Deep Dark (2015)

Deep Dark (2015)

Sean McGrathAnne SorceDenise PoirierTabor Helton
Michael Medaglia


Deep Dark (2015) is a English movie. Michael Medaglia has directed this movie. Sean McGrath,Anne Sorce,Denise Poirier,Tabor Helton are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Deep Dark (2015) is considered one of the best Fantasy,Horror movie in India and around the world.

Hermann, a failed sculptor, is about to kill himself when he finds a strange, talking hole in the wall. The creature in the hole (Denise Poirier, the voice of ÆON FLUX) has the power to fulfill his wildest dreams, but things go horribly wrong and when the killing starts, Hermann is thrust into the worst nightmare of his life. Deep Dark is a twisted tale warning you to be careful what you wish for, because it just might get you.


Deep Dark (2015) Reviews

  • Truly strange....


    I am really stumped with this review...and that almost never happens. Despite having written thousands of reviews, I have just found a movie that really defies description. It even makes me wonder whether I liked it or not. I am just not sure what "Deep Dark" is all about and it might be worth seeing again or seeing it with friends and discussing it afterwords. It's THAT unusual and thought-provoking. Seth McGrath stars as Hermann, a young man with absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever....none. Yet, inexplicably he's convinced himself he's a great artist and he just needs to get others to see his work and then they'll be convinced as well. Unfortunately, his mobiles are junk...and everyone thinks so. On a lark, he decides to move into one of his uncle's apartments for two weeks to devote himself solely to creating a masterpiece. Soon, however, something REALLY, REALLY weird occurs. Behind a small hole in the wall comes the voice of a lovely woman and it not only talks to Hermann but spits out odd things (I have no idea exactly WHAT this stuff is) and Hermann incorporates them into his mobiles....and he becomes an instant success. But what about the woman behind the wall and what is the stuff it gives him? Well, it's not exactly a fact, it isn't exactly human. As for the art material, God only knows! Exactly what is it? I have no idea...but the thing behind the wall with a beautiful voice has a lamprey-like portion to it and it really, really loves Hermann...both emotionally and sexually. I still cannot wrap my head around the scene where Hermann is having sexual relations with the hole in the wall...but it does the trick and gives it inspiration and soon it begins spitting out other weird things for Hermann's mobiles. Does this sound weird? You betcha! But it only gets weirder and bloodier and more and more difficult to describe! So is this a comedy or a horror film or a fantasy film? Well, it certainly has elements of each. But there's also a certain strangeness, an absurdity that leaves the viewer confused-- especially at the end. This ending might keep people thinking and wondering a long time as to what, exactly, happened. Overall, I think I liked it. The plot is highly original, the music is amazingly good and the acting and direction are quite good. Credit for the story and direction all go to the same person, Michael Medaglia--a young and relatively inexperienced newcomer to films. As for the story and its meanings...well, I would really love some second (and third and fourth...) opinions! It has a lot to like and appreciate...but it also made my brain hurt just a bit and left me confused. Overall, I'd say that this is the perfect film for someone wanting something different...very, very different! Perhaps it would make a perfect entry into my "You Ain't Seen Nothing' Yet" series... Plus I did see quite a bit of promise from this uber- weird movie.

  • There's no Wonderland beyond this hole


    Deep Dark is a movie tethering on the fringe of horror genre, it's like a modern art on some posh gallery that may be confusing because due to its odd nature. It doesn't work like many thriller or horror flicks and takes a bit of time to roll, albeit its short runtime. There's just an intrinsic draw as though something bizarre is popping up yet one can't avert their eyes, and that itself is already a more successful horror than most. Hermann (Sean McGrath) is an artist who's not particularly gifted. He tries hard to produce art to no avail. At some point his uncle rents him an apartment that doubles as a workshop. What he finds instead is a talking hole which presents him with artistic gift. This premise is so strange, it's almost satirically creepy. In fact, the movie doesn't remotely have the same mystery feel to it, barely having any scare at all. It may even turn into comedy foray at a couple of instances, as it mocks its own protagonist and his predicament. The desperate artist angle works incredibly well, showing that desperation can give birth to foolishly appealing choices. Without giving away much, this is one of the movies that relies on the quirky development, Deep Dark can be simplified into part haunting and part stalker theme. It's far from supernatural scares, so those expecting gripping thrill akin to Insidious might not find it here. The movie plays out in a type of fantasy, although it's still bizarre even for folklore premise. Deep Dark is amalgamation of the weirdest aspects from fantasy and mystery wired together like abstract art. The sheer oddity leaves a strangely interesting aftertaste. It's recommended for those searching for something different, and the short length fits a lazy weekend slumber like a finger, among other things, on a mysterious hole.

