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Distiller (2016)

Distiller (2016)

Amy CiupekDaniel NoonanSteven SaccoJared Bashant
Andy Schroeder


Distiller (2016) is a English movie. Andy Schroeder has directed this movie. Amy Ciupek,Daniel Noonan,Steven Sacco,Jared Bashant are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Distiller (2016) is considered one of the best Family,Horror,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A world traveling ghost hunter mysteriously disappears leaving everything to his niece; who accidentally releases a horde of angry spirits, imprisoned in liquor bottles, during her Fourth of July party

Distiller (2016) Reviews

  • Cool back story, shame about the film


    DISTILLER is an indie horror flick with a not-bad back story: a ghost hunter captures and bottles spirits in glass jars before dying and leaving them for his niece to inherit. Then, of course, she decides to open them. This is a typical 'haunted house' style movie with very little incident and lots of attempted atmosphere. The poor technical qualities and lack of an interesting storyline make it highly forgettable.

  • What an ugly bear.


    Matt (Steven Sacco) is a Ghostbuster/demon hunter that would make Kolchak envious. He has a very entertaining and simplistic style to catch demons, involving trapping them in a partially filled bottle of distilled spirits. (Note to self: Does not work on a Yeti.) After being missing for 20 years his niece Blue Moon (Amy Ciupek) isn't it a shame when Hippies marry, inherits his home, a home that contains a cellar of bottles filled with evil spirits. Being it is the fourth of July, it is time for young adults to throw a party and no sense letting 20 year old partial filled bottles go to waste. Steven Sacco was great in the opening scene showing us his skill, which unfortunately really didn't change much from demon to demon. The party which provided us with promise was a let down. The humor just wasn't there for me and perhaps that is because the film is aimed at a younger audience than myself. Sure Amy Ciupek was cute in a wet bikini, but I am used to starlets that can fill them out. The name calling was what an 11 year old might use, with words like "douche bag" and "d@#k." There were some sexual innuendos like "independence from my pants" and "Pinball wizard, let's see those flippin' fingers." PG-11? Daniel Noonan who played Charlie Moon was unconvincing, reminding me more of a Nickelodeon child actor. The film is what a "Goosebumps" fan might enjoy. If you liked this film I might recommend an oldie, "Saturday the 14th."


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