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Fart (2005)

Fart (2005)

Evgeniy TsyganovYana EsipovichSergey TsepovSergey Stupnikov
Roman Khrushch


Fart (2005) is a Russian movie. Roman Khrushch has directed this movie. Evgeniy Tsyganov,Yana Esipovich,Sergey Tsepov,Sergey Stupnikov are the starring of this movie. It was released in 2005. Fart (2005) is considered one of the best Action,Adventure,Drama movie in India and around the world.

Petr, a recently discharged officer, arrives in a tiny mining town in the remote Siberian taiga to hunt for gold. When he finds it, the other prospectors cannot forgive his luck.

Fart (2005) Reviews

  • god dammit


    Remember when we used to have forums? Remember how the forum would give life to virtually any movie you searched? I have fond memories of searching the word fart, and then coming to this page and then proceeding to the forums for topics like "HAHAHAHAHAH...Fart!" Now we have nothing. There's no community and movies like this will fade even deeper into obscurity while people who would laugh at the word fart being a movie title will be forced to wander IMDb alone, calling out into the darkness with their voices unheard.

  • A big stink of a movie


    Apparently Russians have a whole different meaning to the movie title than the rest of the world does...but even then, its still a bad movie. Yevgeni Tsyganov has the worst delivery since the older brother from Welcome to the Dollhouse Yana Yesipovich is cute but still doesn't fair much better. I will say the main antagonist of the flick does a good job but he's not on the screen long enough. My head hurts from watching this movie. I mean even with subtitles its still confusing. The one highlight to the movie is near the end, you'll know what I mean. 3 out of 10


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