  • One of the best movies I've seen


    10/10. Extremely underrated to the point I ask if people who rated less than 6 actually watched it. The concept is amazing. Acting is really good The visuals and directing is very good. I am not a big fan of horror movies because they are mostly not scary or good in anyway. This movie is a complete opposite. It explores the popular concept, WHAT IF. Making the viewer(especially a typical guy) relate to the main character. This is the best horror movie I've watched in the last 5 years. If you like good story, concept and acting then this is is it. If you like terrible slasher garbage that the theaters are full of, then by all means pick the other 99% of all the crap Hollywood releases.

  • WTF was this ... Crazy,surrealistic, bizarre and utterly strange. Great !


    I get lonely here all by myself. How about I help you make mobiles, and in return, all you have to do is spend time with me? That's it? That's it. Partners? Uh, yeah, yeah, partners. If you had a hand, I'd shake it. There are movies that go beyond your understanding. You're left behind with a "what-the-hell-was-this" feeling. Films which are sinister, totally crazy and utterly surreal. Movies that'll make you say : "This can never be outperformed in terms of bizarreness". And then there's "Deep Dark". Too bizarre for words. Surreal and unreal at the same time. An ancient concept is used again though. It's another case study about an individual who pursues a specific goal and tries to achieve this at any cost. A kind of "3 wishes" principle with the additional nasty boomerang effect. It returns and hits you straight in the face. Hermann Haig (Sean McGrath) is an artist who attempts to create modern and contemporary art. However, this doesn't work very well and people aren't that enthusiastic about his creations (mobiles with all sorts of recycled waste hanging on it). Nevertheless, he believes he has the talent and thinks there's something subtle missing to make real crowd pullers of his artwork. In desperation he asks his uncle for advice. Promptly this fellow rents out an apartment to Hermann. In that way he can find inspiration while being isolated from the outside world. A kind of a retreat so he'd be able to bring out that deep-rooted talent. Unfortunately, that deeply rooted talent remains right there where it was all along. And this to the dismay and despair of Hermann. When he's about to call it quits, Hermann discovers a hole in the wall. And to his surprise, something starts to communicate with him. First by means of a wire with a note attached to it. Afterwards the hole in the wall starts to speak to Hermann with a sensual female voice. And gradually this phenomenon helps him with his art. It's rather difficult to link this film to a particular genre. You can't call it horror. But the opening scene might be shocking or disturbing to some. And the denouement has a surprise or two in store. But it really isn't scary or frightening at all. It seemed to have a direct line to my funny bone. Although it's certainly not comedy. Or you think that malicious pleasure is something humorous. It's also not fantasy. Just like in "Her" there's an invisible entity that talks to the protagonist with a sensual voice, only it's no software. And this time there's something physical to discern. That mysterious hole. A hole that hides a personality that yearns for attention and intimacy. And yes, you can expect the unexpected. Can you say there's some perverse humor in it? Yep indeed. I could label it as real estate porn. You'll definitely have many unanswered questions afterwards. Where does the phenomenon come from? Was Hermann his uncle successful because of this? And what the hell are those slimy objects Hermann uses in his art? To be honest, the mobiles he creates afterwards, still look like garbage and worthless. However, the effect it has on spectators is pretty drastic. The only downside is the rather slow buildup. But otherwise this is a bizarre and strange film that I watched in amazement. Do you love something so macabre and crazy, with someone slowly sliding into something completely insane, than this is the perfect movie for you. However, I'm sure I'll be looking at a hole in the wall in a complete different way. I never thought a stupid hole in the wall could turn me on. More reviews here :

  • 10/10 Excellent concept and plot..


    I am utterly surprised by the low rating of this movie. The movie's plot is entirely new and exciting. The movie grips you throughout the movie and you want to know what's next. Absolutely brilliant direction,acting,concept and storyline. The movie tells about a hole in the wall which can talk and fulfills your fantasies but it comes at a price. The concept of greed and love are depicted which make the movie different from the others. The concept of a good ghost also makes it different. The comedy at the start and different goofs also make you laugh. A definite must watch for all horror thriller genre fans!!


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