too shabby!


    I'm a fan of Tom Sizemore and it was good to see him in this film, albeit a small role, but newcomer Luke White was impressive. The other actors were also decent, although some a little over the top, and the actresses were very easy on the eyes. This is Richard Colton's second film ever directed, and he did a great job with the camera, although he could've directed some of the cast a little better. Not sure who wrote this, it's an excellent story premise, but the screenplay needed some fine tuning with the plot issues, especially towards the end. The pacing was a little slow and the film needed to be trimmed down by about 10-20 mins, but nevertheless it kept my attention. The (boy band) soundtrack was also a little too much in the beginning. Nevertheless an enjoyable B-grade UK action/drama flick. Not worth the 9 and 10/10 previous 4 fake reviews, but worthy of an honest 7/10

  • I'm not him


    There is nothing like a drug-crime-action film involving an aging British boy band. Okay, there is, it is called root canal. A drug called Venom is being smuggled into the country. Cameo role Tom Sizemore didn't get the drug after he paid 3 million pounds. D5 boy band leader, Donnie Martin (Luke White) is the suspect. He is kidnapped by the bad guys and drugged and smacked around for the money/drugs. Then we get an odd backstory described in the film blurb. It seems the real Donnie Martin died in a car accident and this guy is an imposter who knows nothing. Bai Ling was in the film less than Tom Sizemore. The movie was bad, but like a train wreck, it was hard to turn away. For some reason, it held my interest without being overly entertaining. Guide: F-word. sex. no nudity.

  • Total Rubbish


    From the UK This Film is Trash it as bad acting, turned it off after 10 mins. All the other voters must be cast..

  • Great film modern crime.


    A great film, great story great acting, and original.

  • So bad you just have to watch it!


    From the DEA mini vans to the grossly overweight underwear models... this film is a disaster. I haven't listened to such bad dialog since...well, since never. Who ever wrote this and had the balls to submit it to a studio has got to be applauded for shear chutzpah. Sadly, its the only applause Dead Ringer will get.

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