Edinichka (2015)

Edinichka (2015)

Stanislav CallasValeriya DmitrievaIlya KorobkoAndrey Merzlikin
Kirill Belevich


Edinichka (2015) is a Russian,Polish,German movie. Kirill Belevich has directed this movie. Stanislav Callas,Valeriya Dmitrieva,Ilya Korobko,Andrey Merzlikin are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2015. Edinichka (2015) is considered one of the best Drama,War movie in India and around the world.

In August, 1944, Lieutenant Egorov and his battalion have a very straight forward order: to ensure passage of soviet soldiers through the bridge near a deserted monastery.. However, inside the monastery the soliders discover an orphanage for deaf-mute children who are hiding there with their teacher Eve, which poses a tough decision for these soldiers. Russian film with English subtitles.


Edinichka (2015) Reviews

  • Russian small-unit action in the closing days of WW2


    I couldn't find English subtitles for this but I did find a version with Spanish subtitles, my Spanish is not bad so I was able to follow it quite well. This is a film about a small Russian unit left to guard a bridge, in 1944, in Occupied Poland, while the main attack goes on elsewhere. The unit becomes preoccupied with the fate of a group of children who are being hidden from the Germans by nuns from the Nunnery next door. There's not really any plot to speak of. I found myself getting very annoyed at one stupid girl who wanders around calling for her brother and having to be rescued by the Russians. It got to the point where I wanted the Russians to shoot her to avoid losing men due to her stupidity. There was not a lot of action but what there is, is reasonably realistic. Characters are well defined, direction seemed OK and the cinematography, also OK.

  • Tedious


    In Russian war films the Russians are always the underdog, even towards the end of the war, as they are poised to break into Germany itself. They will find some isolated Russian unit that manages to find itself under attack by a superior German enemy. But there's another coincidence: nearby is a church, where little children are hiding. And Germans apparently have nothing better to do than try and kill them all. So what do the brave Russians do to save these Polish kids? They bring them along as they retreat under fire, and put them in the trench, as a superior German force bombards the trench and advances towards it. Now, that's what I call keeping kids safe. As usual, everyone has to die, because otherwise a Russian film won't get greenlighted for production. There is also a theme of reconciliation between Russians and Poles, as the anti-communist resistance realises they are best off surrendering their country to communists. So there you have it: Russia did in fact liberate Poland, and the fact they also imposed communism and membership in the eastern bloc is not all that important. What matters is that infanticidal Germans have been defeated.

  • Russians in Poland 44 defending a bridge


    Young lieutenant is assign to guard a bridge with his battery crew. Upon inspecting a nearby nursery for deaf kids, he helps them out and wants them to leave for a safer place. In the meantime polish underground army sets explosives to destroy the bridge. Germany's SS tries to use the bridge to evacuate files of the German spies in the Russian army. The final battle sees polish underground joining the Russian to defend kids rather than bridge. The only survivors are kids and two boys (Russian and Polish ) meeting each other in current times. PS This girl was wondering around because most of this kids were deaf.


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