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Elephants (2018)

Elephants (2018)

Luca MalacrinoAllison BlaizeLauren KellyAric Coppola
Alex Hanno


Elephants (2018) is a English movie. Alex Hanno has directed this movie. Luca Malacrino,Allison Blaize,Lauren Kelly,Aric Coppola are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Elephants (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

A true indie film through and through, Elephants takes an authentic look at a modern relationship in a "slice of life" style, peeling away intimate layers to ask the question: how do you know when someone's right for you or rather, when it's time to move on? After a three year stint in prison, the charming but hot-headed Lee Riley returns to Los Angeles to win back the girlfriend he left behind, alluring and headstrong Kate Caldwell. Despite having moved on and grown into an independent woman, Kate agrees to let him stay while he looks for an apartment and soon enough, the pair falls back into their old patterns, losing themselves in an ardent relationship once more. Yet, as the free-spirited nature of their romance starts to tear down the life Kate has built, she finds herself losing her new identity but unable to let Lee go. Likewise, Lee starts to wonder if the buoyant memories from their past are preventing him from growing up and becoming something more.


Elephants (2018) Reviews

  • Sensitive Indie Lovestory


    All too realistic portrayal of passionate lovestory rekindled then sours. Beautifully and sensitively acted by talented newcomers of whom more is sure to come. Refreshing to see a new take on this theme . The music is superb as well. Enjoy !

  • Moving, authentic, beautifully crafted


    When you think of romance or relationships depicted in film, invariably cliches pop to mind. Boy meets girl, Jennifer Aniston-cuteness, inevitable bliss. To quote the film Annie Hall, "If only life were like this." Elephants is about love, but it eschews such simplistic cliches and instead gives us a look at a relationship that feels authentic and lived in. There's such a wonderfully complicated mix of emotions between the characters in this film. That's the norm in life, but not in the movies... where we often go to avoid life's pain rather than confront it. But Elephants doesn't shirk from that complex reality but embraces it. Which makes not just for good entertainment, but makes this film art. Something one rarely finds in film. There's joy here, laughter. But also genuine sadness. And there's real craftsmanship to the filmmaking. Beautifully shot, well acted, with great music. Writer-Director Alex Hanno is a sure hand behind the camera. With work like Elephants, we have a real artist to watch in the years ahead. Bravo to Elephants!

  • Real life in all its pain and pleasure


    This is a very moving and involving film showing the true pain and pleasure of a really authentic relationship. I really enjoyed how closely observed all the moments were in this drama. It was very touching and it made me reflect on my own past relationship highs and lows. Recommended.

  • Wow


    What a thoughtful, nuanced, film about relationships. The cinematography and the performances stood out to me the most. Loved the way that relationships unfolded in this gem.

  • All the feels! (It's really good! )


    I've seen this movie a bunch of times at this point and I think I've developed a pretty good understanding of it. It is a great romantic movie filled with comedy and drama. The love story while told before has been recreated in a way that definitely makes this film stand apart. My biggest tip as a viewer to get the most enjoyment out of the film is to always try to spot the Elephant in the room. Both physically and within the characters... the more times you watch it the more you see deeper into the characters and how the elephant analogy applies. Hands down the sister relationship is so freaking accurate. That pregnant girl takes the cake everytime! Even as a person who doesn't have a sister old enough to connect with in this way I related when thinking about certain friendships I've shared. All in all it's a great film the only reason I didn't give it 10 stars was because of the occasional continuity error and the lack of clarity in the "Egg Scene" (No spoilers but if your going to use a metaphor...) it took me until around the 5th time watching it that I figured out the purpose of that scene. However, I still recommend you watch this movie! (And I don't do that often.)


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