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Evil Nanny (2016)

Evil Nanny (2016)

Lindsay ElstonNicole SterlingMatthew PohlkampCooper Fontaine
Jared Cohn


Evil Nanny (2016) is a English movie. Jared Cohn has directed this movie. Lindsay Elston,Nicole Sterling,Matthew Pohlkamp,Cooper Fontaine are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2016. Evil Nanny (2016) is considered one of the best Drama,Horror,Mystery,Thriller movie in India and around the world.

A couple hires a live-in nanny to watch the offspring while they work. At first, everything goes perfectly, but when an unsafe incident means the parents no longer want the nanny around, they find out this nanny is savvy at not being evicted from her live-in situation. So savvy, in fact, that she can make these parents' lives a true nightmare.


Evil Nanny (2016) Reviews

  • ***1/2


    I would have easily rated this **** had it not been for the ultra-liberal ending of showing such compassion after what that character did to the family. Wow! If anything else, the film was excellent because it showed what a landlord may very well have to go through to get rid of a tenant. While we have many slum landlords out there, we do have tenants who should be removed from occupancy under the conditions described in the film. The story of a troubled girl with a past taking a job as a nanny and being given a room for herself in the house. When it's determined that she is absolutely no good, she resorts to all sorts of mayhem including tenant occupancy and lord knows what else in order to stay in the apartment with her drug trafficking boyfriend. The film shows what the owners went through in the legal process that was absolutely swayed for tenants.

  • every second = wasted time !


    Lately also IMDb is more and more infected by abusive reviews. They are just written to upgrade the rating and hide the awfulness of movies. They will give you false hope that you are gonna enjoy the movie. Evil Nanny is one of those bad and falsely upgraded flicks. Every aspect of making a movie is far beyond any quality. Here the whole main cast has a level of kindergarten. It's unlikely each of them will ever get the status of real actor/actress. The story is of the same low level, no thrill at all and above all: really UNbelievable and most boring! So i'm very sorry to spoil viewers' expectations but please be honest to yourself and don't let you torture your feelings. Avoid this Evil Movie. Go watch any other. And learn this lesson here: whenever you are in the need of a nanny, first check 100% of her/his background and all references. Therefore 1/10 instead of zero points for Evil Nanny. One of the baddest movies ever made...

  • A cautionary tale like "Pacific Heights"


    The cast may not be too familiar but the story is pretty good. Remember the excellent thriller "Pacific Heights" and all the frustration you felt for the couple? Well this is another real estate thriller and the formula works. A crazy arsonist girl poses as a nanny and then refuses to leave a family's home. Sometimes you wonder can the law be such an ass but whatever it is a cautionary tale. Be careful who you let into your home. Double check every thing. The action is plausible. Only thing is the ending has a rather unbelievable and out of place act of forgiveness. Worth a watch.

  • Absolutely terrible and unbelievable plot...


    Zero stars out of 10, at best. This film has the most ridiculous story I have ever seen. There is no point in even getting into how bad the acting or the directing is, because the story-line is just terrible! A troubled 20-something girl forges her identity to get a job as a live-in nanny for a couple with 2 young children. She proceeds to screw up and put the children at harm, causing the parents to fire the nanny and kick her out of their house. The complete trash that follows is an utterly unbelievable series of events that I have a hard time anyone with an ounce of common sense would believe. The nanny manages to find every loophole possible to keep from being evicted from the couples' home. She makes the homeowners' lives a living hell as they are forced to deal with everything the nanny does to terrorize them. The couple tries to get the police involved several times, but they are of no help. In fact, this film does a fantastic job of making law enforcement look like a complete joke, devoid of any skill necessary to do their job properly. In my opinion, it is criminal that someone could make and distribute this garbage for people to waste their time on. Please heed my warning and DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! I've seen bad films with ridiculous story lines, but this takes the cake. If you do decide to watch it, I'm sorry. And if the first 85 minutes of the film doesn't make you scream in frustration, the final 5 minutes will.

  • You HAVE seen this movie before.


    (NOTE-This review contains no spoilers. I would have considered including a spoiler to be an act of mercy. However, the movie was so overly chopped up to make room for more commercials, that it wasn't even clear what happened at the very end. The only way I was able to find out was by looking on the Web for real spoilers). This movie is completely dumb--overacted, all the subtlety of a sledgehammer blow to the head, with a plot that takes kernels of a potentially realistic situation and blows it up all out of proportion, miles past believability. But I don't watch a Lifetime movie expecting to find an art film. And I don't even need to read any spoilers to know what happens-an innocent (woman or couple-in this case, couple) trusts an innocent-appearing person (in this case, woman), who turns out to be evil, incredibly brilliant and conniving, and seemingly unstoppable, who victimizes the innocents and makes them fear for their lives (and/or the lives of their children). Through sheer grit and their own amateur detective work, the innocents think they have finally won, but in a horrible plot twist, it appears that they are in imminent danger, as the evil person is revealed to be completely psychotic and about to do something unimaginable to them, which she usually describes in detail (since in Lifetime movies, exposition is always a chief symptom of psychosis). But at the last minute, goodness prevails, and the evil, psychotic villain either dies, is jailed, or ends up in a mental institution. If the latter, she is seen smiling maniacally and perhaps talking to herself, her pillow, or a cut-out representing the innocent ex-victims against whom she has now pledged eventual revenge. You HAVE seen this movie before-the characters and some plot details may be slightly different, but I promise you that you have seen it. So, you may ask, why did I bother watching this movie? I can't help myself. And that's even dumber than the movie....


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