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Dva khvosta (2018)

Victor Azeev,Vasiliy Rovenskiy


Dva khvosta (2018) is a English movie. Victor Azeev,Vasiliy Rovenskiy has directed this movie. are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Dva khvosta (2018) is considered one of the best Animation,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Sci-Fi movie in India and around the world.

After becoming best friends, a beaver and a cat embark on a dangerous mission to rescue their friends who were abducted by aliens.

Dva khvosta (2018) Reviews

  • This is bad


    Graphics is nice, but that is all. The plot is so mixed up and weird, that even my 6yo daughter didn't want to watch the whole movie, we left after 30 min. Too much going on, i really don't recommend this movie.

  • what a trash


    Crapy animation and a weird story. this was one of the worst movies in history

  • Stunning Disaster


    As a public service I'll review this movie. Well, it can't really be called a movie, as it lacks the editing needed to make it a full teleplay. Unfortunately, I lack the writing skills to properly convey exactly how great of a disaster this was. If you're unfortunate enough to view it, you will understand (yet feel duped for having watched it). If you take heed and do not watch it, you will have missed nothing. Two Tails is a movie that is actually showing in theaters for some reason. The piece lacks a central character, and some of the causes/effects in its plot are shockingly flawed or contradictory. Throughout, the piece relies heavily on an unending stream of physical comedy (i.e. stumbling, bumbling & fumbling) to lengthen the scenes, and that becomes truly tiresome after thirty seconds and will not elicit laughter or bemusement from any viewer for the duration. The dynamic between the characters is both mystifying and illogically explained. The ending is simply when there is nothing else left to put on the screen. I've seen hundreds of films and yet, while there were many I've disliked and others I did not complete, this sorry excuse for a film stands out as the greatest epic failure to ever be distributed. One thing that can be taken from watching this is the new meaning it gives to foreign hacking. There exists no world in which this should have a rating that reaches thirty percent of a perfect score. Someone, somewhere, has made a successful bid to pull one over on one of the most respected catalogues of film available on the Internet and stands testament to what can be achieved via hundreds of "fake accounts" belonging to "registered users."

  • WASTE of money and time


    Terrible! Do NOT waste your money or time.. even my daughter hate it

  • Utter rubbish


    First time in my life I have ever walked out of a movie. Even my son asked "do we really have to watch this!?" Utterly terrible

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