Dirty Lies (2016)

Dirty Lies (2016)

Mark L. YoungScout Taylor-ComptonTania RaymondeBeau KnappLili SimmonsJesse Medeles


Dirty Lies (2016) is a الانجليزية movie. has directed this movie. Mark L. Young,Scout Taylor-Compton,Tania Raymonde,Beau Knapp,Lili Simmons,Jesse Medeles are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Dirty Lies (2016) is considered one of the best اكشن,جريمة,دراما,اثارة movie in India and around the world.

An under-appreciated intern entrusted with a million dollar necklace races to find out which of his money hungry room-mates betrayed him as he battles a desperate criminal duo bent on stealing.

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