Demons (2014)

Demons (2014)

Frank ArendMantha BalourdouTheo CrisellAnne Sophie Niego
Scott Anthony


Demons (2014) is a English movie. Scott Anthony has directed this movie. Frank Arend,Mantha Balourdou,Theo Crisell,Anne Sophie Niego are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2014. Demons (2014) is considered one of the best Horror,Mystery movie in India and around the world.

A young rock band visits a deserted house to record their new album but things take a nightmarish turn when their Satanist manager attempts to open the gates of Hell.

Demons (2014) Reviews

  • Just Plain Bd


    The Plot A young rock band visits a deserted house to record their new album but things take a nightmarish turn when their Satanist manager attempts to open the gates of Hell. First an important note. Beware the ONE other review written by a guy who clearly worked on the movie. It it's the ONLY review he wrote and funny how it's a rave for this garbage movie. You will fall asleep for sure watching this film. There is nothing frightening. There are virtually no special effects. The story line is stupid. The directing is non existent. The music is laughable. And the acting is wooden. It's junk I say. JUNK!!!!

  • A rock band at the gateway to Hell in this indie dud


    DEMONS is another dud of an indie horror film. The plot ingredients are okay: we get a rock band visiting a haunted house, encountering a Satanist, and accidentally opening the gateway to Hell. If any of this sounds interesting, be warned that it really isn't. It's darkly shot and non-exciting, all yadda yadda without any action; it doesn't even look like a proper film, indie or otherwise. It's too boring, too slow, and simply unremarkable.

  • The most forgettable film I've ever seen.


    This is a horror film with absolutely no scares, a drama with no plot developments. It's not even egregiously bad enough to be notable for that. It seems like it was edited by being thrown in a blender. The film starts and suddenly one of the characters, who we haven't even had a chance to get to know yet, has committed suicide. And so it goes... you don't see things happen, you just see that they had happened. The dialog and "plot development", such as it is, seem disconnected and people's reactions don't make sense. The lead actor goes from not believing in the supernatural to believing in the supernatural in a single scene, and we don't get to see it—he just declares that he now believes. And that's how pretty much everything happens in this film: you don't get to see it, and then it's not really explained, and overall you're not given any reason to care. A mess remarkable only for how completely unremarkable it is.

  • Great Psychological Horror Movie with Good Performances!


    Got to see an advanced screening this weekend in LA and I loved it! Fair warning, it's not like most horror movies, there's very little gore and it doesn't rely on things jumping out of the corner to scare you. It's a psychological horror film that rewards viewers who like to think. If you're tired of mindless, gory horror movies then Demons is a film you will probably enjoy The movie follows a young rock band whose career is starting to take off. They arrive at an isolated home in the desert to work with Terry, a famous producer who promises to take them to the next level. On the first night though, the band's lead singer Melissa is found dead in a pool of her own blood. Everyone assumes that it was a suicide except for her boyfriend Wes, who plays guitar in the band. Terry agrees to help Wes investigate it further but it turns out that Terry has a secret of his own. Terry exploits Wes's grief to help him perform a series of Satanic rituals that he hopes will open the gates of hell. I won't spoil the rest but the movie is a slow buildup that leads to an explosive and horrifying ending. What makes the film work are the interactions between Terry and Wes. The film plays like a "cat and mouse" game as Terry tries to manipulate Wes into doing his bidding. Things get tense when Wes starts to figure out Terry's plan but Terry always finds a way to convince Wes to go along. Theo Crisell is superb as the evil Terry but it's Drew Stewart who gives the film's breakthrough performance as Wes. Stewart weaves through sadness, anger, rage, and many other emotions with ease. All of the other actors are great too, including Kiri Stevens who plays the band's drug addicted drummer. If you have the chance to see Demons I would recommend it! I don't know where the film will be showing but hopefully it will get a wide release. The performances and the story make the film worthwhile. It's a great "thinking man's" horror movie that will appeal to people who are tired of guts and gore.


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