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Edge of Fear (2018)

Edge of Fear (2018)

Rockmond DunbarZhu ZhuShen LinRobert Knepper
Bobby Roth


Edge of Fear (2018) is a English,Chinese movie. Bobby Roth has directed this movie. Rockmond Dunbar,Zhu Zhu,Shen Lin,Robert Knepper are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Edge of Fear (2018) is considered one of the best Action,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

After being stabbed in the heart by ruthless home invaders, a man is left for dead. Now weak, outnumbered, and knife sticking from his chest, he attempts to do the impossible: save his wife from these murderers before he bleeds to death.

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Edge of Fear (2018) Reviews

  • Truly bad


    Really, oh my God, what utter drivel!! The main male Chinese actor is so so bad. The story line so ridiculous and obvious. Who in the hell is telling these people to act in these utterly stupid movies!

  • Stupidity!!!!!


    Lust! Bad acting! Cheap and simple! Predictable, worthless... All are words that describes this flick.

  • Not Braven


    REVIEW - EDGE OF FEAR With a synopsis that sounded quite good and starring one of my favourite actor's I thought why not. Basically a simple story of a group of bad guys and one gal trying to get someone delivered to Mexico and needing a car, so stumble across a house. Braven had a very similar story but centered around drugs, unfortunately this film just doesn't deliver as Braven did. Remember the pace / action is slower in thus film because the main hero has been stabbed through the heart. Robert Patrick needs a good film after Scorpion was cancelled, unfortunately this isn't it. Nice story, excellent acting, slow with one twist which I saw a mile away. Rating 5 out of 10

  • Absolute rubbish


    Don't waste your time on this typical and predictable crap. Poor acting, poor storyline.

  • Boring boring boring


    Main guy acted like a robot... Plot was cliche as hell. Shame about the supporting cast. Felt like a paycheck only acting gig.

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