Fall City (2018)

Fall City (2018)

Dashiell WolfMeranda LongPaul HobsonRiley Hardy
Nathan D. Lee


Fall City (2018) is a English movie. Nathan D. Lee has directed this movie. Dashiell Wolf,Meranda Long,Paul Hobson,Riley Hardy are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2018. Fall City (2018) is considered one of the best Drama,Romance movie in India and around the world.

Just before Christmas, recently-paroled thief, Jon Price, is forced to return to his small, rainy hometown of Fall City, Washington where he unexpectedly begins to find joy as he meets a struggling single mother who shows him true kindness, and he begins filling the role of a father for her young daughter.

Fall City (2018) Reviews

  • Can it be lamer? That's going to be difficult.


    Here we go again! Me not understanding the criteria people handle when it's about reviewing a movie. How can you rate this movie as perfect? As the best movie you ever saw? That must be a joke, or maybe you've been locked up in a basement for your entire life, escaped, and this was the first movie you ever saw. All jokes aside, Fall City is one of those movies where you will struggle to stay awake. The story is so lame and predictable it hurts your eyes. The only lamer thing you could do is watch this stinker on Christmas. Then you will have accomplished the level of lame master. Fall City, bad story and bad acting, or absolutely nothing good to write about. Keep a bucket near hand in case you have to vomit.

  • Touching And Unpredictable Christmas Film


    Fall City is not a typical, predictable Christmas film. It is more nuanced and realistic in presenting characters that are neither all good or all bad, and choices that could be interpreted in different ways. Well acted and beautifully filmed. Great addition to your holiday watch list!

  • Loved it


    Refreshingly multidimensional holiday movie with excellent cinematography, unpredictable storyline, three-dimensional believable characters, portrayed by an excellent cast. The message of the film is important and powerful yet subtle enough that it will be missed by some viewers.

  • It doesn't get much worse


    Some people rated this a 10. I have never seen an actual 10. I have viewed some outstanding movies the last 30 years...never a 10. A ten is perfect. No room to improve anything. Some people rated this absolute pile of crap a 10. The movie begins with the total loser lead role breaking into people's cars. If you have ever returned to your car and found someone had broken in and stolen from you, then you will agree these people should be shot. We are expected to watch this movie rooting for this complete and total asshole?

  • Never Give Up


    Like Charlie Brown, you have to be ok with watching someone keep failing over and over to enjoy this movie. On the surface he's a pathetic looser that can't stay on the right track to save his life, but he's got a never give up spirit and that's what makes it interesting watch!

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