Dead Water (2019)

Dead Water (2019)

Casper Van DienJudd NelsonBrianne DavisGriff Furst
Chris Helton


Dead Water (2019) is a English movie. Chris Helton has directed this movie. Casper Van Dien,Judd Nelson,Brianne Davis,Griff Furst are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2019. Dead Water (2019) is considered one of the best Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A relaxing getaway turns deadly for a former marine, who must risk his life to save his wife and best friend from a modern day pirate.

Dead Water (2019) Reviews

  • Boring wet sunday afternoon material!


    Nothing new to see here, no sharks, no scares, no story. Been done a million times before and much better! Although Casper is looking good for an old guy so the ladees might get some excitement from this but sadly not for me it bored me to tears!

  • Drowns in amateurism


    At one point in DEAD WATER (a rip-off of 1989's infinitely superior DEAD CALM) one of the characters boasts that his brand new harpoon gun is, "the same kind of harpoon-gun that Quintin used on Bruce." "Bruce?" someone asks. "The shark from JAWS." Fascinating. Except Robert Shaw's character in JAWS was named "Quint," not "Quintin." The most iconic character in a truly iconic movie - a masterpiece of cinema - and the filmmakers were so sloppy that nobody - from the screenwriter, to the director, to the actors, to the editor - could be bothered to get his name right. And that kind of sloppiness informs the whole production. A dialogue scene takes place in a stationary car because the filmmakers obviously couldn't afford to film it as the car was moving. And a short while later, characters talk on the deck of a supposedly moving yacht that is obviously standing still. Entire scenes are not properly "covered" by the director, and numerous scenes are borderline inaudible because they didn't have enough money to fix them in post-production. And that's just technical stuff. As for the plot and dialogue ... oh my God, where to begin ... Here's just one example of how bad this story is: Dude A carefully arranges for the murder of Dude B because he is secretly in love with B's wife - a motive that makes perfect sense - yet A starts putting the moves on B's wife (and freaking her the hell out) before B is even reported dead, which makes ZERO sense. The whole thing reeks of amateur hour.

  • VIEWS ON FILM review of Dead Water


    "Nothing but open water". Darn, if only my latest reviewed pic was as good as 2003's Open Water. Sigh Anyway, a former Marine, his wife, and his best bud go on a boat trip only to be confronted by a pirate bent on robbing and killing them. That's just the surface with these wishy-washy characters (no pun intended). At ninety evaporating minutes, I give you the snaky and somewhat fizzled out, Dead Water. "Water", with its overhead vessel shots and its one continuous (and confusing) flashback, feels like a low quota thriller with C-list stars you don't "see" much of anymore (Judd Nelson, Casper Van Dien). Part Midnight Crossing I suppose and part 1989's Dead Calm, Dead Water has a couple of neat, puzzle piece twists even though you can see them coming a mile away. Directed by an unknown rookie (Chris Helton), shot in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and featuring a military dog tag throwing scene straight from the annals of "Maverick", "Water" feels all too brief while giving us only a conventional level of torrid strain. Heck, the credit titles "and Judd Nelson" are featured three times within Dead Water. Twice during the movie and once on "Water's" regular poster. It seems fitting because it only reminds us that swindler Nelson was actually in the darn thing. He sleepwalks through his role like a bloodhound on extra strength NyQuil. The other actors are otherwise decent with Russell Crowe lookalike Griff Furst playing the PTSD-laden Marine named David (mentioned earlier). All in all, Dead Water is not really noir, it's not really camp, and it's not in a word, budget extravagant. It's just the type of flick you watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon. "Water" is over before you know it and then that 2:30 nap comes around. Rating: 2 stars.

  • Nice scenery but that's about it


    Virgin Island, boat, two men and woman and Judd Nelson as the surprise. A predictable, «thriller» but if you regard it as commersial for green beatiful sea and a nice boat it's not the worst I've seen - though pretty close.

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