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Dracano (2013)

Dracano (2013)

Corin NemecVictoria PrattMia MarconTroy Evans
Kevin O'Neill


Dracano (2013) is a English movie. Kevin O'Neill has directed this movie. Corin Nemec,Victoria Pratt,Mia Marcon,Troy Evans are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2013. Dracano (2013) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Horror,Sci-Fi,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A catastrophic volcanic eruption releases ancient dragon-like creatures on the surrounding areas. Scientists believe this could start a chain reaction of volcanic eruptions giving way to a global Dragon Apocalypse.

Dracano (2013) Reviews

  • A very, very generic creature feature...


    Right from the very moment that you see the cover of the movie, see who stars in it and read the synopsis, you just know that this is going to be one of those ultra low-budget creature features that will make you cringe uncontrollably as you watch it. However, every now and again one or two of these creature features do manage to impress and rise above the less than mediocre permeation that tend to ooze from these movies. "Dracano" just wasn't one of those movies. No, this was a very generic and stereotypical one even by the usual standards that the vast majority of these movies come by. So, yes, your expectations to the movie will surely be beached along with any proper entertainment value. I decided to stick with the movie to the very end, just to see if it actually would surprise at any point throughout the 1 hour and 31 minutes it was running. It did not, however. No surprise there. The story is about a professor who is banned from the school where he teach and banned from teaching all together, because he is blamed for something which his project didn't cause. This does not deter him from following the leads to investigate further into the strange occurrences that take place alongside the violent eruptions of volcanic activity around the world. Yeah, "Dracano" offers nothing new to the genre, and it actually just plots into autopilot from the very beginning, and it never strays away from that awful predictable course it ventured forth on. The effects in "Dracano" were mildly adequate. I have seen worse effects in creature features, so at least that counted for something in favor of the movie. But don't get your hopes up for any effects that will bedazzle or impress you in any shape, way or fashion. But it seemed that there were no direction between the actors and actresses and where they should look, as to where the CGI would appear, much less where they should aim and shoot. And as for the acting, well, let's just be kind and say that you know what you are getting, since this movie is starring Corin Nemec. Now, I am not saying that he is a bad actor, but you know exactly what you will get and exactly what to expect from him. There are far better movies available that revolve around draconic creatures and such. And there really is no valid point for pressing any recommendation for anyone to sit down and watch "Dracano", unless you absolutely have nothing else at all to watch. "Dracano" managed to scrape together a meager three out of ten stars rating from me.

  • Dragon apocalypse


    Was not expecting much from 'Dracano'. The premise was mildly interesting but sounded absolutely ridiculous at the same time. The cover indicated that 'Dracano' would be a cheap-looking film that would also be poorly done in pretty much every area and perhaps with the potential of being intelligence-insulting. Saw it anyway out of curiosity and as part of my low-budget viewing quest, just in case there is a wonder as to why it was seen in the first place. The good news is that 'Dracano' is nowhere near being one of my worst low-budget film viewings recently, or worst film viewings full stop. That is not saying that 'Dracano' is a good film because it really isn't, on the most part it's very weak and its worst assets are terrible. It is every bit as cheap-looking and silly-sounding as was expected reading the plot summary and seeing the cover. However, 'Dracano' is not unwatchable, it is at least a film that didn't make me feel angry and depressed after watching. 'Dracano' is not one of those films that bored me to tears, confused the heck out of me or insulted the intelligence. Its best asset is the climax which is quite fun and has the tension that the rest of the film lacks sorely in. Corin Nemec tries his best in a competent if not always inspired way. However, 'Dracano' does look as though it was made in a rush and on a very low budget. It is drab and unfocused in how it's shot and lit and the editing is sloppy and not always cohesive. While there are worse effects around, the effects are still artificial and afterthought-like, never blending with its surroundings and certainly less than special. There is little personality yet alone threat or intrigue to the threat. Similarly tension and suspense are next to none, parts are ridiculous (the bizarre science being one of the main offenders) and the film takes itself too seriously in the melodramatic and soapy family subplot. None of the stereotypical characters engage or developed enough to make one care for them, most are bland ciphers and some are downright annoying, especially the bratty daughter. The dialogue is enough to make one cringe and weep, the direction is pedestrian, the rest of the acting is histrionic or robotic and the story is painfully predictable with everything easily foreseeable well before occurring. Altogether, weak but not unwatchable. 3/10 Bethany Cox



    Dr. Simon Lowell ( Corin Nemec) is working on the K.R.O.N.O.S. project designed to stop volcanic eruptions and harness the energy on top of that. He has a barbie doll daughter (Mia Faith) who disapproves of his barbie doll near girlfriend (Victoria Pratt). He also has a barbie doll assistant (Sophie Tilson) who unfortunately gets eaten by a dragon early in the film. As a volcano erupts, dragon cocoons emerge and kill people. It seems this always happens, but has just become a problem here of late. Dr. Lowell is blamed for everything, then in the formulaic twist is called on the save the world forcing his daughter to bond with his wannabe girl friend. WOW! Didn't see that coming! There is a cute subplot that never really intersects the main plot involving a high beam reporter assistant (Dominika Juillet) attempting to crack the story of the top secret dragons. The film is not great by any means. It appears the blondes all failed out of the same drama club. The dragons are mostly in the sky, with a few close-ups. The dialogue is at times light, which was a plus, but it wasn't well delivered. The plot was full of holes. Mia Faith managed to get across a few good moody teen scenes, although there were other scenes she bombed. Rates 8 stars on the cheese scale. Suitable for Asylum fans. No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.

  • best movie since Ben HUR DO NOT MISS THIS


    Once again valued Dan's Movie Report readers, a trip to low budget theater. Popcorn, check, comfy chair, check, and time for liftoff! On the heels of perhaps one of the more wild titles and indie films of all time, Sharknado, in which a tornado full of sharks is unleashed, comes Dracano! What is Dracano? Read the description! Professor Simon Lowell (Corin Nemec) developed the technology known as K.R.O.N.O.S. is a project developed to harness the energy of a volcano, by capturing the magma chamber, and dispersing the energy. Lowell is in the middle of giving a lecture at the university he works for when a volcano erupts, he puts his plan into action.


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